mediocre graphic

I am the one thing in life I can control
I am inimitable I am an original
I am not falling behind or running late
I am not standing still I am lying in wait

So I finished Assassin’s Creed Unity…set aside the storyline the characters are mediocre. Gameplay and graphics are fine tho. There can only be one Evie and one Jacob in the whole world but Arno and Elise are just as flat as my breast. They lack of depth and personality…Elise is trying way too hard to be like a “strong and independent woman” and Arno is just The Male Protagonist in Every Video Game. To the contrary Evie and Jacob remind you instantly of someone you know who’d talk and think exactly like them, with a rich sibling/family(/of course also fryecest) dynamism. In my own fanfic I have always tried to depict that…(sometimes I can’t really manage cause I’ve got limited experience and talent after all)


B E A U T Y  I N  T H E  B E A S T ; 

a beautiful glitch in the system.


what she says: I’m fine :)))

what she means: it’s been almost 14 years and i still don’t understand what the deal was with that God of Death animation in SSH. the rest of the game has pretty mediocre 2002-esque graphics and not really any actually animated scenes so why is there one random one depicting a God of Death that has no actual significance to the rest of the plot of the game? it’s not even like within the game it explains why there’s this video of a God of Death skateboarding around and then shining a glowing stick. there’s no audio to the video; nancy just watches it and goes on with her life. but why would they create what is basically a full 3d rendered character to show as a video within the game that is far above the animation quality of the rest of the game