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How the hell did Al Ewing manage to make Contest of Champions. A tie in to a a mobile video game based off some 80's comics work and not only work but be really good?

Because he’s Al Ewing. I mean, it had a great set of characters, a great way of bending the fighting game influenced premise, a hell of a lot of satisfying twists, and a real heartwarming ending, but all of that can be traced back to Al Ewing (and Paco Medina for that matter) consistently being real damn good at his job. He’s so good he’s getting me to buy the main Inhumans title and a Rocket Raccoon book for god’s sake, so it’s hardly a shock he was able to spin a premise that let him use any character he wanted in a cosmic-scale conflict into something satisfying.

Parabéns, mais uma vez, a estas lendas. Trabalho árduo resulta sempre em glória, e ontem foi a prova disso. O Brasil tem muito que estar orgulhoso destes 2 senhores e de todos os seus competidores a representarem este país entre os melhores do mundo!

Congrats, again, to these legends. Hard work always results in glory, and yesterday was a prove of that. Brasil has to be very proud of these 2 gentlemen and of all of their competitors representing this country among the world’s best.

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i do believe that this is just the beginning of a new era in professional surfing. it’s not a 3 men race anymore, between mick, kelly and parko. new superstars such as the one in the picture, gabriel medina, proved it that surfing is in a quick transition and developing. 

many questions remain in people’s mind like “can gabriel do it again?” or “how will gabriel behave next year knowing he has to defend his title?”. that’s something only time can answer, but i’m sure of one thing, this kid isn’t going down without a fight. parabéns gabriel, parabéns brasil!

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