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So I sat the GAMSAT yesterday 💉 And today (after a substantial amount of sleep) I started my day by reading this wonderful novel. 

For those of you who haven’t read it, I’d 100% recommend! For anyone wondering, the flash cards are called Moore’s Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards ☀️☀️

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Vet-a-Visit is here!

Today is the wonderful day where my college puts on the equivalent of an open house. We invite people to come explore what being a veterinarian is like. We host interactive wildlife, zoo animal, small animal, and large animal exhibits. We demonstrate diagnostic techniques like radiography and ultrasound. We get to show off our CCU, radiology department, behaviorist, and our large animal clinic. Vet-a-Visit is all about teaching the public what veterinary medicine is really about and showing them that this is our passion.

Plus, it is always fun to paint the horses!

10 things I’ve learnt in second year med school

1) Keep calm: You can survive med school even without giving 200%

2) Never date a classmate: I mean it.

3) Lectures DO matter

4) Even if you are stressed with your med school life, don’t forget to maintain friendships

5) Chose elective courses you’re interested in, not because they would be good for your CV

6) Never lose your self esteem just because someone broke you: You still need it

7) Study EVERY day: It’ll prevent some really stupid finals stress

8) Go by bicycle: It’s faster, healthier and cheaper

9) Never say no: If you’re allowed to do a procedure, do it, even if you’re scared

10) When your life is breaking, your family will always be here for you

Anyone else get patients like this...

Me: So how long ago did these symptoms start? 

Patient: Ahhhh well it was when Uncle Bob had his wedding! What a lovely day that was, Kevin was there, and Alison, and Fred brought his little girl, she was only 2! Cute little thing, she was. It was a really good wedding actually, I had such a great time! 

Me: How lovely… So when was that?

Patient: What? 

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“Cirurgiões não são pessoas complacentes. Não descansamos muito. Não paramos sentados. Qualquer que seja o jogo…Gostamos de vencer. E quando vencemos, descobrimos um jogo novo… A gente se esforça. Residentes, atendentes. Não importa o quando alcançamos. Se gosta de escalar, sempre há uma nova montanha.
Tiram fotos de escaladores no topo da montanha, estão sorrindo, estáticos. Triunfantes.
Não tiram fotos durante o trajeto. Porque quem quer lembrar do resto ? Nos esforçamos, porque precisamos. Não porque gostamos. A subida cruel, a dor e a angustia de se esforçar mais, ninguém tira foto disso. Ninguém quer lembrar disso.Só queremos lembrar a vista do pico. O momento de tirar o folego, no topo do mundo. É isso que nos mantém escalando. E a dor vale a pena. Essa é a maluquice. Tudo vale a pena.