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Newest quartz crystal cluster. This one has a twin terminated point! It’s hanging out with the succulents waiting for its new home. For sale here.

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Hi Laura! I'm so shocked and sorry to hear about what's happening in Venezuela. Is there anything you can think of that Americans can do to help anyone's situations? Are there charities that can supply aid that you know of? You're all in my thoughts and prayers!

Hi! Uhm, actually, yeah, there are a few organizations that are collecting funds for Venezuela:

  • Feed the Protest, gives food and water to the people protesting in the street. You can donate here.
  • Medical students of the Central University of Venezuela have a list of things that are needed by the UCV First Aid.
  • Blue Helmet, group of health professionals who also provide inmediate help to those injured in the protests. Donate here.
  • Sharing a Life helps children in critical health condition due to the shortage and high cost of food and medicine. You can donate here.
  • Sunrisas, is raising funds for food, medicine and basic hygiene for the children in Venezuela affected by the humanitarian crisis. They also have a list of things you can help buying.
  • Masks vs Bombs helps distributing anti-gas protection for the protestors. You can donate here.
  • Humanitarian Help Venezuela helps those affected by the social and economic situation You can donate here.
  • Donamed, is a web that works collecting funds and medicines. You can donate here.
  • Together for Venezuela, a group from San Francisco collecting medicines to send them to those in need. You can donate here.

Those are the ones i could find, maybe there are more. If you donate, even the smallest amount, you’re helping this country survive and fight our opressors! If can’t donate it’s okay just please spread this information, help save my country in anyway you can!

Imagine if the Po3 Hadn’t Been Used for Good

(Forewarning this is going to be long and also contain a lot of spoilers for every series up to OoTS !!)

Okay so I’m rereading The Power of Three and honestly, Hollypaw Lionpaw and Jaypaw’s behavior is sort of surprising to me, it’s been a while since I read the books and I had originally skipped the second arc due to my library not having it and went straight to Po3 so I didn’t think much of it but holy crap are the three intolerant towards cat’s with unusual backgrounds. Now I know Leafpool and Crowfeather are their biological parents but for the sake of this post I’ll be referring to Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight as their parents, considering they raised them. 

After having just read TNP for the first time I’m really surprised by all of the snide comments and thoughts the three have about cats, even cats they know and love, who aren’t clanborn or follow the code. Considering it was a big thing in TNP for Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight to be forced to see past the circumstances of one’s birth and being tolerant towards cats from other clans and cats that weren’t even clanborn, I would have expected their children to reflect these views. Now, I imagine they did this to sort of have the big reveal of the three’s biological parents be so much more impactful but I think if we look at things a tad differently they become really interesting. 

So first we have Lionpaw, who makes the usual comments here and there notably being surprised that Daisy’s kits were chosen over Sorreltail’s to go to the gathering since they weren’t really Thunderclan as they were born in the horseplace. Aside from this he doesn’t seem too ambitious outside of the usual apprentice mentality of “I’m going to be the best warrior there ever was!” He does however seem oddly battle hungry for a cat who only just became an apprentice. At his first gathering he hints at hoping that ShadowClan would start a fight, Hollypaw only scolding him because that would be against the warrior code. He then remarks that his sister wouldn’t understand the rivalries amongst the clans due to her training to become a medicine cat. Now say what you will about it just being due to Lionpaw romanticizing battle and not understanding that the other clans aren’t bad per se, but then we get to Lionpaw’s first fight; the border skirmish with ShadowClan and that’s where things get kind of odd. The battles goes as expected with ThunderClan coming out as winner, but afterwards Lionpaw is outright overjoyed about his first real fight, even having enough leisure in battle to stop and assist Jaypaw not by throwing Owlpaw off of him, but instead guiding him word by word on how to defeat Owlpaw. 

Then we have Jaypaw, who’s sick of being patronized and urged into becoming a medicine cat apprentice. A cat who, his entire life, has only ever dreamt of one day being as strong and powerful as his father, Brambleclaw. He holds the same prejudice against cats not born pure ThunderClan and even has the gall to suggest to Firestar that ThunderClan take advantage of WindClan during the dog attack after spying on Barkface in a dream. He was offered to be trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and almost accepted, only becoming a medicine cat because he realizes the power he holds and being very vocal about how disappointed he is with the day to day life of a medicine cat. (Applying poultices, collecting herbs, etc etc.) 

And finally we have Hollypaw, who’s most notable among the fanbase for being ambitious. She holds the same views as her brothers only having more respect for the warrior code which led to her insinuating that her own father shouldn’t be deputy because Graystripe was revealed to still have been alive. She ultimately becomes a medicine cat apprentice solely because she wants to be important to the Clan, not because she enjoys healing. Plus, they somewhat all have superiority complexes, as their father is the Clan deputy, their mother’s sister is the medicine cat, and their grandfather is the Clan leader. Jaykit notes at the beginning of the book that the clan worked hard to make sure they weren’t treated differently because of this, which seems fair, yet he notes “Sometimes it felt like the rest of the Clan went out of their way to make sure he and his littermates never got special treatment. It wasn’t fair!” Which ??? seems pretty fair to me and makes it feel like Jaykit expected more for being kin with Brambleclaw, Leafpool, and Firestar.

Now, it’s interesting in and of itself to note that Brambleclaw fathered them as he struggled with his own ambitions in his warriorhood, but it’s even more interesting to imagine what could have happened if the three hadn’t been so loyal to StarClan. For the sake of the post, let’s just say Hollypaw is one of the three and has the powers Dovewing gets in OoTS. Imagine if the three had become somewhat antagonistic during the series, especially after learning of the prophecy which, in this case, only serves to further their mentalities of being superior and reaffirms their faith in the warrior code. Fast forward to Eclipse and to the introduction of Sol, a cat who knows of StarClan and, presumably, the Dark Forest, a cat who has enough faith to know they are real, but who doesn’t seem to value them all that much. Originally the plan was for Sol to help train the three to learn to control their powers and to use them for the sake of their Clan, but we all know Sol only seeks to benefit himself and thus chooses to stray their paws from the path of serving their Clan in StarClan’s name. Now, the three, frustrated by StarClan’s refusal to elaborate on the prophecy eat this all up. So Sol twists the words of the Warrior Code and makes it seem as though it were their destiny to lead ThunderClan, with Hollypaw as the leader, Lionpaw as deputy, and Jaypaw as the medicine cat. He suggests they overthrow their kin and expand ThunderClan’s territory, claiming that if their rival Clans couldn’t defend their territory then that was their problem and that in expanding their territory they could provide so much to ThunderClan, enough that they would never have to worry about anything again. They could rule the forest if they wanted. 

But the three aren’t evil, they think they’re doing the right thing. This is their destiny, after all. They reveal their abilities to their clanmates and demand Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool step down from their respective duties, referencing times in which they strayed from the warrior code and how that impacted the Clan. Leafpool, having run off to be with Crowfeather and having been too late to warn ThunderClan of the Badgers. Brambleclaw, who nearly killed Firestar so that he could become leader not out of respect and devotion to ThunderClan or the Warrior Code, but because of his own selfish desires. And Firestar, who in giving territory to ShadowClan and allowing so many cats that existed outside of the code into ThunderClan sparked the battle which led to the Sun being covered. The battle which nearly killed their mother. And ThunderClan has reason to doubt their leaders at this point, they were never keen on what ThunderClan was becoming and now, due to the Eclipse, have reason to believe that StarClan is angry with them. And they have a completely viable solution, the three who hold the power of the stars in their paws can set them on the path that will lead ThunderClan to glory. It’s almost as if it’s too good to be true. 

Things get more aggressive quickly, due to their lack of experience the three make sure its known that those who disobey the code will be punished, they make it known that they hold a power cats can only dream of, and they make it known to their neighbors that they are not to be challenged. While they can’t have been happy about it, Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool all are the types of characters that would pity themselves, and they do, the Clan’s support of the three and the apparent prophecy about them leads them to believe that yeah, maybe they’re right. But Squirrelflight? You’d best believe that when she finds out she is pissed. And so, during the fire, it’s not Ashfur that blocks the Three’s path out of camp. It’s Squirrelflight. She expresses that she loves them and that they’re young and don’t know what they’re doing but that they are messing with powers they don’t understand, powers that could lead to the downfall of ThunderClan. The three don’t want to hurt Squirrelflight but things do get heated until ultimately Squirrelflight reveals that she is not their biological mother. Shocked and hurt, Squirrelflight flees with the three following. Suddenly, everything is different. The powers they have, the role they thought they were meant to play, if their biological parents had followed the warrior code that they are so heavily trying to enforce they wouldn’t even exist. How can they be anything but a danger to the Clan. A curse meant to cause the downfall of life as Clan cats know it. Confused and upset they flee the forest and Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool regain their positions and no cat sees the three for some moons. 


Timbuktu, Mali 

Timbuktu is a city in West Africa. It was a center of Islamic scholarship under several African empires, home to a 25,000-student university’s and other schools that served as wellsprings for the spread of Islam throughout Africa from the 13th to 16th centuries. Sacred Muslim texts, in bound editions, were carried great distances to Timbuktu for the use of eminent scholars from Cairo, Baghdad, Persia, and elsewhere who were in residence at the city. The great teachings of Islam, from astronomy and mathematics to medicine and law, were collected and produced here in several hundred thousand manuscripts. 

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Name: Nadja
Age: 18
Country: Serbia

Hi! My name is Nadja (or Nadia/Nađa) and I am 18, almost 19. I am from a small city in Serbia and I like living here but I also love travelling. I have seen most of the Europe and hope to go to another continent soon. I like reading classic literature, especially Russian and I love binge watching tv shows and movies. I have a pug and I hope to have many dogs, as I am beginning to study veterinary medicine. I collect postcarsd and I love writing letters so I hope I can fing a penpal here to send snail mail

Preferences: It would be nice to have someone aged 17-25, any gender, any country, any interests

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Can you pretty please continue the fic where Claire is pregnant when Jamie saves her from BJR in Fort Will. ?

Mod Note: This one, I feel, has been completed. So here - have a similar but different new one <3 I hope you enjoy; Mod MBD.

The clink of the chains rattled even in her dreams, but for now they were very real. Claire Randall passed the warm, wet washcloth through her fingers as she passed it to one of the soldiers.

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A Long Time Ago...
@gaydrienagreste sent me an ask suggesting Autistic!Will Solace and here he is

-Autistic Will who has a special interest in medicine, who collects books on medical history and techniques and, if you let him, will word vomit about everything he knows until he gets tired

-Autistic Will Solace who goes nonverbal when he’s working on a patient, and his siblings learn to accommodate that

-In fact Will going nonverbal any time he’s remotely flustered, which Nico finds precious and adorable. He learns to carry around a pad for Will, though.

-Autistic Will who, through birthdays and thoughtful siblings and general “oh that looks cool,” has a large collection of stim toys in his bedside table that he often drags out to sort through when he’s stressed or just to look through them and exchange the ones on his keychain

-Trans Will Solace who found his binders comforting not just because it helped with dysphoria but also because the constant pressure was a really nice stim

-He buys a weighted pillow to replace them after his top surgery

-Will who carries around a writing pad and a giant pair of ear muffs (soft, fluffy, nice to touch) to curb sensory overload.

-Just, generally autistic Will Solace who has siblings and friends that love and support him and buy him stims and medical books have a nice day


Fey-Whitlock Apparatus: Mystery Solved!

One of the best parts of working at UNC HSL Special Collections is when I clock in to find super interesting (and occasionally creepy) items waiting for me on my desk.  And today’s item is perhaps my favorite of all of these surprises–especially because it helped me figure out something I’ve been mulling over since one of my first days on the job here at the Health Sciences Library.

It’s been over a year since my initial confusion over how exactly to assemble UNC HSL Special Collections’ rather perplexing Fey-Whitlock ApparatusI had almost given up hope–and then this brochure found its way to my desk (thanks to HSL’s awesome special collections librarian, Dawne, who found it hidden away!)

In addition to giving me lots of images to help me return UNC HSL’s device to its original glory, the brochure (thankfully) clarifies the many intended uses of the Fey-Whitlock Apparatus.  Marketing the device as Putting-something-on-the-spot-that-hurts Therapy, this brochure describes the Fey-Whitlock Apparatus as a multi-tool of sorts.  The machine’s various attachments (for vibrating, heating, and cupping affected areas) were said to increase blood flow, relieve pain, treat ailments such as Rheumatism, and improve the respiratory process.

In fact, the Physician’s Specialty Company (based in Leesburg, Virginia) thought the machine’s various virtues were so great that simply buying the device would enable any physician to “…retire from general practice and devote their entire time to office work.”

Now that I know a little more about the machine, I’m off to re-assemble UNC HSL’s apparatus immediately, for as the brochure itself says:

If you have not already laid the foundation for the future, BEGIN RIGHT AND BEGIN RIGHT NOW.

Images taken from: Brochure advertising the Fey-Whitlock Apparatus.  Located in the UNC HSL Special Collections

Negan Imagine ~ Behind your Back

While Negan fancies the reader, she turns against him after the line-up and secretly begins to help Rick. 
Everything works fine till one day…

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

The cold lights in the hallways of the sanctuary flickered above you while you made your way to the hall as your thoughts circled around something.
Around something Negan had done in that one night a few weeks ago.
Hell, you knew that he did those things but you had never seen him doing it.
How he went along the people sitting in line just waiting for him to kill one.
His minute long monologue that still let a shiver run down your back.
The moment his bat stopped before one man and finally crushed down on him.
Negan’s chuckle before taunting the woman who had probably been that man’s girlfriend.
The second kill, how the dying man talked to his sobbing wife before Negan bashed also his skull to mush.
God you could understand their leader for threatening Negan and it made you feel deeply sorry as you saw him sobbing as Negan tested him with his own son.
The thing between you and Negan had always been weird.
He had have a thing for you from the first moment you had came here and since that day it had just become stronger.
You weren’t one of his wives, nor a regular savior, he didn’t even make you do that ridiculous “I’m Negan” thing and points were something you didn’t have to care about even though you still worked.
Of course, Negan was attractive and charming and over time you had build some attraction up to him but his deeds kept you far away from falling for him and the thing he did in that night hadn’t just asserted your doubts it had turned you against him and on someone else side.
Every single week you brought something to them when the Saviors visited.
They took something and you brought something back.
Medicine, Food, sometimes even ammunition.
You hadnt have to worry about the points all that costed, the only thing you had to worry about was to take that much that it didn’t attract attention.
And to not attract that attention was also another thing needed.
And that was still pretending in front of Negan as if that night hadnt changed something for you.

You walked through the hall, trying to find the stall with the things you needed or better, with the things the people in Alexandria needed.
Your glance wandered over to one stall, a table covered with different things and some interesting things among them.
You walked over to it, already seeing things that could be usefull. 
“Number”, the woman sitting behind it asked without looking at you before she turned around and her eyes began to glare slightly.
“Oh right you don’t need points”, she said with an annoyed undertone.
“So, what do you need?”, she asked still annoyed.
“Just looking around, gonna tell you when I’ve found something”, you said, trying to sound somehow friendly.
Of course you could get whatever you wanted to, but you still worked here and didn’t sit around the whole day doing nothing even though you could.
You weren’t one of his wives.
You looked at the things on the table, a few pallets with tablets laying onto it that attracted your attention.
“I’ll take these”, you said grabbing the tablets before she grumpily nodded and you rushed out of the hall.

You made your way back to to your apartment while you opened your bag to let the tablets fall into it as you heard a way too familiar voice.
“There she comes”, you heard Negan chuckling singing.
You looked up feeling hot and cold mixing in your body as you hastily let the tablets fall into the bag while you saw him walking chuckling closer. 
“Shit you alright? You look as if someone shocked the hell outta you", Negan asked as he walked even closer before he took your hands and laid your arms around his neck before he slung his arms around your waist.
“No you just caught me unexpected, everything is fine”, you said while he looked smirking at you.
“Really? ‘Cause I think I just saw some fucking tablets slipping down in your bag”, he said raising his brows and nodding to your bag while your head worked at full speed trying find an answer.
“Just had some headache the last days and wanted to make sure I have something in my room in case it comes back”, you said while you saw some concern in his eyes while he slowly nodded.
“Alright, but you know that you can go to my Doc whenever some shit is off, right?”, he said still looking at you.
“I know”, you said while he began to smirk slightly again.
“If I wouldnt know that you’re that damn hard to get I’d suggest another way to get that damn headache once for all out of your head”, he said smirking at you while he chuckled as you huffed slightly but chuckled a bit with him.
Yes, for him you still were the one who was hard to get.
You couldn’t stand him for his misdeeds but at least he didn’t force you to do anything with him and that gave you a bit room to move and the security that you wouldn’t have to kiss him or even sleep with him to manipulate him.
You didn’t do this before and he would have noticed if you would have suddenly thrown yourself at him and would have defer to all his flirting, so the the only thing you needed to do was being not too distant, playing a bit along and showing him a bit affection here and there.
“We’re gonna go to Alexandria tomorrow, you gonna come with me again?”, he asked while his glance still didn’t leave your face.
“Yeah”, you answered, glad that he was the one asking you.
The less you had to ask for coming with him, the less he would notice why you actually wanted to Alexandria.
“Fucking great”, he said grinning at you before he huffed slightly.
”Would fucking love to stand here longer with you but I gotta get some shit done”, Negan said scoffing before he looked back at you and smirked again.
”But tomorrow Darling, we got the whole damn day”, he muttered smirking while pulling you a little closer.
”I hope so”, you said with a slight grin while you actually hoped to be able to spend the least time possible close to him.
Negan’s smirk mixed with a smile before he let go of you.
”See you tomorrow”, he said chuckling before he licked over his bottom lip, still looking at you before he turned around, swang Lucille over his shoulder and walked around he next corner.
As soon as he was out of earshot you breathed relieved out, his touch had build up a tension in you and now that he was gone, it slowly washed out of your body.
You swallowed before you walked back to your room, knowing that tomorrow would probably be a stressful day.

The sun slowly rose upon the horizon as the truck you sat in drove over the roads on its way to Alexandria.
You fumbled on the fabric of the sack on your lap knowing that it should be empty just like the ones of the others, but it wasnt.
Inside were the tablets from yesterday, a bit ammo and some more salves and medicine you collected over the last days.
It was less then the most times, but you had to be cautious and couldnt take big things that would attract attention.
And you couldnt get guns.
Not because they were too big, a small handgun would also do its job, but these weapons were something that would blow your cover.
They were way too fastidious kept record of to steal one of them, the only thing you could somehow get for Rick was the ammo and that was already hard enough.
But as far as you knew they were able to collect some guns on runs over the last weeks and you were glad that you could at least somehow help them.
You looked up and saw Negan turning from his passenger seat in the front around to you and a few of his men that sat with you in the back of the truck.
“Gonna be there soon”, he said before his glance wandered over to you.
“Can’t wait to see if we’ll find something fun there”, he said smirking as he winked at you before he turned slightly chuckling around.
You drove for some more minutes until you heard the motor of the truck stop and you walked behind the other Saviors over to the door.
As you finally stood at it you glanced down, only to see Negan holding his hand smirking up to you.
“You know, I’m a gentleman, Sweetheart”, Negan said smirking while you took his hand and hopped out of the truck before you felt his hand laying onto your lower back.
You still wanted to jolt up when you felt his touch, but held yourself back to pretend that you were comfortable with his closeness.
”Rick! fucking Rick, hope that you got some great ass shit for us”, you suddenly heard Negan call out, pulling his hand away from your back as he walked over to Rick.
You looked around as you saw the sign of Alexandria once again.
”Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers.”
And every time you came here with the other Saviors, knowing that they’d take a whole lot of their stuff again, that motto let a shiver run down your back.
”(Y/N)? Come on we got stuff to do”, you heard Arat hiss as she walked past you and ripped you out of your thoughts.
You walked inside and looked around trying to find one of them to give them somewhere here the stuff you collected.
But before you could do that, you heard Negan walking over to you once again with a big smirk on his lips.
”Jesus, its fucking beautiful here”, Negan said while walking closer and slipping an arm around your waist.
”Can’t keep up with your beauty, but damn thats some greatass place”, he said looking around before not only you but also him saw someone.
”Kid”, Negan said pointing at Carl then showing him with his finger motion to come over.
”Would you show her the new fucking supplies your Daddy got? It really tickles my balls what new shit I get here! Almost like fucking Christmas!”, Negan shouted amused as he looked at the Saviors looked around.
”Yeah, I’ll show her”, growled Carl as he began to move towards one of the houses followed by you.
”Oh and Sweetheart? When you see something you like, fucking take it”, Negan said and winked at you as you turned around and just nodded.
You followed Carl, knowing that he wouldnt take you to the supplies before you could get the stuff you had with you to a safe place.
Every second you were with it out here, was a second you could get caught.

You walked into one house, stayed directly behind Carl while he walked up the stairs and lead you into a bedroom before he closed the door and turned around, knowing that now no one was able to hear you.
”How have you been?”, you asked while you began to pull out the stuff you brought with you.
”It’s getting better”, Carl said before you heard his voice raising again.
”Also because of you, thank you, really, not just from me, thank you from everyone, you’re a big help”, he said before you looked smiling up.
”Thats the least I can do”, you said while Carl smiled slightly at you.
”So I got you some medicine and ammo, hope I can get more the next time”, you said pulling out the last palette with tablets and began to get the things into a dresser, just in case someone Savior would get the idea to go through that house.
”Alright, I’m gonna show you our supplies now, just that Negan doesn’t get whiff of anything“, he said before walking down the stairs with you as you suddenly heard a loud voice.
”What the fucking shit is that crap here”, you heard Negan yell, his voice filled with anger.
Your head snapped into the direction his voice came from before you walked hastily over to a window to see what was happening outside.
”Rick, are you fucking with me?! Shit what the fucking shit”, Negan screamed before you could see the reason for Negan’s anger.
Ammunition, all the ammunition you had brought here over time, thorough stacked in front of him while you saw how other Saviors carried more to him.
They shouldn’t have found it, but they did and now you just didn’t know what was going to happen.
Your heart began to harshly pound against your chest as you saw the anger rising in Negan’s face.
”You push me Rick, you fucking push me”, Negan growled while you saw his grip around Lucille’s handle tighten.
”You collected and hid all that shit, all that damn fucking fuck shit?! I fucking thought that I made it clear in that one fucking night but I guess I was wrong. You’re even dumber than I thought Rick”, Negan growled and you could see from far how his eyes gleamed in anger.
„Every single one of you fuckers comes here now!“, Negan yelled before you saw the people walking shocked towards Negan and Rick.

„Shit“, you could just mumble before you saw Carl walking past you.

„I cant leave them alone“, he said before he looked swallowing at you as he opened the door and walked outside, followed by you.

„Darling, come over here, you wont believe what these dickheads did“, Negan said as soon as he saw you.

You walked over to him, not knowing what to do as you saw the people looking swallowing at the ammo on the ground.

„Tell me which one of you pricks gathered all that shit. And tell me now, or I’m gonna kill each one of you“, Negan yelled while you felt a cold shiver running down your back.


Only silence while you saw the people around you trembling as the Saviors raised their guns to their heads.

„I begin to lose my fucking patience and damn, you don’t want that to happen“, Negan growled as you realized that you needed to do something or all this would turn into a bloodbath.

Your eyes met Carls who just shook his head seeing what you were about to do.
”It was me”, you suddenly said while Negan’s glance went irritated over to you.
”Sweetheart, thats not the fucking moment for jokes”, he said slightly chuckling before you swallowed and raised your voice again.
”I’m not joking Negan, it was me, I brought the ammo here”, you said determined even though your heart was hitting that hard against your chest now, that it felt like it would burst out of your ribcage in the next moments.
You saw Negan’s glance changing as he realized that you said the truth, his eyes narrowed while you saw his jaw clenching.
”Every single one of them on their damn knees”, he growled while he turned around to the other saviors before he turned back to you.
”In that house. Now”, he growled with a way to calm and dangerous voice before you realized that this could be the only way to not make everything worse.
You walked swallowing into the house while you could hear Negan’s heavy steps behind you until he walked past you into the living room.
You looked at him, seeing him realizing more and more that all you had done with him in the last weeks, every single soft touch, every single nice word, every single smile had been played.
He breathed heavily before he looked up to you and you saw the anger boiling over.
“You’ve been betraying me? You’ve been fucking betraying me? After everything?!”, he asked yelling while you could see some pain between all the anger flinching in his eyes.
But before you could answer he continued.
“For how fucking long?!”, he yelled clenching his jaw.
“After that night, that one night were you bashed their friends heads. I couldn’t get that out of my mind anymore”, you said tensed up.
“I needed to! They killed an assload of my men!”, he called heavily breathing out before he punched the wall growling.
“I fucking knew I shouldn’t have taken you there”, he growled to himself while he clenched his jaw harder.
“It’s not just that night, it’s also the iron, all the other fucked up things you do”, you called out while you kept looking at him.
“Punishment. Punishment is necessary”, he growled through gritted teeth.
“No the only thing it is, is disgusting”, you growled back before he breathed heavily out.
“Fucking fuck”, he growled running his hand through his hair still completely overpowered through what was happening in these moments.
You knew that you hadn’t just hurt his pride or dignity with betraying him, you had hurt something worse and something that was surprising that it was actually still left in a cruel man like him.
His feelings.
He wouldn’t do anything to you, you knew that.
But you weren’t sure what he would do now to the people outside.
He looked up his glance still mixed with anger and pain while he clenched his jaw as his breath became heavier again and the anger heated up before he took Lucille and swung the bat over his shoulder.
“Guess I gotta start all over again”, you heard him growl before he rushed past you as you gasped and you knew in these moments, that he the only thing on his mind right now was to hurt you as much as you had hurt him.
“No Negan”, blustered out of you as you saw him turning dangerously chuckling around.
“Oh Darling, be glad that I just bash one and not all of their fucking heads”, he said before his chuckle vanished and a cold mask laid all over his face as he stepped out of the door and you could see into the faces of the people kneeling in front of the house before the door shut.
You felt a lump creating in your throat before you heard the first bloodcurdling screams that let shivers run down your back and urged tears into your eyes.
One of them would die.
One of them would be beaten to death just like their friends in this one night.
One of them would have to feel all the pain Negan wanted them to feel.
And all of them would lose another part of their family.
Your hands balled into fists, your jaw clenched as you felt the sadness being overflowed by the anger that build up in you along with the determination that reached its highest point as you heard how the last loud sob turned silent.
Everything in your head was muddled and torn except one single thought that stood irrevocable there and was the only thing you knew for sure:

One day they would rise up and there was no doubt that you’d be with them.

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Character concept for a college work ~

The second part of this college artwork was to develop a hunter for the previously created creature Nhanduata, in the case I made an brazilian female Indian named Ibira and his companion Araci who is seeking to collect a medicinal plant to cure his people of a contracted plague of white man. However, it only grows within the creature’s territory, which it will have to face if it wants to rid its tribe of extinction, but ends up discovering some secrets about the creature and the past of its tribe.