medieval cat

Went to the library AND the bookstore the other day. Got some good stuff 😄😍 Also had to get that mug there that says keep calm and kill zombies cause zombies are my shit. 

Character Lore

What makes a genius? Is it the time spent practicing your craft? Is it the attention to detail? Or is it sacrificing the other things in life for the sole pursue your art? Master blacksmith Hebb takes all of the above to another level. Upon hearing the news of the war, he deserted his country. His last words before he left? “Ain’t no cat got time for that.” His only goal in life is to make the mightiest weapons in the known universe. And while other blacksmiths may see an income opportunity for the demand of weapons, Hebb believes that the increase in demand will only produce weapons of poorer quality.

That dedication for perfection led him into the Deep Skull Caverns, home to the rare Brime crystals, said to be the toughest of all minerals. Hebb hopes to locate the crystals with his own; a tiny fragment given to him by his grandparents when he was six. He now wears it around his neck. However, the maze within the Caverns proved to be a challenge for him. This is the 27th year since he began his quest.

I modeled this character after Ron Swanson, my favourite character in Parks & Recreation.

Summer Reruns--Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Summer Reruns–Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

(This is the one of my posts that has gotten the most hits.) Johann Sebastian Bach is another one of those great composers whose music can serve as a starting point for someone interested in learning about classical music. I use the term generic term “classical” here to refer to all “serious” music, because as most of you know, Bach falls into the baroque period. Confused yet? I think I can be…

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fill in the blanks


1. name: Bri

2.birthday: April 28

3.favourite colour: maroon and green

4.lucky number: 11

5.height: 5′7″


1.last dream you remember: I was making out with Natasha (best dream ever!)

2.can you juggle: nope. both af you like writing: I do, but it gets stressful at times you like dancing: nope you like singing: yepyepyep


1.dream vacation: anywhere but America

2.dream date: stargazing and waltzing like it’s 1698 (for real)

3.dream person: Natasha Negovanlis

4.dream wedding: I don’t want to get married, but if I did, something medieval

5.dream pet: cat named Karnstein and a ferret named Gizmo

6.dream job: youtube or buzzfeed


1.favourite song: currently it’s Love Will Have its Sacrifces by SOLES

2.favourite album: currently Blood from In This Moment because every fucking song is amazing

3.favourite artist: tie between The Pretty Reckless and Evanescence

4.last song you heard: Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds


1.guys/girls/both/other: I like the Ladies colour: doesn’t matter to me

3.eye colour: grey or dark green

4.humorous/serious: humorous

5.taller/shorter; taller

Imma tag gottalovethatweirdasiangirl ur turn girlie!! <3