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It's the little things

After three kids in five years and gaining 60 pounds with the pregnancies, plus lots of stress eating and drinking. I decided to take my life back.

Started medifast and take shape for life program about 10 days ago. No more chips. No more gin.

The first three days were terrible. But I got through them and now I am down 10 pounds in 10 days. I feel good. I have a lot of energy. And I’m really not hungry.

My skirts aren’t tight now. I was able to button a jacket that I hadn’t been able to button before on Saturday. And I am starting to like my face again. Hating my own face in the mirror was my biggest motivator to change.

I am not giving up. I am not stopping. It’s hard, but I believe I can do it. Just posting this as a reminder to myself to stay positive and stay strong.

Looking for other medifast, or take shape for life people right now to follow.

5 (More) Things I Have Learned Since Losing 80+ Pounds

Part 2

1. I’m shrinking out of clothes RAPIDLY at this point. At first, it took a significant amount of weight to drop a size. Now, I drop 1 size for every 10 pounds I lose. THIS SUCKS. I had a wardrobe full of cute clothes that have already been donated and I try on clothes seemingly every week with 2-3 more items that end up in the donation pile. I love my clothes. I work hard for my money and have had to sacrifice many investment pieces. Forever 21 and Walmart have been my friends during this time. I’m not willing to spend more than $10 on any item of clothing until I reach my final goal. 

2. Everyone will ask what program you’re on and then proceed to critique it. It doesn’t matter if you use Medifast products (like I do), if you’re low carb, low fat, no carb, atkins, south beach, weight watchers, calorie cutting, exercising, WHATEVER. People will act very interested in your program only to then tell you how terrible it is for you and how you WILL gain all the weight back. I have learned that this is not a true critique on my program.  This stems from the insecurities of the people seeing me change. Don’t let anyone discourage you from sticking to a program that works for you if that’s what you want to do. 

3. I didn’t get to be my starting weight by accident. The longer I look at food, my relationship with it, patterns of eating, cravings, feelings that I associate with these things…the more I understand that I had an addiction. I ate well. I simply ate TOO MUCH. Food will never fill your emotional void. It will never comfort you in the way that you want it to. I’ve had many discussions with my recovering (25 years sober) alcoholic stepfather. He has told me 100% seriously that food addiction is much more difficult to deal with than alcoholism.  I come face to face with my addiction 3 meals a day. I must eat to live. That is not something that substance abusers must face.  Abstinence in OA is obviously very different than abstinence in AA. 

4. I never would have lost a pound if I didn’t first embrace self acceptance. I tell this to people at work who ask me what the “final straw” was in wanting to change. I told them there wasn’t a specific incident, but rather a complete change in my view of the world.  It wasn’t until I completely and totally accepted myself at my heaviest that I was able to start to take the steps to change. I finally loved myself enough to care about my health, about exercise, and about wanting to be around for a long time. Nobody else could do this for me. Telling someone to lose weight is completely pointless. The willingness and desire to change can only come from within. If you’re concerned about someone’s health, tell them you love them every day. That’s it. Don’t say “I love you and I want you to lose weight.” Say “I love you” and leave it. The support and acceptance from those around me finally enabled me to be comfortable enough to seek changes on my own. 

5. Everyone, regardless of size, is worthy of love and acceptance. I addressed this in #4 but it’s so very important. I am treated VASTLY different now than when I was before.  People are pleasant, friendly, and attentive now where before they were almost dismissive. It’s hard to describe, but it’s almost as if I’ve lived my life in two bodies.  My experience in this body has been different and that’s not ok.  Our bodies are the vessels for our souls. Nobody deserves to be disrespected based on what they look like. 

It's not a dream!

When I wore a size 12-14 jeans (in March of this year), I washed my jeans in cold water and hung them to dry and prayed to God that not so much as a single thread would shrink. Even then, I still wasn’t able to get them zipped til I’d had them on for at least a couple of hours. I’d look at them hanging there to dry and wondered how in the world had I ever allowed myself to get this big?!

Yesterday, I pulled my size 4 jeans out of the dryer and held them up and marveled at how tiny they looked. SURELY my butt cannot be small enough to get in these (even though I had already worn them and knew that it WAS). In a gesture akin to pinching oneself to determine whether or not your experience is real or is a dream, I HAD to try them on…just to be SURE. They fit.

Tonight, after a day of riding horses in those same size 4 jeans, they were actually loose enough to pull off without unzipping them. Once I’ve lost this remaining 8-10 lbs, I’ll not doubt be wearing all size 2s…I’ll be keeping my size 4s as my ‘fat’ clothes. O-M-G…is this REALLY happening?!

Am I bragging? Well of COURSE I am! But I hope that others will find encouragement in this too, in realizing that such a thing really IS possible…for YOU…just as surely as it has been PROVEN possible for me. THANK YOU Medifast, and my WONDERFUL TSFL coach, Nick Carone…thank you more than words can ever express…

Lettuce tacos for dinner tonight. I made my sour cream out of some Greek yogurt and lime juice. #leanandgreen #health #healthy #food #foodies #foodporn #medifast #takeshapeforlife #tsfljamilyn #tsfl #operationskinnyjamilyn2013 #tasty #nomnomnom #eatclean #cleaneating #tacos #mexicanmonday #greekyogurt

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Change is good.

On April 3 of 2013, I started Medifast at a hefty 158 lbs and in a very SNUG size 14. By December of that same year, I was within 4 lbs of my original goal weight of 110, and had dropped 6 sizes, from a size 14 to a size 2. That’s a loss of 44 lbs over 8 months. I’m sure I could have lost that in a shorter length of time, had I adhered to the diet a bit more strictly, but those who know me know I’m not all that good with rules. In spite of the cheats and fudging, I managed to maintain a steady loss from April of 2013 to December.

Since then, I have slowly regained 10 of that hard-earned loss. I got sick in December of 2013 and stayed sick for 3 months with respiratory issues. I stopped regularly working out and I stopped Medifasting, as dieting during that time left me feeling too weak. All that understandable, BUT once recovered from all that crap, I’ve had a very difficult time re-establishing all those good health habits I’d adhered to during that time of healthy loss.

I’ve tried to pick back up the Medifast. There’s no question, on Medifast, you WILL lose the weight, no matter your age, and you will lose it amazingly quickly. But there are a few things wrong with this scenerio. Quick weight loss is just that, quick loss. Whatever you did to get there, cannot be maintained through the same techniques. To hold onto your losses, you MUST adopt a healthier, ongoing LIFE STYLE. The Medifast plan DOES teach you how to do this with the ‘transition’ period, but it’s all done with the Medifast meals still at the base of the plan. Like my original medifasting, I have utilized lifestyle changes…kinda, sorta…but not WELL nor consistently. So I’ve bounced between 120 and 125 lbs like a super flubber ball for MONTHS now.

I still want to lose some of this blubber. Miraculously, I’m still in a size 2, though the appearance in this size 2 is much less attractive than it was at 114 lbs, as at this point, ALL the excess weight is settled between my waist and my knees. I want to remain in a size 2, just look better IN it, like I did at 114. But quite honestly, I’m just plain TIRED of the Medifast foods that so faithfully sustained me during my monster loss of 2013. Furthermore, I was never comfortable on a diet comprised of 95% soy based artificially processed foods…and most likely GMO soy based foods at that.

I still have a strong leaning towards wanting to adopt a diet of more ‘clean’ foods, and I still HATE eating animals, more for reasons of morality and compassion than anything else. With added effort (and more MONEY), one can find ‘clean’ meats. But I’m sorry, there is really no COMPASSIONATE method of killing ANYthing for food. And this still greatly disturbs me. To appease my conscience when eating meat now, I simply follow the example of my Indian ancestors, and pay homage to and offer thanks to the creature that gave up it’s life for my sustenance. But I STILL feel guilty.

I’ve tried being a vegetarian and going vegan. But with these attempts, I ran into quite a few snafoos…the most significant being I just could not get enough protein in those diets without adding too many calories, which adds WEIGHT. It seems my chemistry REQUIRES a rather high amount of protein to carb ratio, while still maintaining a very low calorie count (I’m short, small boned, and OLD). Without adequate protein, I feel I’m in a constant state of starvation, my skin looks grey and sallow and my hair falls out and I just do NOT feel or look good all around.

I still would like to get down to my original weight goal of 110. I think I would be more comfortable, and totally happy if I could just STAY at 114, with a MAX weight of 116, but I seriously doubt my ability to STAY within a mere 2 lb range long term. For me, a 5 lb range is far more realistic. I dunno, I’ll figure all that out when I get there. All that said, though, I know I can reach that goal rather quickly with Medifast, I’m not enthusiastic about that means, for reasons already stated. So my latest brainstorm is to lose it with healthy real foods. Back to Nutriblasting. I’ve learned thru much experimentation, that I can lose weight very quickly by staying within a certain caloric range of 1200 or less per day…1300-1400 if I include a proper breakdown of exercise (30 mins cardio 3x per week, pluse 30 mins resistance 3x per week). BUT I’ve also learned that the QUALITY of those calories makes all the difference. With too high a percentage of those calories consisting of processed foods, the wrong type of carbs, sugars, and saturated fats, I will lose very little…if ANY…in SPITE of the low calorie count. On the other hand, if the bulk of those calories is comprised of clean, pure foods, no sugars, and LEAN proteins with a smidge of healthy fats, I will lose just as quickly as I did on the original Medifast diet. Once I reach my goal weight, I will gradually begin adding calories, at about 100 per week until I find a good balance, where I am no longer losing, yet not gaining either. No doubt, the numbers will change from time to time, depending upon changes in exercise routines and health status, but I will at least have found a good base, and a good idea of what combinations tend to get me into trouble, and where my safe zone is.

Nutriblasts are a DELICIOUS method of getting adequate healthy foods! At my current level of caloric restrictions, 2 of these per day will probably be my max, and I will need to carefully monitor my fruits (quantity and sugar content) while in the loss phase. The variety of Nutriblasts is literally ENDLESS and I’ve YET to create a concoction that wasn’t absolutely DELICIOUS, and I’ve been able to find combinations that are between 180-250 calories, which is GREAT as something counted as a ‘meal.’ A blast in the morning and a blast in the evenings following my workout, with ONE 500 calorie real food meal and 2 healthy snacks (you can create DELICIOUS homemade granola bars and nut balls with the new Nutribullet 900 and/or a Ninja!), or TWO 250ish calorie count meals with 2 healthy snacks will serve me well in reaching my goal. When this plan consists of the right kinds of foods, I do NOT get hungry, and I do NOT fall victim to cravings. Avoiding saturated and unhealthy fats, starches and processed foods and keeping sodium intakes to around 1800-2000 MAX, this plan coupled with 30 mins per day exercise, I will lose about 1 lb per day for the first week, 2-3 lbs per week thereafter.

Moving on to the issue of food preparation and the time it consumes, I confess that I just cannot muster the time to devote to said preparations that I would like. Hence I incorporate a lot of quick, low calories fixes like frozen entrees. There are countless diet friendly choices available…Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, Amy’s and Michelina’s Light entrees to name the few I fall back on most often. Also, Progresso makes DELICIOUS Light soups…you can eat an entire can for just 189-200 calories, the only drawback being the sodium count. You can balance that out by a counteracting intake of potassium. I’m going to rely on these instant choices a lot in the beginning, just because I have so many already on hand and I’m not willing to toss them out. Once they are gone however, I may even embark upon a Nutribullet 6-week Transformation plan with an ultimate goal of cutting way back on animal protein and maintaining a diet of largely pure raw foods.

Next installment to come: the new workout routine!

In just 2 ½ weeks I’ve lost 22lbs!!! I know you can’t really see a big difference in my face but I do see a change and that’s all that matters! Medifast is amazing! I feel energized, awake and full when I eat the meals. Just starting adding exercise a couple days ago so hopefully that will help me all around in my fitness and healthy! I see great things in my future!!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (low-fat, no fat)
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp dried oregano
½ tsp crushed garlic
½ tsp garlic salt
olive oil (optional) pizza sauce, shredded cheese and your choice of toppings*

Medifaster’s here are your regulations to sauce, cheese, & toppings! 2 Tbsp pizza sauce
2 oz shredded cheese
2 cup green* toppings (or add .5 cup more to your cauliflower)

This counts as one Medifast Lean and Green meal; however, if you choose no extra topping you will need to prepare two extra servings of your green option later on in the day. Ricing Cauliflower: Take 1 large head of fresh cauliflower, remove stems and leaves, and chop the florets into chunks. Add to food processor and pulse until it looks like grain. Do not over-do pulse or you will puree it. (If you don’t have a food processor, you can grate the whole head with a cheese grater). Place the riced cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 8 minutes (some microwaves are more powerful than others, so you may need to reduce this cooking time). There is no need to add water, as the natural moisture in the cauliflower is enough to cook itself. One large head should produce approximately 3 cups of riced cauliflower. The remainder can be used to make additional pizza crusts immediately, or can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

to make the pizza crust:

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and spray lightly with cooking spray. Combine grated cauliflower, egg beaters, cheese, garlic powder and basil until mixed completely. Spoon mixture on prepared pan. Use the back of a spoon to thin out mixture and form a circle about the size of a dinner plate without the rim. The thinner the crust the less chance of it being soggy. Bake for 30 minutes. Carefully flip the pizza crust over by using a spatula to lift all edges of the crust off the parchment first. Bake an additional 10 to 15 minutes until edges are really brown and crisp. Mine are usually burnt around the edges but it won’t taste burnt. Let cool.
Add tomato sauce and cheese on top. Broil until cheese is melted about 5 to 10 minutes. If you are making several cauliflower pizza crusts like I usually do, you can wrap the pizza individually in foil tightly with the cheese and sauce already on top. Stick them in gallon size Ziploc bags. I usually can fit 2 or 3 pizza crusts in a Ziploc bag. When ready to eat, take it out of the freezer as you would a normal store bought frozen pizza. Bake for about 15 minutes at 425 degrees or until cheese has completely melted. I can usually get 4 to 5 pizzas from one head of cauliflower! Enjoy!