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Just finished up my final assignment for Lifestyle Illustration with Daniel Krall - this time we had to illustrate a cocktail of our choice, create a layout to contain the drink’s recipe, and design a label for one of the ingredients. Challenge accepted! I chose the cocktail Murder in the Forest.

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Medieval murder mystery unearthed at archaeological dig at North Berwick

Medieval murder mystery unearthed at archaeological dig at North Berwick

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Photograph by Anne Burgess

The skeleton of a man stabbed four times in the back and buried around 900 years ago has been found during an archaeological dig at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick, near Edinburgh.

Archaeologists believe that the man was over 20 years of age with a strong build, and wear to the shoulder that could imply an archer, but they could not tell if he had received…

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Chapter Two (Part 1)

The sunlight of the high noon warmed the hard ground, but the air kept the children in the field wrapped in layers, struggling to keep a flushed temperature. The school building nestled itself into the stone of the mountain with only a wooden facade. A largely broken fence wrapped a harrow yard to the building, keeping the children at play close. There were a multitude of young bodies, many were thin and emaciated, hungry for a meal heavier than a meager loaf of tough bread. Others barely had a toned body, with small muscles and sinewy frames.

Many of the adolescents clung to small groups of similar age, acting as unified factions that protected its members. Fights broke out on a regular basis between the gangs, usually for casual enjoyment; and without regular adult involvement, commonly ended with blood and bruises. Despite the talent for fighting some groups had, none of them dared accost two older boys, one impeccably dressed, and the other thick with muscles.

The well dressed boy was tall and lanky, but maintained a well nourished physique. His bright red hair was kept in order by a tattered gold band, lifting it away from his brow. Inside his brown eyes lie arrogance and pride, an air of dominance surrounded him and a cologne of authority wafted from his body. Beside the crimson haired boy, was a burly teen, fortified with muscle and strength. The muscular boy followed his leader, abiding to any command given. His fists were bruised, no doubt a consequence of the numerous brawls the boy claimed victor.

Sero sat in the dirt, beside him, Moe, Hope and another boy, more nourished than the other three. The third boy’s blazing red hair was full and thick, dropping over his sunken green eyes. He wore thicker clothing and donned a short jacket. The four watched as the two dominant boys teased a party of juveniles. “Marcus has teased almost everyone today.” Hope sobbed, covering her newly broken nose which still oozed slowly clotting blood.

“Marcus is an arrogant jerk.” Moe crossed his arms over the fence post.

“I don’t care if he’s 17, one of these days I’m just going to beat him to his senses.” Sero stood angrily, passionate about his hatred to the older boy. “Just because he’s the son of the governor doesn’t mean he gets to throw his weight around and flaunt how special he is.”

“Well, there’s nothing we can do, my brother’s going to be who he’s going to be.” The red head finally spoke with a jaded tone.

“I wish Marcus was more like you, Trevis.” Hope flinched as her tender finger slipped and agitated the swollen bone again. “I just wish that brute didn’t follow him arround to enforce his reign of terror.”

“That brute deserves the same punishment as Marcus.” Sero spat.

“We just have to endure it,” Trevis sighed, dropping onto the ground. “I don’t want to image what he’s going to do when he becomes the governor.” His cheeks flushed with blood and he held a scrap of fabric to Hope’s nose. Trevis lifted his lips to a empathic smile, affection towards Hope beamed from his shy disposition.

“He’s going to ruin the people of this village, and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.” The blood from Hope’s nose had begun to dissipate.

“This is why I want to leave,” Moe ran a hand through his straw blonde hair. “I wish you wanted to leave too Hope, especially since he picks on you the most.”

“I have too many people here that need my help, I can’t leave those in need.” Hope stood and picked the scabbed blood away from her nose and lips.

“Lunch is almost over,” Trevis looked at the sky, judging the position of the striking sun. “We might as well head in to avoid the rush. He assisted Hope to stand, holding onto her shaking arm. Sero watched, a hidden dolor in his face, as Hope weakly toddled towards the school building, leaning onto Trevis.
1st Monthly Whitechatel

The first Whitechatel was this evening, and went very well. A rather, informal poll put user satisfaction at 100%. Topics under discussion included:

  • Sam Stockman and his music.
  • Whitechapel’s female character problems and how they could have been solved.
  • How it would have been interesting to have a Medieval Murder Mystery.
  • A possible Whitechapel London meet up later in the year.
  • And the name ‘Whitechatel’ was unanimously agreed on. (Sorry!)

The chat is still open for the next 24 hours, and currently the time/date of the next chat is Monday 29th February 7:30-9pm but if this date doesn’t work for the majority of people we can see about changing it. 

The Pieces Are All Starting To Come Together Regarding Red In This Week's The Blacklist
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Credit: NBC

The Blacklist seems to get better with every episode that airs. What makes certain episodes really stand out, though, are the fantastic guest stars, and this week was no different. Tony Shalhoub guest stars as “The Promestria,” a matchmaker that convinces enemies to become allies, then takes a cut of the profit.

After the brutal, medieval murders last week, this week features feuding…

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Chapter Two (Part 3)

The remainder of the afternoon Sero spent watching the dusty sky. The sun slowly fell between mountain peaks, casting strange and jagged shadows over the village. Casually the inhabitants carried out their day, some tending to paltry gardens of weed like plants, others attempting to fix the weaker structures scattered through the town, while a few tended to small paddocks of mountain quails, too thin to eat. In the distance three traders entered the village with large packs on their backs. Only a few of the residents invited them, but the men swiftly headed to their destination. The store the three entered was thin, but it served its purpose well, however limited the stock was.

By the time the classes were dismissed, the air had become thick with afternoon dust, lit by the scattered rays of light pushing through the mountain range. The yard of the school quickly emptied of students, rushing home or to their mining work. Hope was paused at the main gate, Trevis beside her, waiting for Sero and Moe.

“I couldn’t help but notice the fact that you didn’t care for todays lessons” Hope toyed with her brother.

“The whole food and tradition thing doesn’t matter too much to me; I’m going to leave as soon as I’m done with school.” Sero shrugged.

“It’s still important, to understand where you come from, you know?” Trevis took up Hope’s defense with a blush.

“Look out guys, here comes Marcus.” Moe quickly stepped behind Sero.

“Hey little scabs, what are you doin’ hanging around my best buddy Trevis? Don’t you think it’s a little out of order for two orphans and a fat boy to be hanging out with one of the most important people here?” Marcus laughed with his jaunty taunt, his muscular accomplice laughing along with him with a throaty chuckle.

“Leave us alone, Marcus.” Sero pushed his shoulders up, inflating his chest.

“Little Sero acting as the hero for everyone.” The arrogant teen quickly shoved his opponent to the ground, forcing his attention onto Hope. “I thought I told you to leave my little brother alone?”

“I can be friends with anyone I want to!” Trevis grabbed onto Hope defensively, snorting at his older sibling. With a violent smirk, Marcus grabbed ahold of Hope’s dress, pulling her away from the group. He raised a hand to strike the girl, who cowered within his grasp. Before Marcus could land the blow, Sero jumped to catch his arm. Taken aback, Marcus flailed his arm, shaking Sero loose before eventually punching the boy in the ribs. A loud exhale from Sero’s chest took his strength away, forcing him onto the ground, speechless.

“Don’t interfere when I’m showing a civilian their place!” Marcus rolled Sero over with a swift kick. Tears flooded Hope’s eyes as she witnessed the abuse beset on her brother. Trevis grabbed her by the wrist to lead her away from the danger. The two quickly ran from the scuffle, dashing down the street to the general store.

“You want me to Handle these little mutts Marcus?” The bruno behind Marcus yearned for violence.

“No, I want this little pleb to understand his place myself!” Marcus jabbed another foot into Sero’s weak chest.

“Stop it Marcus!” Moe lifted Sero up to his feet. Blood trickled from Sero’s split lip, which he spat at his foe.

“You lay another hand on my sister, I swear to god Marcus I will make sure you never do so again!”

“You think you can get away with threats like that?” Marcus pushed the two boys down once more before arrogantly walking after Hope and Trevis. “You don’t understand the concept of social order Sero, perhaps I should beat it into you some time!”

The school yard emptied with the retreat of Marcus, leaving only Sero and Moe at the fence gate. The two cleaned themselves off the best they could before heading at a costive pace into the heart of town. Sero investigated his split lip while attempting to catch his staggered breath as Moe walked beside him, defeated emotionally.

“I’m serious,” Sero spat blood out of his firth “I’m fed up with how he treats everyone, I don’t care if he’s Trevis’s older brother and the Governors heir, he deserves to be put into place!”

“Perhaps we just need to lay low, and not draw attention to ourselves.” Moe watched in piddling horror as the blood coated the road.

“Someone needs to stand up to him.”

“I’m afraid to disagree with you Sero.” With the final word, Moe and Sero slated for the store to meet up with Hope and Trevis.

I was gonna upload a video of me playing medieval murder simulator (aka Crusader Kings 2) but youtube says it would take 3 and half hours to upload so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯