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Hia! Could you do headcanons for the guys realizing they love their s/o whe their s/o just does something absolutely dorky like tripping and getting up only to trip again, or laughing so hard that they violently snort. And the guys are just like "Holy shit I'm in love with this fucking dork" thank you I love your blog


It’s going to be over something like S/O tripping over their feet from trying to race Scout. The realization is gonna smack him like a pile of bricks. Seeing his S/O on the ground, laughing at their own clumsiness, that would just get Scout’s heart pumping faster than a Bonk caffeine rush. The realization that, hey wow he’s in love with this person would be a huge wake up call to Scout to start taking his relationship seriously if he wants to keep S/O.


Soldier’s love for his S/O would definitely be realized on the battlefield. No doubt it’d be over a S/O making a morbid pun relating to minced body parts. Soldier isn’t one for witty word play, but seeing his S/O covered in the blood of the enemy and giggling at their own joke is enough to get his heart pounding!


Pyro at one point would catch their S/O snuggling it up with Balloonicorn. They look so peaceful and adorable sleeping with Pyro’s beloved stuffed animal! Pyro would not be able to resist giving their S/O a quick kiss on the forehead. And in that moment - Pyro realizes they really like-like someone.


Demo realizes his love from witnessing his S/O in their hangover. Demo would be doing the aftercare after all, sobering up for S/O’s sake. He would be there to cook breakfast (he isn’t so bad at scrambling some eggs), massaging his lover’s back, and pulling back their hair when they need to vomit. It was surprisingly…nice! The relevation that there’s something deeper going on between him and another human being is just enough to literally make his head spin.


He catches his S/O wearing his construction hat, after spending half an hour searching for it. Seeing them childishly trying the hard hat for size - it was ridiculously oversized too, covering half of their face! - has Engie realize how much he wanted - no, needed S/O to be his. 


Sometimes, Heavy’s S/O asks him to tutor them the Russian language. Heavy is more than happy to oblige. He is incredibly patient with his lover, despite them stumbling over grammar and mispronouncing many words. But Heavy absolutely falls in love when he hears his S/O attempt to say to him in Russian, “I love you with all my heart.” (They nearly ended up saying, “I love bear meat with my soul”, but it was still enough to make his heart melt.)


Medic discovers his S/O’s lack of domestic skills, when he finds a trove of his missing laundry missing over a week ago. But his lab coats are pink. Sheepishly, S/O finally confesses that they may have accidentally threw in Medic’s surprise gift - a hot pink sweater - among his pile of dirty laundry in the washer. Thus, a laundry disaster. Seeing his S/O so flustered kinda just flipped a switch in Medic where he finally realizes “well shit, i can live with this dorky person for the rest of my life.” (He spends an entire month parading both the pink sweater and lab coats.)


Sniper is already an awkward dork by himself. Combine that with his sometimes dorky S/O, and there are more adorable encounters bound to happen. And it just so happens S/O discovered Sniper’s weak point - his ticklish armpits. They get into playful tickling fights sometimes. It gets so rough one day, S/O nearly falls downstairs. Sniper tries to stop them, but ends up falling down with them. They land at the bottom, unhurt. S/O is tight and safe in Sniper’s strong arms. They both lie there, kind of stunned and looking at each other. Also, Sniper just didn’t want to move. He just couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that ‘i actually have a human being in my arms who wants to be with me.’


He decides to visit his S/O earlier than initially planned, after all, there should be spontaneity in a relationship. He buys a bouquet, gets some jewelry, and a plane ticket. Spy arrives at S/O’s place - but finds they’re not home. Asking around, he discovers they already left a day ago. Spy immediately jumps to the worse conclusion - were they visiting some secret lover? Tense, he calls S/O for the fifth time - and they finally pick up. It turns out, S/O and Spy both left their homes to visit each other for a surprise. Spy collapses into chuckles, then snorts over the phone. God, he’s done it now, hasn’t he? If he’s totally willing to travel through an airport twice a day for a person, maybe he has deeper feelings for them more than he’s willing to admit.

things I have learned from this comic:

  • tfc heavy is large and in charge
  • zhanna and soldier are 100% perfect couple
  • gray mann is smeagol
  • pauling has feelings
  • spy is f***ing hardcore
  • medic canonically talks to his birds
  • medic is practically married to his work
  • medic may be really bad at it but he secretly tires
  • medic is a partially self-aware dork
  • medic will do anything he can to keep his birds
  • I will do anything I can to defend medic
  • medic will do anything he can to keep working
  • I am more attached to medic than I originally thought
  • spy makes amazing faces

and last but not least:

  • comics are more able to emotionally destroy me than I originally thought