The creation of the Landscape-Garden offered to the true Muse the most magnificent of opportunities. Here was, indeed, the fairest field for the display of invention, or imagination, in the endless combining of forms of novel Beauty; the elements which should enter into combination being, at all times, and by a vast superiority, the most glorious which the earth could afford. In the multiform of the tree, and in the multicolor of the flower, he recognized the most direct and the most energetic effort of Nature at physical Beauty. And in the direction or concentration of this effort, or, still more properly, in its adaption to the eyes which were to behold it upon earth, he perceived that he should be employing the best means — laboring to the greatest advantage — in the fulfilment of his destiny as Poet. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Haddon Hall, Derbyshire


WIP: Burkett Manor (A History Challenge Build)

I noticed yesterday that quite a few people who are doing the History Challenge are about to reach the Medieval Era, so I figured I’d start working on a small medieval village for anyone that’s interested. (click on images for hi res version)

It’s at about 60% complete right now, so it’s apt to be my first official build for 2016. I named it Burkett Manor because of the medieval sims family I created to play test it.  We have Lord and Lady Burkett, and their teen-aged Son, Ser La Rouche, Friar Stewart, the serfs; Eugi and Gendolyn Bannister, and their daughter Jocelyn, I’ll probably post some pics of the family at some point later today.

Have fun :)!