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icandrawthings  asked:

I asked Thomas astruc if ladybug had some sort of secret power that prevents people from recognising her and he said why? She had a mask. He also said somewhere that he wanted to keep it old schooled. In old comic books a mask was all you needed.

ah yes, i referenced that answer he gave while i was talking about it before

that’s a problem, though, because ladybug isn’t “old school”. a simple mask is believable when characters are interacting with strangers, but when 60-70% of marinette’s akuma missions involve her interacting with her close friends and classmates that excuse doesn’t hold any water. 

it’s also not “old school” in that now the media everyone is using is so much more advanced, and ladybug shows it. everything is captured and recorded, whether on ladyblog or news channels or newspapers or even nino’s monster movie; very different from back in old comics where the only real coverage was newspaper headlines. we’ve even seen alya use a paint program on her phone to draw chat noir’s costume over a picture of adrien - and all this means, unlike older comics, all the tools are there for people to figure out who ladybug is, and since there’s apparently no magical intervention we’re supposed to just believe no one is putting two and two together.

(more under the cut, as usual this analysis got way too long. yet again, please remember critique does NOT equal dislike! i like this show very much!!!)

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