medicine candy

These cotton candy machines are spinning for science!

Watch these cotton candy machines at Harvard and Vanderbilt Universities spin something sweet for science - new fibers with all sorts of potential applications, from better protection for the troops to tissue regeneration.

ot4 things
  • group chat has to remind mari to eat/sleep/stretch if she’s been designing for too long
    • alya: hi mari this is your hourly reminder to fucking get up and stretch oh my god you’re probably crouched over that chair like a shut in go for a walk gdi
    • adrien: ok so…..i texted you four hours later… you told me…..i hope you’re eating. lunch is important.
    • nino: get some h2o up in that bitch or i swear to god dude
  • alya has to call a fucking intervention every time she loses more than ten ladyblog followers overnight
    • one day, just to fuck with her, the three of them all unfollow her the same day and she bursts into class screaming 
    • “we’re not mutuals anymore ????? who the fuck why the fuck ???”
  • when someone’s sick or having a bad day, adrien stops by their house and drops off little care packages bc he’s literally perfect
    • photocopied notes from class, homework, water bottles, snacks, medicine, candy, a get well card, you name it
    • alya takes pictures of all of them and keeps an album
    • mari keeps the cards in a scrapbook for her shitty days
    • nino cries almost every time he gets one
    • the three of them pitch in to do one for adrien when he’s sick but he somehow manages to outdo all three of them consistently
  • nino starts an instagram account that’s literally just videos of mari and chloe fighting. alya and adrien both help moderate it
    • mari has no idea it exists so like sometimes the three of them will be cackling over nino’s phone and try to cover up what they were doing when she walks by
    • she thinks she missed out on a meme or something
    • everyone in school follows it
  • they rabbit a new anime every week bc adrien just keeps finding new ones and he always says “no trust me they’re so good” and they can’t say no to that face, he’s so excited, literally how adrien
    • kid has a good taste in anime, so six hour binges on saturday night are at least entertaining 
    • yuri on ice left mari and nino crying and adrien recorded it for posterity
  • adrien and mari make gym days a thing on sundays bc for some reason they’re fitness freaks and when did that happen they’re also so ripped like how ? ?
    • mari and adrien go through the whole shebang: cardio weights, machines, stretching, you have it
    • alya just stays on the elliptical the whole time watching reality tv on the televisions above her
    • nino stays on his phone the whole time walking on the treadmill instead of actually running
    • adrien: they’re working up to it. 
    • mari: we’re going for a run next week. no technology allowed. 
Dating Peter Parker Would Include... (but the better version)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader (duhhhh)

Word Count: 1,049 words

Not Requested (I felt like I should post something and this was ten times quicker than writing a full imagine)


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•when he became Spider-Man, he didn’t want to tell you. It’s not that he didn’t trust you, it’s just that he didn’t want you to get hurt because of him

     •peter was surprised when you didn’t freak out and break up with him

     •“aren’t you, mad that I didn’t tell you?”

     •“why would I be mad? You did it to protect me. I understand why you didn’t tell me.”

     •he was completely shocked

     •“this is why I love you Y/N.”

     •which was also the first time he ever said that, and it made your heart melt

     •“I love you too pete.” You said, wrapping your arms around him tightly

•making out with him on his bed

     •and May almost catching you two

•let’s face it, watching cartoons like Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty is all the two of you do in your free time

     •besides playing video games for hours

•whenever you had a tough day, or needed to cry, peter would cuddle with you. You’d snuggle up into his chest while he wrapped his arms around your back

•his contact on your phone is my hero🤘🕸

•your contact on his phone is my muse😚

•watching movies together and eventually falling asleep with your back pressed to his chest

     •May would come from work to see the two of you on the couch, with happiness overwhelming her features

•helping each other out with homework

•making pillow forts (to watch the cartoons), like all the time

•hickies, sooooo many hickies 

      •on the both of you

•holding hands when he walks you to your classes at school

•when your on your period, peter would go to the store and buy you candy, medicine, comfort food and tampons/pads/whatever you usually use. (he would awkwardly do so as the cashier gave him a strange look)

     •he also tracks your period so he knows when he needs to buy you all these things

     •he’d show up at your house and one of your parents would open the door while he stood there awkwardly, holding up the bags. They let him inside the house, as he awkwardly rushed to your room

•the first time either of you get drunk, was together

     •it’d be new years eve, the both of you in his bedroom after stealing some cheap beer and vodka from his aunt’s party

     •“peter,” you hiccuped, “you are the most BEAUTIFUL creature I have ever seen.”

     •he’d be giggling nonstop 

     •“and, and you’re the most perfect arrangement of atoms I’ve ever seen.”

     •you took the bottle from his hands lazily, taking another sip

     •“I love you spidey” you mumbled,crawling onto his chest, and quickly falling asleep

     •he took the bottle from his hands, lazily placing it on the floor next to his bed “I love you too princess.”

     •even when he’s drunk, he’s still a sweetheart

•also him saying “WHY IS THE CEILING SPINNING-oh wait, I’m spinning.” *giggles*

•in junior year, you guys went to homecoming together, due to his…situation the year prior

     •you two were one of the only couples dancing when the dj played a slow song as everyone made an awkward circle around you (lmao hoco was never like this for me. just believe)

     •that night was absolutely perfect

•having one of your friends drive away from the city to a deserted part of the suburbs to look up at the stars surrounding you

     •you two were wrapped up in blankets, laying on top of a pile of pillows in the back of the truck

•nerdy jokes, ALL THE TIME

     •“Hey Y/N, what did the cell say to his sister when she stepped on his foot? Mitosis.” He burst out into fits of laughter, as Y/N giggled

•watching star wars with him at least once a week

     •“The force will be with you. Always.” He recited perfectly with a goofy grin, making you smile

•borrowing his sweaters and wearing them to school

     •“Is that my shirt?”

     •a blush appeared on your cheeks as you nodded your head

     •Peter smiled softly while grabbing your hand, “It looks cute on you,”

•making those bomb ass holiday cookies together

•on Halloween, one of your friends was having a costume party

     •you wanted to surprise him with your costume, so you were both going separately

     •when you walked through the front door, with loud music and drunk teenagers, you immediately saw peter

     •and he immediately saw you

     •Ned was wearing an Indiana Jones costume, and Peter was wearing a Luke Skywalker one

     •but you on the other hand, you wore a spider-man costume (of course)

     •instead of a mask, it had a low hood with the eyes on the mask on it

     •the costume was basically a one piece swim suit with a hood (or if you want it to be, it could be a fucking nice ass pj onesie)

     •peter’s mouth was opened wide

     •“you dressed up as your hero, and I dressed up as mine.” you said with a small smile

     •peter was completely awe struck

•he absolutely loves cuddling with you and just kissing you all over

•(as nerdy as it sounds) library dates and study dates

•cleaning up his cuts

     •“peter, you have to be more careful.” you mumbled with tears in your eyes. “you go out there and save people and beat bad guys. But one day, you might not come back.”

     •“y/n,” he sighed as he sat up to make better eye contact, “I’ll always come back to you.”

•for your birthday, peter saved up as much money as he could’ve and he bought you a VERY expensive ring, with ‘always’ engraved on the inside with the date that the two of you started dating

     •“yo-you aren’t proposing right?”

     •he laughed, “no, I just- I thought- the ring suites you and I thought…that maybe, I-I don’t know. It’s a promise that I’ll love you forever.”

     •im SCREAMING

     •you melted at the thought, and from the fact that you two have been dating for so long and he still manages to be nervous around you

     •"god, why are you the best boyfriend?“

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Sushi Candy Review

@hungryleow got this for my birthday last year, and we finally had time to play with it (and I finally had a bit of time to procrastinate to write this review)!

Let me say right off the bat - this is more fun to make than eat, but fortunately we have the Bottomless Pit who we tricked into finishing it for us.

Here are the instructions:

And the contents:

The most fun thing to make was the ikura (as seen in Shokugeki no Souma, We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures. it has an air of a chemistry experiment around it? The ikura was also the nicest to eat - the earlier ones were juicy and popped in the mouth but the later ones (as the mixture got more concentrated) were like mini rubber balls.

The ‘rice’ was puffy and fluffy, and I was expecting a mochi-like taste from it, but it tasted like cough syrup. (Actually, most of the things do). The second nicest sweet was the grape-flavoured maguro. Along with the ‘tamago’, it had the same jelly-like texture and medicinal taste. I recommend getting something cylindrical and hard to roll out the ‘seaweed’ (felt like a starburst candy)

We also improvised and made some ‘wasabi’ with green tea powder and a little water. Unfortunately, it did not make the sweets any tastier. The ‘shoyu’ is the packet with brown words, and is like… sugar water?

Fun: 10/10

Taste: 1/10 (the 1 point comes from the ikura.)

(I should just make real sushi next time….)
Review | Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino tastes like sour birthday cake and shame
The long-rumored drink, released in participating stores nationwide Wednesday, is only available until April 23.

When a news release identifies a drink’s component parts by its colors, rather than its flavors — well, that’s a pretty telling detail. And sure enough, it is vibrant and fun. But what flavor is “pink?” Pink is the flavor of Lisa Frank trapper keepers and strawberry milk. What does sour blue powder taste like? Like Jolly Ranchers, and shame. I guess there’s some mango in there, although it’s overshadowed by a mouth-puckering sour flavor and immediately forgotten in the aftermath of a long-lasting, tongue-coating Robitussin aftertaste.

Really, it does not matter what candies and medicines and emotions these colored powders taste like. This drink exists only to be Instagrammed, hashtag unicorn emoji, hashtag magical. 

Read more from our review here.

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Dating MJ/ Myungjun

MJ as your boyfriend:

  • laughing 24/7
  • him using corny pickup lines ALL the time “are you a thief?” “no myungjun, don’t say it—“ “BECAUSE YOU STOLE MY HEART"
  • he’d be the silliest, goofiest bf most of the time but he’d also have that serious, responsible side of him
  • after fights with you he’ll come knock on your door with hot chocolate and ask to talk even if it’s three in the morning, because he can’t spend a minute knowing that you’re sad or upset
  • waking you up when you’re sleeping just to tell you how beautiful you are
  • sitting on the couch and leaning on his shoulder or just lying down in bed and listening to him sing
  • waking up to his voice in the morning
  • belting out songs in the car together 
  • mj swinging your arm when you hold hands on the street like a five year old
  • he’d call you honey or babe at first and it’d slowly turn into a ridiculous nickname that’s ridiculous at first but slowly grows on you
  • watching him play with and take care of kids makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside
  • he’d love tucking your hair behind your ear 
  • he’d love squishing your cheeks
  • squishing your cheeks while peppering light kisses all over your face- your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, your lips
  • letting him rest his head in your lap when he’s sad or in a bad mood, running your hands through his hair and holding him in silence to comfort him/calm him down
  • him doing the same for you when you’re sad or pissed about something
  • him turning into a mom when you’re sick, i.e. bringing you soup, feeding you soup, tucking you into bed, calling you every five minutes to make sure that you’ve taken your medicine, bringing you candy flavored vitamins
  • pillow fights and cuddling and matching pajamas
  • karaoke
  • sends you pouty selfies to cheer you up
  • making out at night by the swings in the park
  • when watching tv he’d get super jealous when you show interest in other guys or groups besides him/astro
  • although he’s talkative a lot of the time, on some nights he’d be super quiet to just savor being with you
  • saying “i love you” out of the blue
  • singing you to sleep

dating astro master list

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcanon about boys taking care of Candy when she's sick, please? I love your headcanons <3

ILYSM FOR THAT, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ANON LET ME LOVE YOU. Yes, thanks so much for the fluff and v kind words. I breathe in fluff daily, like, you don’t even know. Anyways, on with the headcanons. Enjoy!


  • Is suddenly a doctor.
  • Has felt all types of sicknesses from his allergies
  • NOT playing this game
  • Makes it a mission to make Candy feel better
  • Is strict, Candy CANNOT stay up late and HAS to eat soup
  • Suddenly can cook soup
  • Always checks on Candy, questions her
  • Feels over her forehead a lot
  • Refuses to let Candy get up, she needs to ‘rest up’.
  • Gets kinda irritated if he notices that Candy’s getting sicker
  • Scared to get sick from her, he’s struggled enough in spring
  • Will kiss Candy anywhere but the lips
  • Sleeps at the end of the couch
  • Hates to do it, but he distances himself from Candy since if he’s sick too - no one can make Candy feel better
  • Had to battle Candy to spoon feed her that nasty grape medicine
  • Gave the “this is out of love” speech to her many times.


  • Knows the basics of colds and fevers, he’s ready.
  • Teases Candy when she complains - but comes with a quick apology.
  • Can make some badass soup.
  • Likes to spoon feed Candy.
  • His soup is the bes t.
  • Again, Cassy is such a worried mom. Will never admit it.
  • Not even close to tempted to kiss Candy. It’s cold but, he hates being sick.
  • Doesn’t kiss her on the lips, he’s not playing that game
  • Let’s Candy wear his tanktop to keep cool, takes some pictures too
  • Keeps Demon away from her - he’s not risking his other babu’s life
  • Secretly getting advice from Lysander.
  • Has a fan around her if she gets too hot,
  • Very experienced with fevers
  • Colds are nightmare.
  • CAN’T STAN D VOMIT he has to leave at that part.
  • Will watch any of her movies, even if they’re horrible to him


  • So lost, so confused.
  • Wraps Candy up in a blanket, keeping her warm.
  • Wishes he was the blanket sometimes.
  • Keeps a distance from her, he doesn’t like being sick.
  • Is really good with tomato soup.
  • Apologies when he has to give her that disgusting medicine
  • Washes his hands a lot after leaving the room.
  • Doesn’t allow her to get up, he’s at her service
  • Jam-packed with tissues, they’re just like BOOM - in his pocket.
  • Gives her mints for nasal congestion.
  • Sometimes forgets to give her a trashcan.
  • Is so disgusted with colds, but he loves Candy too much for that.
  • Gives Candy less kisses, usually cheek kisses when she’s sick.
  • Hugs her often, since it’s a lot safer.
  • Has her go to bed earlier, knows she gets sad about it so he risks his life and sleeps on the couch with her.
  • Accidentally gets himself sick.


  • He’s taken care of a sick Alexy before, he’s got this.
  • He doesn’t got this.
  • Let’s her wear his beanie, for when he’s not there.
  • Wears a surgical mask for shxts and giggles.
  • Checks on her a lot more than Candy expected.
  • Can make some nice soup, it’s kinda burnt though?
  • Doesn’t give Candy the medicine, says it’s ‘too horrible’ to do that to her - half-joking btw,,
  • Actually wore on a darth vader helmet for ‘safety precautions.’
  • Binge watches movies with her.
  • Let’s her walk around, he watches her though
  • Doesn’t avoid her, such a risk taker.
  • Side hugs Candy a lot, attacks her cheek with kisses.
  • Always checks her temperature, has one of those red temperature sticks.
  • This boy is NOT here for the vomit, he leaves
  • Always finds the best way to make Candy laugh.
  • Can’t help but kiss her…and accidentally get himself sick.
  • Still thinks it was worth it.


  • No surprise that this boy is a doctor and a worried mom in the making.
  • Totally prepared, but a little too prepared.
  • Refuses to leave Candies side-
  • Constantly checking her temperature.
  • Likes to purposely cup her cheeks to check her temperature sometimes.
  • Hates how he can’t kiss her.
  • Keeps her on a healthy diet, sleeping schedule, this boy is the best
  • Sleeps on the floor next to her, he just has to be awake
  • Wishes he could have the sickness instead,,
  • Seriously feels bad for Candy, wants to make her better ASAP.
  • Doesn’t let Cookie near her.
  • Fed her the horrible grape medicine.
  • Cuts the pills for her -
  • Gives her his pillows and blanket, he won’t let it spread back to her
  • Cleans eVERYWHERE
  • Doesn’t mean to fall asleep, he accidentally passes out.
  • So exhausted
  • He deserves to be cuddled for as long as he wants.
“I don’t care if I get sick.” (Ethan)

You have had a cold for a few days now and Ethan was begging you to let him come over and take care of you.

“Ethan, no. I don’t want you to get sick.” You said to him over the phone as he called you for the third time.

“(Y/N), I don’t care if I get sick. I can’t sit here and do nothing knowing that you’re sick and not feeling well.” He said. He was relentless. 

“Ethan…” You sighed.

“I’m coming over. And you can’t stop me.” He said.

“Fine, you can come over. Just don’t blame me when you get sick.” You laughed.

“I won’t.  See you in a bit.” He said. You said bye and hung up the phone, and just then, Ethan walked through your bedroom door with bags from the nearest drugstore.

“What the hell? We just got off of the phone.” You said as he jumped in the bed with you.

“I was already in the driveway.” He said.

“That’s a bit creepy.” You said as he kissed you on the forehead.

“Baby, you’re burning up.” He said.

“Really? I took some medicine earlier and thought it would have come down by now. What’s in the bag?” You asked.

“I brought you more medicine, candy, chips, and some movies. Oh, and I brought some soup too. So, I’m going to warm this up, you pick a movie, and we’re just gonna hang here while, while you get better.” He said as he kissed you.

“I love you.” You said smiling.

“I love you too.” He said as he got up to warm up your soup. You dug through the movies to pick one and you decided on Pitch Perfect. When Ethan came back, he handed you your soup and put on the movie. He spent the rest of the day at your house, watching movies with you, and making sure that you were taking your medicine.

* * *

A few weeks later, you were feeling better and was on your way over to Ethan’s to hang out. You knocked on the door and Grayson answered.

“Oh, hey (Y/N). Ethan is in his room.” He said. You nodded and made your way upstairs to Ethan’s room. You went in and he was wrapped in a bunch of blankets.

“Hey baby.” You said as you walked over to his bed. He threw the blankets off of himself and you noticed that his nose was red and his eyes were puffy.

“Hey.” He said, sounding stuffy.

“Awe, is poor little Ethan sick?” You said sarcastically. He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You told me so. Whatever.” He laughed as he pulled you down on the bed next to him.

“I did, didn’t I.” You laughed. You spent the rest of the day taking care of Ethan, just as he did for you when you were sick.

September 11, 2017

  1. Virgo
     Rabbit goods

  2. Capricorn

  3. Taurus

  4. Cancer
     Sports gym

  5. Scorpio
     Cooking with eggs

  6. Pisces

  7. Sagittarius

  8. Aries

  9. Aquarius
     Light blue

  10. Leo
     Chinese herbal medicine

  11. Gemini

  12. Libra
     Foreign news