medicine is hard

Medical school is not a place for smart people. It’s a place for those who are insane enough to dream of it, pray for it, work hard for it, and live for it. It is for those who are crazy enough to want the sense of purpose that fuels their veins. And, if it is insanity, then let it be, for even if it means more sleepless nights, more examinations to pass, more years in the university and more sacrifices to endure, nothing will change. I will keep on choosing this path over and over again even for a hundred more days and a thousand more years. And nothing in this world can stop me from taking an adventure as worth taking as this, even for a million more lifetimes. Medicine is passion. Medicine is hard work. Medicine is life.

6•12 Today was Mikołajki in Poland! The day in which Santa brings little gifts! 🎄🎁 maybe that’s a polish way to get into that Christmas mood! Here’s my cork board, haven’t updated it yet.

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