medicinal vibes

Time and Energy

Time pushes out, causing friction; 

Use this to heat and forge your metal. 

Space creates a void, cold and silent;

Find your peace there, sail on the wind. 

Energy in constant flux;

Use the ebbs and flows, Surf the water. 

Consciousness allows choice;

You choose your outlook, find the beauty in Earth. 

Vessel grows through proper stimulation;

Grow your tree. 

Happy New Year


Trying my best to love biochemistry 📖

I’m really trying my best to handle this subject (which on days like this is sometimes considered as extreme) and keep on moving forward, but at times I just question myself: why do I have to study all of these biochemical reactions and compounds instead of focusing on anatomy and histology? Well, such are the charms of my University. 📚

Anyways, a cup of green tea, healthy snack and my lovely Olga’s motivational words and I’m feeling a lot better and ready to work. 🙏🏻

Remember that on the days you’re feeling down don’t push yourself to do everything you’ve planned. Even a small work done is a lot more valuable than struggling with a big material, leading to a breakdown at some point!

Sending you all the positive vibes 🌿🌿🌿


February 14th, 2016 || Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology study section

One more evening I spent studying Immunology. This time, the subject was maturation of T lymphocytes in the thymus. I so glad I’m genuinely enjoying immunology classes, but it worries me to see how difficult immunology actually is. I may say I’m amidst a self-destructive loving relationship with it now, and it’s not fading away anytime soon.

Later this evening, it was time for Molecular Cell Biology. The subject was quiet basic: DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. Nevertheless, I really managed to appreciate the elegance of the process. It doesn’t mean I remember everything, though. I’m simply in love with DNA polymerase-RNA primase cooperation in the replication of the lagging strand of DNA double helix. It is just beautiful.

Biology is beautiful.

Enjoy what you’re studying, folks.