medicated kisses


Here is some more bush medicine and helmet party kissing while people are in the background, also i put the engagement ring on them and i don’t know why 😆 so in pic 1 heavy is shocked that medic is perfering sniper over him and he is shocked, in pic 2 soldier is giving engineer a goodbye kiss before he goes and defends the point and pyro is so confused by it. 😋

Kitten pt 12

Warnings: Smut


Jaggers’s POV

“Are you sure you want this?” I ask.

“Y-yes..” she whispers.

I smile and press my lips against hers roughly. I keep my eyes open and watch her expression, she winces a bit so I reach my hand over and push the plunger on the syringe a bit more. She shutters softly as the pain medication takes effect. I kiss her deeper and she moans softly against my lips.

I glide my hand up her beautiful body to her now exposed breasts, taking extra care not to touch her injury. I rub her left breast gently and pinch her nipple. A sweet moan escapes her lips and I grin. ‘Such a lovely sound..’ I think to myself.

I kiss her softly and position myself at her entrance. She grips my shoulders tightly as I push into her, she lets out a small whimper and I place my hand on her cheek softly, she tenses up at first but relaxes soon after.

I make sure to be gentle with her, even though it kills me and I’ve waited for this moment for years. I make an exception for her because she’s hurt. And I love her.

I continue to thrust into her, gradually going harder. ‘God she’s go tight’ I growl softly as she digs her nails into my back. Her soft moans drive me crazy, I can tell she’s getting close but I think I’ll make her wait; she made me wait for so long. I slow my pace once again and she breaths heavily. I grin and crush my lips against hers, I squeeze her hips tightly and she moans into my mouth. I growl against her lips ad she wraps her small arms around me and pulls me close. I thrust into her hard and she whimpers softly, it sends a shiver down my spine. “Fuck,” I mutter quietly.

She purrs softly, it’s fucking adorable. I thrust fast and hard into her and I can feel that I’m reaching my limit. I can tell she’s close too. A few more thrusts and she moans loudly, I can feel her quiver around me, she expression pushes me over the edge, I thrust into her hard once more and find my release inside of her. I pull out slowly and try to control my heavy breathing. I grab my boxers and put them back on, I walk to the dresser and find some sweat pants, I put on pair on grey ones and grab a pair for (Y/N), I then go over to the closet and find a large black t-shirt for her.

“I.. um, I need to use the restroom..” she says shyly. I grin, ‘ugh she’s so fucking cute’ I walk over and help her out of bed, I help her get dressed, she whimpers every time she moves. I say screw it and pick her up, I carry her bridal style out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. I set her down and wait outside the door. I lean against the wall with my arms crossed, and a smile on my face.

Alexander appears in the hallway, “What’re you doing out here?” he asks.

“She had to use the bathroom,” I shrug.

“Apparently Joker went on a killing spree at the hospital when he found out she wasn’t there..” he whispers to me. I’m not even shocked. That guy is a psycho; then again I’d probably be pretty pissed if I was in his shoes. But I’m not, fuck him, he’s the reason (Y/N) got shot.

“He’s looking for her,” he says and leans against the wall next to me.

“He won’t find her. I won’t let him take her away again.” I growl.

(Y/N) calls for me, I walk into the bathroom and she’s kneeling on the floor, there’s blood seeping through her shirt, she must have torn her stitches open. I try to stay calm as I pick her up and rush her to her room, I yell at Alexander to get the doctor. I set (Y/N) down on her bed and grab my knife.

“I’m sorry about this,” I say as I cut her shirt open, exposing her chest.

Bruce is in the doorway trying to get past Alexander, who is blocking him from entering so he doesn’t freak out and get in the doctors way. ‘I don’t know how Alexander is so calm right now’ I think to myself.


Jokers POV

“FROST!” I yell. “Find her now!” I clench my jaw as he leaves the room. I’m sitting in my office, or what used to be an office before I broke everything.

She wasn’t at a Bruce’s manor, or Wayne enterprises, or anywhere! This is so frustrating! Where are you keeping her Batman?

Frost returns to the room, “Sir, we looked at the hospitals security tapes and Bruce wasn’t alone. He was with two younger men that have been identified as Jagger Maxwell and Alexander Sterling. They went to high school with (Y/N). I sent some of our men to check their homes.” He says.

“And their parents?” I growl.

“Jagger’s parents live out of the country, but Alexander’s parents live on the outskirts of town. From what we’ve gathered, his parents are visiting family in Romania.” He replies.

“Pull the car around, we’re going for a drive.” I let out a wicked laugh and grab my gun off the desk.

It’s about a forty five minute drive from here to the Sterling Mansion. We arrive and there’s a black Mercedes parking in the front, I roll my eyes and walk towards the front door. I stab a knife in the rear and front tires on the driver’s side.

I walk up to the door and shoot the lock; I kick the door open and yell “Kitten! Daddy’s coming for you! Come out, Come out!” I laugh loudly.

I hear footsteps coming from the next floor, a smile spreads across my face and I walk towards the stairs.

“Alexander Sterling, this is a very nice home, Frost tells me your parents are visiting family, it’d be a real shame if they came home and their son was dead and their house was burned to ashes. Hand her over and I’ll let you off the hook.” I speak loudly.



Your eyes shoot open at the sound of gun fire. “He’s here..” you say softly, your body trembling with fear.

“Kitten! Daddy’s coming for you! Come out, Come out!” Joker calls for you. Bruce and Alexander run into the room and lock the door.

“Alexander Sterling, this is a very nice home, Frost tells me your parents are visiting family, it’d be a real shame if they came home and their son was dead and their house was burned to ashes. Hand her over and I’ll let you off the hook.” He yells again. Alexander doesn’t move. He clenches his jaw but stands still.

Tears begin to form in your eyes.  You can’t let this happen. You try to get up and leave but Jagger grips your shoulder. Stormy rushes over to you and hugs you tightly.

“Let me go! I don’t want and of you getting hurt.” you yell.

Alexander looks at you “It’s okay (Y/N).. everything’s going to be okay. We’ll keep you safe..” he says softly, you can see the fear in his eyes.

“Please, he’ll kill you if you don’t let me go!” you shout.

“You’re not going anywhere, I won’t let him take you away from us again,” Jagger says.

“You can’t make me stay! I’m trying to save you” you squirm. You’re in so much pain but you have to push through it.

“I can and I will! You don’t have to do anything, let us handle this!” he grips your shoulders tighter, making you wince.

“You can’t tell me what to do Jagger! Just because we slept together doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do!” you snap. You put your hand to your mouth as soon as yourealize what you just said.

The lock on the door is shot through and Joker kicks it open. He looks furious. He holds up his gun and points it at you.

“You slept with who?” he snarls.

You cower and look down. Everyone in the room takes a step back as Joker walks forward. Frost follows into the room and forces everyone to the other side of the room. He points his gun in their direction while Joker stalks towards you. He sits on the edge of the bed, malice in his eyes.

“Hello, Kitten. I see you’ve been busy in my absence.” He smiles but it’s not friendly.

“J-Joker.. p-please..” you stutter. He raises his hand and presses against your bullet wound. You gasp and bite your lip to prevent yourself from screaming.

“So, who’s Jagger? Hm?” he presses harder. You whimper and grab his wrist, trying to pull it away. “Come on kitten, we don’t have all day, you know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t answer,” he presses harder and you can feel your stitches begin to tear.

“Please, Daddy, please stop,” you cry, “I’ll go with you, I’ll be good, I promise. Just please don’t kill anyone.” You beg.

Joker lifts his hand and grins; he brings his hand to his mouth and licks the blood off his palm. He turns to Bruce, “See Bats? I told you I’d be her daddy,” he laughs wickedly. Bruce clenches his fists steps forward but Frost hits him over the head with his gun, knocking him down.

Your eyes widen and you cling to Joker, “Daddy please! I.. I wanna go home. I.. I want you to reclaim me… Can we go please?” you say.

“Oh? Is the little kitten in a playful mood?” he grins and reaches down your sweat pants, cupping your wet core. You blush and look away. Joker uses his free hand to tilt your head back up, forcing you to look at everyone.

“Why don’t we give them a show? Hm? Show them who you really belong to.” He purrs and slides a finger into you. A small moan escapes your lips.

Stormy is clinging to Alexander with her face buried in his chest, Alexander looks away sadly, not wanting to watch what happens next as he uses his arm to keep Jagger back. Jagger’s face is red and he looks like he’s about to pounce. Bruce looks at you with a mixture of sadness and horror in his eyes as Joker touches you.

“No, I want to go home, they don’t deserve to watch.” You say quietly. ‘I’m sorry everyone, but I have to go..I’m doing this to protect you.’ Joker grins and picks you up.

“Well Frosty, let’s go. My kitten has needs that Daddy has to satisfy.” He laughs. “Looks like you get a Get out of Jail Free card for the time being.” He grins and walks away with you in his arms. “You’re in so much trouble kitten,” he growls as you leave the Sterling Mansion.

Stickers & Witchcraft!

- Enchant stickers with happiness and luck and give them to your friends(or little kids)

- Seal your letters with enchanted stickers

- Put stickers on your jars to personalize them(Bonus points if the symbolism of the stickers matches whats in the jar)

- Put stickers on a potted plants pot to help it grow

- Put a sticker on the lid of your medication bottle(if there isn’t anything important on it) to give your medication an extra boost

- Kiss a sticker to bring love to the person who wears it

- Sticker spells! You can put them on a paper in a similar manner to emoji spells before burning them(outside and away from anything flammable)

- Put stickers on your book of shadows to give it a little flair and to ensure fun times in your craft

Feel free to add to this!

- Mod Faye


just a casual reminder to be kind to yourself. take your medications, kiss your pets, take a bath. just try a little to emit unconditional love & it’ll be returned towards you. just be nice to yourself. give yourself a break. stay in bed a little longer. eat a cookie or something. dance to the mortal kombat theme.. punch a nazi?? love yourself

          His limbs were getting STIFF from sitting in the same position for so long, but getting up would be difficult; judging by the swelling, he was fairly sure one of his ankles was messed up somehow, and secured behind his back, his arms were practically USELESS. The ankle concerned him, but he doubted that the Galra really cared about his physical well-being. He could kiss medical help goodbye.

          He’d already tried tapping the cuffs against the wall to communicate with anyone that might know MORSE CODE, but stopped when a rather intimidating ( and very pissed off ) Galra soldier ordered him to do so. Trying to turn his weakness into an asset hadn’t worked in his favor. 

          Every time he felt his eyelids starting to droop, a noise outside would catch his attention and he’d snap awake again, no matter how tired he felt. The reaction was INSTINCTUAL, he supposed, but it didn’t do much except allow him to be fully conscious when they broke the door down to retrieve him for…whatever they were planning. His eyes squeezed shut, but he couldn’t have been more AWAKE. He drew the knee of his good leg up to his chest to shield his face from the light, and behind his back, his fists clenched, anticipating what was to come. Part of him wondered why they’d bust down their own door—it seemed a little like overkill, but he wasn’t really in a position to make snarky comments.