medicine ball pushup

At Home Cardio Exercises

If you can’t get out to a gym to use their equipment, here are a few ideas that will get your heart pumping with little to no equipment necessary.

+ Jump Rope +
All you need for this is a jump rope, or you can just pretend!
Burns about 220 calories in 20 minutes
Variations: one foot, double turning the rope, high knees

+ Jumping Jacks +
Out and in and out and in… Y'all know what jumping jacks are!
Burns about 100 calories in 10 minutes.
Variations: Holding medicine ball, while doing pushups

+ Jog in Place +
This is easy, but it’s not as intense as jogging outside, and it can be boring.
Variations: high knees, butt kicks

+ Burpees +
Harder than they sound, start off squatting to the floor, then jump feet out into plank position, then jump them back to the squat, jump up into the air, and keep going!
Burns 100+ calories in 10 minutes.
Variations: Step the feet back instead of jumping, adding a full pushup

+ Stair Climbing +
Your family might think you’re a little weird, but you can just run up and down the stairs [carefully!] or buy a little plastic step.

+ Kickboxing / Tai Bo +
Get some DVDs of Kickboxing or Tai Bo and get ready to work your butt off! Jillian Michaels and P90X are some more suggestions.