The Liesborn Gospel Book and its Mysterious Prayer Wheel

The Liesborn Prayer Wheel was discovered recently on the blank first page of a copy of the Liesborn Gospel Book. This was an unusual find in an already rare piece of work. This medieval tome is one of only five known copies with rare first pages in existence. It is due to this, amongst other reasons, that it is considered as one of the most valuable Gospels in the world. The seller’s asking price for the Gospels, for instance, is said to be $ 6.5 million. What is the Liesborn Prayer Wheel, and how did it come to be?

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“The Conservator (Fine Cut)”

“The Conservator” is an ode to the history of an object, the preservation of knowledge, and the meticulous craftsmanship of a woman whose vocation is devoted to both. Melina Avery is a conservator at the University of Chicago. Every day, she breathes life into centuries-old manuscripts and volumes taken from the University library’s vast collections. Her leather-and-parchment patients come diagnosed with ailments ranging from the cosmetic to the near-fatal, and it is her job to make them whole and usable again using a combination of hard science and a soft touch. The film is centered on one such patient, a sixteenth-century text by the Reformation theologian Wolfgang Musculus. Melina’s work is sensual in its imagery: thick paste spread onto ancient spines, Latin text illuminated by a light table, new leather fastened to a medieval tome—all encompassed by the futuristic curvature (and constant background drone) of UChicago’s Mansueto Library.

Shot & edited by: Hans Glick, Ennuri Jo, Thomas Mathew, & Madhu Srikantha