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“He looked more alive in death”
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Pairing: Victuuri (Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri)

Rating: G (for gay. but family friendly, for now.)

Category: Canon-compliant drama and slow burn, expansion of existing series. WIP.

Chapter Length: ~4.4k

Summary: These are the moments that were lost in the rush for the Gold, and the things that were built within them. A re-evaluation of everything, from day one, the real day one. From, “Be my coach, Victor!!” And how trust, friendship, and love were built from there. Through Victor’s eyes, the story unfolds—the journey and experience of knowing Yuuri.

[read chapter one on AO3]


B E A U T Y  I N  T H E  B E A S T ; 

a beautiful glitch in the system.