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The Craziest Six Months Of My Life (So Far...)

You guys, I wanted to stop and take a second.

Six months ago I put up a post, letting you all know I’m here to help. Six months ago I asked you to ask me questions.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It’s been a WILD RIDE. The craziest six months of my life so far – and I’ve lived a bit of a crazy life.

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In the last six months that this blog has been around….

Neil Freaking Gaiman, my favorite author and someone who helped me save my own life once upon a time, gave me encouragement and exposed me to hundreds of you when he didn’t have any reason to except being nice.

Eight thousand of you have been generous enough to lend me your time and let me help you write stories (thank you thank you thank you!) (I was expecting literally 20-50 of you. A hundred would have been nice. There were 100 of you the first freaking day.)

Forty of you loved this blog so much you actually convinced me to let you give me money (Patreon wasn’t my idea, it was yours). You’ve actually opened up your wallets to make this blog continue to be possible (Patrons, I love you guys so much!) And to Patrons of the past, thank you for your support as well!

Your generous support has let me be able to take on a freaking fellowship. A physician-level fellowship I literally could not do without you guys. And it’s amazing and it’s crazy and I love you guys so much for helping me dream way past what a medic should ever dream.

I’ve managed to put out over 1500 posts for you guys – an average of eight a freaking day. I legitimately do not know how I managed to do that, but I know that without your love and messages of support and kindness, I wouldn’t have been able to do that, no way and no how!

Over fifty bloggers decided to take up the Script-handle and give kick-ass writing advice about topics they’re comfortable with, and that’s amazing. Like, legitimately, pants-on-head crazy awesomesauce. It still boggles my mind that I made a family. To the family, thank you all. It’s been a fucking crazy time and I love you guys so much. Thank you for sticking with me through the rough rides and the rough patches. (And for those of you waiting to interview, I’M SO SORRY! As soon as I can I swear it on my llama!)

And we’ve all become better writers.  

You’ve gotten better because I’ve helped you construct injuries, illnesses, and medical characters. I’ve given you the pathophys and the inside scoop on healthcare, how it works, and how to write it.

And you’ve taught me, too. Writing every day for you has been a privilege and a joy. You’ve told me what you like and what you don’t like with notes and reblogs, and I’ve been noticing.

But most importantly, we’ve made real connections with each other.  

I’ve crowed with joy at getting the shot-in-the-dark fellowship – and you were there for me. You’ve told me about terrible things that have happened to you, and I’ve listened, and helped other writers understand.

I’ve laughed with readers, cried with bloggers. I’ve wanted to tear my hear out and cried, had literal moments of jumping up and down and shaking with delight, all of which was together with you.

The last six months have been one of the most amazing privileges I’ve ever had, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Here’s to another crazy six months!

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my MC has a lot of nightmares. howw would they be treated?

From what I can find, there are two treatments that are consistently recommended to treat nightmares.

Image Rehearsal Therapy

Image Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is a method of therapy that uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to treat nightmares. It’s fairly brief - it typically only takes 2-4 sessions (something like 3-6 hours in total), and it’s often done as group therapy. It’s a psychoeducational method of therapy, meaning it focuses on teaching skills and providing information.

There are two major components to IRT.

Educational cognitive restructuring

Basically, this helps the character start viewing nightmares as a learned sleep problem. The gist of this is:

The character is afraid to go to bed because of nightmares -> they go to bed more anxious -> they sleep worse and are even more likely to have nightmares.

Imagery education training

This part teaches the character about how dreams work, dream imagery, and how to begin to change them.

The character would be instructed to vividly imagine their nightmares while they’re awake, then imagine a different ending for the nightmare. The character would do this repeatedly, ideally daily, until the altered ending of the nightmare becomes more remembered than the original.

Note - this is NOT lucid dreaming. That’s a different kind of thing. The character is changing the imagery of the dream while they’re still awake, not when they’re asleep.


This is a medication that’s been found to really help people who have nightmares. @scriptpharmacist may be able to help you more!

Note - there are many other possible treatments for nightmares. However, these two have the most research supporting them. If you’re interested in some of the other medications / therapy things, see here.

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More Hermia Drawings!! I’m so sad I deleted the original post about her… but anyways… lots of fashionable Hermia!! She loves making her own clothes and posing as model for her own creations (her older sister loves taking her photos)

Also meet Hanako, Hermia’s young sister!! Everybody’s name start with “H” in their family (their older sister is called Hina).

Hanako is 10 and the most precious cinnamon roll, her quirk allow her to grow edible plants on her body that can be used for medical purposes. Her dream is to one day become a hero like Recovery Girl. Also, her hair changes colors in different seasons. be nice to her.

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If there's a trope for sleeping next to someone curing nightmares, is it just as possible for sleeping by someone to increase nightmares? For instance if the character is having a nightmare and another character tries to hug them (or touch/hold in any other way, whether consciously or not), could the one dreaming feel trapped or something? Even if they're asleep, could the dream be affected by physical things?

Yes, absolutely. The Shrink herself has had nightmares involving confinement when she gets tangled up in her sheets at night. While not quite the same experience, I am 100% sure that the same can happen if a sleeping character is grabbed by someone.

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