For my black folks who need the reminder

Did you take your meds today?

Drink some water– don’t chase your meds witch juices, certain medications have reactions with juices

Get some natural vitamin D… Stand in the sun for a few minutes, take some deep breaths

Go practice smiling in the mirror… Yeah it’s stupid, but ain’t nobody else gon’ know you did it unless you tell ‘em. It’s good practice for when you gotta fake being happy in public (it comes off as more genuine bc youve got practice), also it’s good for your mind to see yourself smiling (don’t forget to smize)

Eat a piece of candy… Suck in a lollipop, have a bon bon

Give a genuine compliment to yourself

Make a list of things that make you happy

Get some rest

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re only human… You’re a work in progress

Did you eat yet? Even if it’s just some soda crackers and juice

Allow yourself to make a mistake… Sometimes you learn a thing from not doing it right the first time

Check in on someone, make sure they’re okay

Check in on yourself… Make sure you’re okay, too…

Remember: you are loved. Someone loves you. Even if you don’t feel like loving yourself

anonymous asked:

What is the the thing with grapefruit and quetiapine? I was told to not eat or drink it when I first started it, but never told why, and so I haven't touch it since but I really like grapefruit but I'm afraid to eat/drink it again..

Hi, the reason why grapefruit shouldn’t be consumed by people taking quetiapine is because it contains chemicals, furanocoumarins, that may increase the level of the medication in your blood. Thus, basically increasing the risks of side effects.

Please just be careful! Grapefruit does this to other medication too. Other fruit juices/fruit you can still drink or eat like oranges, grapes, apples etc. <3