Witch Types ~ Interactive Post

Hello witchy community, I have an idea! Please read below:

Day after day, I recieve so many questions asking for a list of witch types; yet never before have I seen a post listing any more than 10 or so. I’ve also seen a lot of messages in the tags where other beginner witches have been asking the same thing to other blogs ~

Now I know there are so many more brilliant and wonderful witch types out there, and I’m sure it would be wonderful help to any beginner witches out there if we could all collectively compile a list! Not to mention how neat it would be to have a long, heart-filled list of witchy “genres”; as many types are not included nearly enough.

So here’s my idea: I will start off by posting this in all of the main witch-related tags, and hopefully you all will help~ Repost this post and add on 2 types of legitimate witches that have not already been named. This can be a type you’ve read about, the type you are, or a type that you’ve seen others call themselves. 

I’ll begin with: Storm and Sea 

If this idea doesn’t completely tank, we should have a lovely list of witch types in no time! It might even be a nice idea to meet some other witches and new friends on Tumblr.

Anyway, let’s get started: reblog! Hopefully we can get this post going ~ After we’ve named just about all there is, I’ll write up a masterpost including every single one, so we can have them all in the same place!

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