mediocrity is so great

If Nct doesn’t succeed after so many quality albums in such a short period of time and with the amount of talent and hard work each member puts into the group then don’t ever talk with me about kpop being great and appreciating talent.

Let’s start by saying that I love all these chapters about Tanaka because, in my humble opinion, we needed to see more of him because Tanaka is one of the greatest Haikyuu characters, and I’ll tell you why.

Before anyone starts saying shit about my son, let me say that yes, it’s true that he’s not a volleyball genius like some players. No, he’s not a genius like Kageyama or Nishinoya. No, he does not have Hinata’s kind of abilities. No, he doesn’t have his seniors’ experience. But he IS as strong as the others, even stronger (and, to be honest with all of you, seeing him go through all these stuff is killing me).

Tanaka isn’t as skilled as his teammates, yes, but I think that’s what makes him even more endearing. Tanaka is your “normal guy”. That guy who isn’t particularly fast, nor physically strong like Asahi, but he’s that kind of guy who you’ll always be able to count on, even when times are hard, and even when he’s down (Tanaka may have done a lot of mistakes, but he still called for Tsukishima’s toss, and GUYS, THAT TAKES A LOT).

I have deep respect for characters like Tanaka Ryunosuke. He’s the only second year who STAYED when practices were too much. He’s that one character who always always always encourages his teammates. And you know what? It takes a lot to admit to yourself that some of the guys in your team are just on another level, and maybe you’ll never get to be like them. Making some mistakes is normal, but the pressure you go through, especially when you’re at Nationals - I dont’ know you, but I wouldn’t be able to bear that. I’d probably pull a Bokuto, and it’d be understandable, but Tanaka.

Tanaka doesn’t. He doesn’t break down (it’s partly Hinata’s merit). He’s proven to be so strong. And I feel so sorry every single time Tanaka compares himself to others and calls himself mediocre, because he’s actually great. He’s so effing great.

edit. Yoh, yes it’s still me. After reading chapter 264 I can’t help but add some more things to this already long ass post that nobody asked for.

Can we talk about the second years and how none of them is worried that Tanaka will break down? Can we? No one thinks he will. Because in their eyes Tanaka is this one guy who tries and tries and tries until things are okay again. He never gives up. In their eyes, Tanaka is that guy who can always pull himself together after a fall down. All the second years think this: “it’s Tanaka. He’s amazing.” They have no doubt that he will be able to score, that he won’t let them down, because they KNOW that Tanaka’s great. He does well. There’s no way he won’t on this particular match.

Also, Tanaka is the simple and earnest guy. That simple, earnest guy, who’s straightforward and Ennoshita admires him for that, you can tell. He doesn’t admire him just as a player, but even as a person too. Tanaka is truly amazing. He’s that guy who’s funny, but takes “things” like feelings very seriously. Find me another guy like that. 

So, again, “what’s so good about that guy?” Everything. Tanaka senpai is perfect. End of the long ass post.

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More Ben pls I want to see my love

Benedict Maxwell:
-always second to everything smh

Ben: seven snapbacks. 0 girlfriends. 0 boyfriends. 0 datemates. This doesn’t add up.
Sara: because snapbacks are a lesbian culture. Stop appropriating it.
Ben: damn.. you’re right.
Dallas: maybe you should try a hockey mask.
Ben: I would play hockey for you 10 million times
Ben: I’d have Sidney Crosby shaking in his crocs
Dallas: hahahhahah
Dallas: what do you mean
Sara: :/
Poppy: /:
Malek inside the woods: /////:

-he likes both dogs and cats
-owns a lot of moccasins. Calls them his mocs.
-one time he tried to help Poppy with her ballet. He broke his toe.
-sometimes he makes his own clothes.
-doesn’t really have much to brag about. Feels he’s the most mediocre out of everyone so he’s great at deflecting compliments and stuff. A lot like Dallas, huh?

I’ve been in a very ‘meh’ reading mood lately and it’s killing me a little bit. Like I want to read, but I don’t… which I know is a paradox but… I have all this time right now because I’m unemployed and it’d be a perfect time to start catching up! But no, I’m just dragging myself through the books I have, which isn’t fun. I want to be enjoying my reading and it’s not happening. And I have taken breaks and sometimes I don’t read for days, but it’s not helping. I guess maybe it’s because I haven’t read anything that great lately? Everything feels rather mediocre. So I sit here and sulk and watch Grace and Frankie. At least that’s entertaining.

I had this nagging dissatisfaction with the new League of Legends lore they are rolling out for a while now. It felt that the writers don’t really know how to write character driven stories when that was meant to be the focus of the champion flavor stories, or struggle with creating sensible worldbuilding when they could only use the old lore as a vague jumping off point.

To find out that one of the senior writers is a fantasy/sci-fi author who got known for his warhammer 40k stories just puts the whole thing into perspective, I feel. After all if they chose this man as a senior writer, the rest of the writing team probably comes from similar background too.

A lot of the writers definitely know how to put one word after another and not sound terrible, but knowing how to write one thing (say, a long tale of military skirmishes and war) doesn’t make you adept at writing everything (character driven short stories). Someone who can write an epic adventure using an already established world might not be able to creating a compelling, coherent world of their own from scratch.

Quite a few years passed since the time when I devoured fantasy and scifi literature en masse, but based on what I remember, it makes so much sense why the new lore left me dissatisfied overall. The characters I am supposed to be invested in can’t really stand on their own - but their stories would work as out of context takeouts from a bigger, unknown epic.

It’s disheartening because it means that the quality of the lore is unlikely to improve, but it’s good to finally pin down what was bothering me so much about it.

nenya85 replied to your post “maybe unpopular opinion but I really don’t like “deadbeat” as a…”

the first fan translation I read translated had Kaiba refer to him as a mediocrity, which I like because I think mediocrity is something Kaiba would never allow himself to be, his entire survival has been built around being smarter and more powerful.

Yeah, I feel like Kaiba’s usage of “bonkotsu” is so much more about skill and interest than it is personal character or economics (which is what a lot of possible English noun translations, such as “commoner,” would invoke, much as I’ve considered that possibility). This is especially true because he presents it as a “level up”: someone who just loses -> someone who’s scraping average, who got something done, but who’s clearly still inferior to him. It’s saying – still not good enough. Still boring.

So mediocrity definitely works, and it works great with the initial phrase (like “you’ve leveled up from a loser to a mediocrity!”), but it doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue as a nickname for me, and that’s how he winds up using it. Deadbeat at least has that part down. Translation is so finicky, lol. I think I can see someone being like, “Hey, mediocre!” though, so maybe I will go with that~

Okay, guys. Okay.

I have been saying that this is a great arc, and all the writers had to do was not mess it up.

They messed it up.

We should have seen Fitz break through just a little. We should have seen him struggle. Her name should have been on his lips when he woke.

But that doesn’t happen. Fitz comes out confused, and is re-kidnapped .5 seconds later.


Next episode we will have Fitz with AIDA, who will be trying to convince him that he really loves her, that he really is the bad person she brainwashed him into being, and he will have to figure out who he really is. That should actually be a great scene if they do it right. I mean, they just did some stupid FitzSimmons. So, we’ll see.  

One of two things will happen, I think:

1. There is an even more epic reunion, where Fitz frees himself mentally while Jemma frees him physically. He apologizes for putting a gun to her head and they work it out and we die from happiness.

2. They pull another 3A. Who does Fitz really love? It’s not wrong to love two people at once, right? Is a romance built from manipulation REAL?? Has he changed too much to be the man Jemma loves???? We’ll never really know, because they’ll put it in some gray area and then two episodes later make jokes about it.

I’m not really sure which is more likely. I really feel like I did when we found out Will was actually real—all the clues pointed to something GREAT, and then somethie mediocre happened. So I will just lower my expectations from here on, I guess. 

BAP’s Daehyun: When he’s stressed

A/N: Slight angst and fluff. Happy holidays :)
*Disclaimer: GIF is not mine.



The bed moved again as you were suddenly woken up from your sleep. A groan was released followed by a heavy sigh. The bed shifted again… and again until you opened your eyes groggily and rolled over. It took a while for your eyes to adjust to the dark as you struggled to keep your tired eyes from shutting.

“Dae?” You mumbled softly before reaching out and touching his arm gently. “Can’t sleep?”

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to wake you,” He says softly before putting his hand over yours. “Go back to sleep…” You shook your head and sat up before ruffling your hair.

“What’s the matter?” You ask quietly. He sat there in silence, his gaze never tearing away from the window. “Daehyun?” His tongue darts out to lick his dry lips. Gently shaking away your grasp on his arm, he gets out of bed and heads towards the bathroom. “Daehyun,” You call to him again as you kick the blankets off. Truth is, you knew he was having trouble sleeping… his rolling around all night kept you awake also.

You peer around the corner to see him leaning against the sink, hands gripping the edge tightly, head hanging low. The water droplets dripped slowly from the tips of his hair. Without even acknowledging your presence, he bent over and began splashing at his face again. You begin walking towards him as you wrap your arms tightly around his torso. You bury your face into his back and he lets out a sigh.

“It’s nothing.” He mutters out before leaning over and grabbing the towel to wipe his tired face.

“You don’t have to hide it from me, you know.” He releases another heavy sigh and you stay quiet; Something didn’t feel right. By now he would’ve said something… anything… It wasn’t like him to keep things from you. Your fingers gripped the front of his shirt tightly before releasing altogether.

“______,” Daehyun says your name softly. You remove your hands slowly from around him as he turns around, refusing to look you in the eyes. He looked so exhausted… The dark circles under his eyes seeming more prominent underneath the dim bathroom light. His dark fringe covered part of his eye as you resisted from reaching up to move it away. You were honestly scared to ask after he had brushed off your affection several times.

“Is it… about us?” The words slipped out and you felt your heart ache as you waited for his response. Part of you regretted saying it only because he kept silent. You reached over and took the towel gently from his hand and began dabbing at the places where his face was still wet. “Daehyun,” The fact that he didn’t say no immediately made you anxious.

All of a sudden, he grabbed your wrist, stopping you from wiping anymore. Your eyes met his and your breath got caught in your throat immediately.

“Shouldn’t we break up already?”

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headcanon (for revset with burr): laf is bad at all forms of cooking due to being rich enough to never needed to learn. But, he does love (and is good at) icing decorations. Burr is good at baking (it calms him, though for him it's only fun making sweet desserts like cakes, pies, etc so he's mediocre at other forms of cooking) so they make a great team when it comes to well decorated baked goods

Martha loves it when she opens the door on a Saturday evening to see Lafayette there, holding a cake or pastry or some sort of sweet thing. Its nice. She and Jefferson live at least an hour away and Laf likes to take time on the weekends and visit Martha and Thomas? Even in the winter tbh, which is when the below thing takes place. ??? ish. it isnt a fic. more of a rant about a fic thats been cut to 3 sentences or smthin.

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im on mobile so i donno if thall work

Once Laf said that they dont make the treats and instead only decorates them, which kinda confuses both Jeffersons?? Who makes them?? Laf doesnt say and makes a fucking plan. They are Confident. So the next weekend comes around and Laffayette kinda literally drags Burr out of the appartment and its snowing and Burr is grumbling bc ew Why Cant I Stay Inside The Warm Building and drags Burr to the Jefferson’s place and introduces them and after the initial awkwardness bc heh i donno you,, they all have a good time after that?? and Burr had baked chocolate chip cookies for them because he didnt know what to do?? They all drink hot chocolate n eat cookies.
Thomas and Burr bond over both disliking snow and ranting about how it sucked.
Burr and them all become Great Friends™. Burr comes along with Lafayette to deliver sweets every weekend now.
((ur thing could also be a cute ass bakery au. sorry for replying and havin this huge ass rant abt this. :’).))

I had a mediocre day yesterday, so I made sure today was great. Wore my fav sweater, painted my nails with my fav polish, wore pikachu socks, played pokemon, and drew with crayons. Even treated myself to a latte. Today is good. Its good to treat yourself sometimes, I need to remind myself that. Turtle cannot bee cured until tonight or tomorrow, after that I can work on making the final piece and making the joint sockets perfect.

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Sometimes i feel so shitty when im practicing like... i think to myself 'you suck' all the time because i do. And also when i want to practice, i can never really practice untill im fully alone. I hate people watching unless im performing and then they get annoyed that i just want to be alone???? Am i weird and also tips plz

you’re not weird. most musicians prefer to practice alone, and that’s mainly due to the fact that performing for others is uncomfortable, but partially because practicing–like actual “this part is hard and my hands feel like they’re going to break and my metronome is taunting me” practicing–just isn’t something we want other people to hear, and that’s just out of courtesy for their ears. 

and try not to be so negative. instead of thinking “I’m awful and will never get this right,” think “wow. there was once a point in time where I couldn’t even read music, and I used to not know how to hold my instrument–let alone play it. I used to sound god awful, but I practiced and now look where I am. I’m at least mediocre, and dammit that’s a great achievement. obviously I can do something, so I can probably conquer this.”

It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for “realistic” goals, paradoxically making them the most time- and energy-consuming.
—  Timothy Ferriss
College Series #3 - Roommates

College Roommates

College is slowly approaching and for some people you’ll be returning to your second home and for others you’ll be moving into your new home for 4 years. Exciting, isn’t it? While you’re preparing yourself for the first week, classes, and dorm room packing, there’s also another important thing you should be prepared for: roommates. Also known as the person or people you’ll be living with for the next year or so.

Some people have amazing roommate experiences and are lucky enough to become best friends, and others have mediocre or not-so-great experiences. For some, you’ll be moving back in with roommates and for others it’ll be your first time. So whether you’re a freshman or maybe a sophomore or junior, here are some pieces of advice to help you live with a roommate.

1. Learn about each other and your habits.
Everyone lives differently. Everyone has different ways of doing things and everyone has different preferences. Have a talk with your roommates and learn each other’s study habits, sleeping preferences (like if they need a nightlight or a fan on, etc) and each other’s schedules. The more you know each other’s routines and habits, the less conflicts they’ll be.
Which leads to number 2…
2. Be respectful and considerate.
If you have a 9am class and your roommate doesn’t have a class until 12, try to be considerate and don’t make a lot of noise or shine the light while getting ready. Also, if you know your roommate has a test or assignment due the next day and needs quiet time to study, don’t be obnoxious and bring friends over or don’t blast your music.
3. Respect each other’s things and space.
Don’t eat your roommates food unless you ask, don’t take any of their stuff unless you ask, and don’t leave your things on their side.
4. Keep your room clean.
The cleaner your room is, the easier it is to live in it. Maybe once a week tidy up your spaces, sweep the floors, wipe down everything you both touch with Clorox wipes (seriously). I knew a friend who’s roommate was extremely messy and just being in their room was overwhelming and I didn’t even live with them. Just keep up with the cleaning.
5. Compromise and sort out any differences.
Nothing is perfect. At some point there’s going to be something you or your roommate is doing that’s going to cause a little issue. Don’t stay quiet about it, talk about it sooner rather than later so that tension doesn’t grow and you won’t resent each other.
6. Be friendly.
You don’t have to be the best of friends with your roommate, not everyone vibes the same way or really has that great connection and that’s okay. You can still be friendly with each other and go out to lunch or maybe study together every once in a while. Stay on good terms. But sometimes there may be differences you can’t sort out or you just can’t get along, and if that’s the case then talk to your RA and they can help and you can possibly change rooms.

Roommates are essential not just for space or financial purposes, but because you’ll always have someone. They’ll be your first friend, maybe your closest friend, and they’ll be the next person besides your family to know your living habits. It’s fun to share college with someone. Just know that whenever you look back to your college years, your roommates are always going to be in your memories.