trigger warning for abuse (lying, deception, coercion and medicating a patient without consent) by psychiatrist

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the first psychiatrist i ever saw dismissed my fears that i was experiencing psychosis and told me i was just having trouble sleeping and gave me what he said were “sleeping pills”. i told him that i was afraid of taking the pills because i was worried that he was really giving me anti-psychotics and lying about it and we all had a laugh about how paranoid i am. it wasn’t until months later when i was seeing a different psychiatrist that i found out that i was right to be paranoid. one day when my therapist briefly left the room to go photocopy something i looked at my file (because i was still paranoid) and i discovered by reading the records from my old psychiatrist’s office that i had been diagnosed with psychosis and a few other mental illnesses that i was never told about and that those so-called sleeping pills were actually anti-psychotics that could have potentially serious side effects that i’d never been warned about. when i brought it up with my current psychiatrist his only concern was that my therapist hadn’t shown these records to him. now i’m physically dependent on my meds so have no choice in taking them or not. and it’s not like i could ever try and report my psychiatrist because every medical or mental health professional stops taking me seriously the instant they find out i’m psychotic


Benadryl is just namebrand diphenhydramine (look at dose (take 50 mg & make sure you have AT LEAST 8 hours to sleep and are in bed when you take them and don’t mix with alcohol or other medicines that cause drowsiness. Make sure to check drug interactions with a drug checker app) 

Zzzquil is just overpriced diphenhydramine (Benadryl) (see above)

Unisom is just overpriced diphenhydramine (Benadryl) (see above)

NyQuil contains both alcohol and diphenhydramine which is why you get knocked out. It also contains acetaminophen (bad for your liver, especially when combined with alcohol….always make sure you watch how much acetaminophen you take. Don’t exceed 3000mg or 3g per day total).

•If you have Restless Legs Syndrome, diphenhydramine will will cause a worsening of this symptom so beware!

If you have a lot of trouble sleeping, try checking your sleep hygiene

•If none of the above helps, consult a doctor!


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What kind of medication did you get for your hysterectomy? Just trying to get an idea of what the prep for

Great timing because I just picked up all of the prescriptions. I was given one stool softener and three pain medications. The pain medications are specifically prescription-strength tylenol, prescription-strength ibuprofen, and oxycodone.

The stool softener is both to combat the constipation that is likely to follow the pain medication as well as to prevent any unnecessary straining after surgery. The tylenol and ibuprofen are non-opioid pain medications to be taken with the oxycodone (on an alternating schedule - never all at once). Ibuprofen also reduces inflammation. The exact schedule of when I’m supposed to take each medication is in my surgery packet. The oxycodone is the opioid pain medication. I was only prescribed this because Vicodin does not work for me. I actually don’t know if this medication will, so we’ll wait and see.


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If I Was Your Boyfriend

Summary: Phil has sprained his ankle and his medication has him acting very silly. What will Dan do when his loopy best friend tries to kiss him?

Word count: 783

Warnings: None (That I know of)

Genre: Fluff <3

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the justin bieber title. Let’s blame my sleep deprivation for my lack of better judgement.

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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a lynx passing through a lush area, glancing back with a seemingly-critical expression, with a post on it by user adistasteformath.

The post reads: “I honestly hate how art and media have kind of romanticized the idea of like “going off your meds and being your true self again” because like I started taking antidepressants and like immediately got a new job, found a place to live, improved my relationships with people in my life and completely reconciled with my sort of estranged ex-girlfriend?? Medication can be rad and while I realize that it’s not for everybody I don’t think anything should be trying to convince anyone that being on medication inherently makes you less of who you are” ]]

Did I take my medication yesterday? *thinks for a second* I’m not sure.

For all of us who need to take medications daily, here is a friendly reminder:

  • Did you take your medication?
  • Did you remember all of it? :)
  • Do you also need to eat something with it?

All right! You did it. <3

  • <p><b>People:</b> Oh my gosh you take so many pills! All that medication isn't good for you. You should really try to just push through it on your own.<p/><b>People:</b> If you don't feel well why don't you just take a pill? Why go through the unnecessary pain when there's something that could help you?<p/></p>
Gaza Children Continue to Get Urgent Humanitarian Support

In August, the PCRF continues to identify needy children and provide them the humanitarian support and assistance that they need, but cannot get locally due to their families poor situation. This is in addition to the many other projects that the PCRF is providing children in Gaza, such as surgery, mental health support, education and medication. In this current project, 186 children will get special medical shoes, 136 children will get ventilators for asthma, 43 children with disabilities will get medical mattresses. We will continue to do our best to help alleviate the suffering of our children there.

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