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Timbuktu, Mali 

Timbuktu is a city in West Africa. It was a center of Islamic scholarship under several African empires, home to a 25,000-student university’s and other schools that served as wellsprings for the spread of Islam throughout Africa from the 13th to 16th centuries. Sacred Muslim texts, in bound editions, were carried great distances to Timbuktu for the use of eminent scholars from Cairo, Baghdad, Persia, and elsewhere who were in residence at the city. The great teachings of Islam, from astronomy and mathematics to medicine and law, were collected and produced here in several hundred thousand manuscripts. 

What Ails You?

Let’s play a game! What kind of a game, you ask? A game of What Ails You!

Are you suffering from a headache? Coming down with the plague? Need to take care of a gunshot wound acquired in combat? Let us know, and we will consult our library to find out what needs to be done to get you back to health!

Come on and send us your ailments! We’re waiting to help.

A lithopedion is a calcified fetus, the result of a rare phenomenon when a fetus dies during pregnancy but is too large to be reabsorbed by the body. Also referred as “stone baby,” it can be undiagnosed for years. Fewer than 300 cases are noted in 400 years of medical literature. 

This particular lithopedion was in the abdomen of a woman for 55 years, discovered only in 1831 when the woman became pregnant then ill from dysentery. The fetus died, but the woman got stronger and had five additional uncomplicated pregnancies–the lithopedion was only uncovered during her autopsy. 

The specimen is part of the US National Museum of Health and Medicine collection.

Developing your feeling takes time, especially if it has been systematically discouraged in you. There may be an initial layer of numbness or anger you have to move through and, beyond that, a backlog of grief. But as you make the seemingly bottomless descent, it helps to remember that grief is the downpour your soul has been thirsting for. Like rain, the more excellently and prodigiously you grieve, the more growth and fertility you can expect. There is a future beyond the spiritual aridity and meaninglessness of our time, teeming with life. If each of us has the tenacity to retrieve the elixirs of our discomforts, our combined medicine will heal the collective wound.
—  Toko-pa Turner

Chinese Pond Turtle (Mauremys reevesii)

Also known as the Chinese three-keeled pond turtle or Reeves’ Turtle, the Chinese pond turtle is a species of Geoemydid turtle that occurs in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Chinese pond turtles are semiaquatic and are commonly seen in marshes, shallow ponds, streams, and canals with muddy or sandy bottoms where they will feed on a range of invertebrates and sometimes small fish. 

Currently Mauremys reevesii is listed as endangered by the IUCN, due to the fact that if faces threats due to overhunting (its plastron is used in traditional medicine) collection for the pet trade, and habitat loss. 


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Testudines-Cryptodira-Testudionoidea-Geoemydidae-Mauremys-M. reevesii

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Where is this place?

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What a great day.

It wasn’t enough for the god up there that Nao had to skip dancing today to collect medicinal plants for Konoha’s hospital, a huge branch fell in her head and made her faint in the middle of the forest.

Tobirama would be so disappointed with her dodge skills…

But at least, no one found her, so she could pretend that the incident never happened. Lifting the bag with the plants, she touched the head, noticing a little of blood there.

“This could have killed me…”

Shrugging, she started making her way back to the village, with a strange nostalgic feeling, and the disquieting sensation that the place was slightly different from before.

Could it be that someone moved me from the place I fainted?

It was an unlikely option, but nothing was stole from her, all the weapons were still in the same place.

Hearing some footsteps, she stopped, thinking about taking information with this person, after all, we can’t trust in an injured head.