You shouldn’t imagine what God is. Don’t guess. Otherwise you’ll be seeing God as light, or a horse, or a wall. Actually, if nothing happens in the mind, that is God. That is Realization. If you want peace and happiness, then look for your Self. You are that abode of peace.
—  Shri ShivaRudra Balayogi
Kpop Moms @ a PTA Meeting
  • N:bossy mom who appoints self as spokesperson for group & activity director but nobody really listens to
  • Jin:mom w/ perm who brags about/embarrases kids every chance possible
  • Key:evil stepmom who can't stand N & bickers with him over position of director & gossips with Himchan
  • Jr.:is forever on a diet but always gets the most refreshments
  • Himchan:outspoken sexy mistress who's always late and gets talked about, even by two faced Key; tries to get along with everybody unsuccessfully
  • Suho:rich yet humble mom who sponsors all events. Should be director but leaves it to N, is most respected & secretly envied
  • Ryeowook:Provides refreshments with bff Jin and is flirted with by male faculty aka designated milf