Thanks 5Pointz: Carry On Tradition

A historic landmark (at least for artists) in New York City has come to an end. After numerous court battles, hearings and protests, 5Pointz will no longer be the standing art and cultural institution for graffiti artists everywhere. It’s the price to pay for gentrification and capitalism. In the end, the owners have a right to do what they wish with their property but I guess I was hoping for a compromise. A compromise where the artists were able to save their work. This city is publicly moving away from culture and becoming a cookie cutter city, with no end in sight. What’s next, the wall on Houston Street?

I’m a New Yorker that appreciates innovation when art and culture are a part of it and not left behind to be forgotten. 5Pointz will live on in the hearts and archives of those who appreciated this mecca of graffiti.

The property owners began dismantling the building on Monday. At least on the surface, as they quietly started painting over all of the artwork. See the link for the story.

Thanks 5Pointz for being a beautiful place to see art and appreciate the long standing tradition of graffiti. Thanks Meres for running and curating a gallery like no other for so many years.

One love 5Pointz!