Creating A Viking-inspired Battle Axe

- Picture heavy tutorial -

If you have met me, or followed me for a long time, you will know my obession with axes and hacking weapons. I love them. I don’t know what it is but I love them. An axe is my weapon of choice. For this year’s festival and marketseason, I decided I need a weapon. And of course you can guess whatkind I wanted ;)

So I began surfing the web for realaxes and also LARP axes. Many nice ones, but mostly rather expensive. Crafty as I am I decided to venture to create my own - a sort of teat weapon, to see how an axe would look and carry with my outfit. Bear in mind that this weapon is a prop only; you can’t fight with it in LARP because it is made of wood and could hurt others (and will splinter because it’s thin).

I made a little tutorial out of my journey – maybe it’ll halp you make your own? All materials used can be replaced by others; you can modify and take inspiration from what I show you here. You can create your own base from wood or plastics if you like. Perhaps you want to make a sword, not an axe? Or maybe a dagger? ;) Enjoy!

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I was today at the Medieval Market that takes place every year in Avila. It’s only one hour drive from Madrid and the city it’s famous specially for its medieval wall from the 12th century, which it’s meant to be the best preserved medieval monument of Spain. As a lot of you love asoiaf i thought you’d like to see some pictures, i made plenty if them!

I could not help buy this beautiful cloak. Everybody was disguised in medieval style but us and when I saw it,
it just had to come with me. I don’t know what i’m going to do with it, maybe i’ll use it in Halloween or Carnival. I felt great wearing it!!