Dear relatively well established #psychiatricinstitution in Saint Louis,
If you are going to send me a bill requesting a payment please include a return envelope.
On that note if you are going to send me a bill send me a #medicalbill that makes sense.
I’m not an uninformed or unaware
#patient. I have received psychiatric services for almost #7years.
I did not receive 30 minutes of #psychotherapy on August 12th. I’m not even sure I received 15 minutes of psychotherapy on August 12th. Whatever the case it should be billed as #medicationmanagement with an office visit of 15 minutes as there was NO THERAPY provided.
And what the fuck is this charge from July 31st? I wasn’t even in the state of Missouri and my last visit prior was in April.
Additionally if we are going to revisit August 2013, perhaps we should look at all of the dates of service from the past year.

#psychiatry #psychiatrist #mentalhealth in #Missouri
#tobeaPatient #privatehealthcare #mediscape #allofthedrugs #alloftheconversations

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