hey im marley ; im a 14 yr old afro latina girl who is unable to get a job atm and i live with my mom; it’s just me and my mom and since i’m unable to work and she doesn’t have a good job, we’re really poor- and now that it’s the summer we’re going to be struggling even more with money. every donation helps, even if it’s just a dollar

You guys … just take in for a moment just what a big deal Jen Cohn and Lucie Pohl doing that proposal is. 

The VAs for Pharah and Mercy not only show support for the ship.

But they help their lgbt fans propose to one another, and support their marriage as well.

That’s absolutely amazing, and it means the world to someone like me, who had to go through a span of several years of being in denial of my sexual orientation, due to my disapproving family and the deep-seated and internalized homophobia I had as well.

So to show them showing support for their fans in that way means a lot, and I don’t think I can properly convey it through words.

We are truly blessed to have these two as the VAs for Pharah and Mercy, and we are truly blessed by the Overwatch VA cast.

I absolutely adore them so much, and they truly are wonderful human beings.

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i would love to see you write a nurse!minghao au falling in love with you pleaseee

enjoy !! ❤

  • so basically ur hella clumsy and end up injuring urself like 99.9% of the time u try to do anything
  • only u would manage to break a toe whilst falling up the stairs or misjudge the sharpness of a butter knife
  • therefore making u become quite a regular at ur local emergency department
  • one time ur in for a dislocated shoulder after tripping when coming out of ur car, and as ur leaving after being treated, u bump into a rushing nurse, get knocked over, and end up dislocating ur shoulder again
  • the nurse who collided with u, “nurse xu”, is immediately all apologetic and starts freaking out and won’t stop expressing how sorry he is even as ur being treated
  • u just laugh it off and keep telling him it wasn’t his fault and that it only happened because ur the clumsiest and most breakable person on earth, but he’s not convinced
  • before u leave for a second time he insists on repaying u somehow, and at first ur not sure whether he’s just scared about getting sued, but then u notice how pink cheeked and nervous he seems and ur like he seems way too pure
  • u eventually agree to a coffee “not a date” date
  • u start asking him about what his job is like and why he does it, and the more he talks about it the more excited he gets with the most wholesome and endearing smile on his face
  • it’s clear he puts a lot of hard work into his job just because he genuinely loves helping people and u can’t help but zone out and just watch as brightness fills his pretty features and this sparkle lights up his eyes
  • after thinking he’s got too enthusiastic he gets embarrassed and clears his throat and quickly begins asking u questions instead
  • he’s such a good listener and is genuinely interested in every word u say and the more u open up the more ur like why do i feel so safe and happy around him whaT is tHIs fEelinG
  • eventually he has to get back to work so he apologises for dislocating ur shoulder and waves u goodbye with this grin on his face and as u mirror him u see his smile get bigger and bigger
  • ur sad that it kind of seemed like you’d never see him again and u genuinely liked him a lot
  • but then
  • less than a week later u slip on a leaf and end up going in to the ed again
  • to the surprise of u both, nurse xu is the nurse assisting that walks into ur cubicle to help with treatment
  • as soon as he sees u he just drops the clipboard he’s holding and quickly apologises to both u and the doctor
  • after he recollects himself and stands there making notes, the doctor begins trying to examine u, asking u where it hurts, how bad the pain is and so on
  • but u literally can’t stop looking at nurse xu who seems to look kind of flustered and keeps flicking glances at u
  • the doctor tells u you’ve probably broken ur ankle so he puts it in a cast and asks if nurse xu can help u walk round for a bit so u get used to it
  • his eyes light up again and he gladly helps u off the bed and puts ur arm around his neck and his arm around ur back in order to stabilize u
  • u begin walking in small steps around the hospital corridors and the whole time u are very very aware of his touch and how physically and metaphorically warm he is
  • if u gave even the tiniest indication of being in pain he’d be all concerned and quickly ask if ur okay and if u need to take a break for a while
  • u just can’t help but notice how pink his cheeks are again and how he keeps shyly looking away whenever u look up at him, as if he’d been staring
  • at one point u begin asking him a question, and say “doctor xu, w-” but he quickly cuts in saying “i’m minghao” before giving u this sweet little smile
  • before u get discharged u have coffee together again and this time he actually gives u his number like “just in case .. u ever break something again, okay??”
  • he’ll text u reminding u to be careful about colliding with strangers and slipping on leaves which honestly makes u giggle
  • and you’ll ask him about what kind of things happened on his shift and he’ll assure u he hasn’t met anyone as clumsy as u yet, bc ur “irreplaceable”
  • he’ll always try to ask u when ur free so u can meet up again, and whenever u do, he’s always awaiting u with this smile on his face and will welcome u with a gentle hug (in fear of breaking something again)
  • he always has all the time in the world for u even if it means getting told off for texting too much during a shift
  • yet again ur referred to the ed after being clumsy, and this time it’s after u trip, break ur nose on a table and begin projecting a fountain of blood from ur nostrils
  • u don’t tell minghao that ur in the ed just because u don’t want him to think that ur annoying even though u know he would never even consider it
  • u end up with this ugly bandage thing on ur nose and have to go round with a tissue glued to ur nostrils, so, naturally, minghao is the last person u want seeing u like this
  • ur on ur way back from the toilet and suddenly hear his voice coming ur way so u freak out and turn round and hope he doesn’t recognise the back of u
  • but as u turn, u trip over someone’s crutches and end up flat on ur face, triggering yet another cascade of blood from ur nose
  • being the caring nurse he is, u immediately hear minghao rushing over gushing “are u okay?? are u alright??”
  • as u scramble to ur feet and try to hide ur face in embarrassment, minghao takes hold of ur arm
  • then he realises it’s you
  • he’s like “y/n??? what are u doing here????”
  • when u sheepishly remove ur hands and confess “i broke my nose on a coffee table” u can see that he doesn’t know whether to laugh or get jokingly mad
  • he just sighs and mumbles to himself whilst escorting u back to ur cubicle, one hand placed against ur back and the other holding ur nose so u don’t die from blood loss
  • he anxiously waits there until ur cleaned up and ready to go, then offers to take u home although u quickly refuse
  • he considers ur answer for a few seconds then but leads u aside into an empty cubicle
  • ur confused as closes the curtains around u, then he sits u down and kneels to ur height, his soft hands placed upon the sides of ur face
  • “don’t u realise how worried i am about u??? don’t u realise that every time i see u in here or even think about u potentially getting hurt, it tears me apart??”
  • ur about to protest that he doesn’t need to worry, but then he says “i care about u so much and i just want to protect u, and even just being away from u frightens me”
  • ur kinda flustered so look down at ur hands, blushing
  • he continues with “i.. know this sounds crazy but.. i-i actually think i may be falling in love with u and ur clumsiness, y/n”
  • from then on he will always pack plasters in ur bag when ur not looking or will insist on holding ur hands at all times “just in case u trip” and constantly refers to himself as ur nurse who u can have all to urself

Migraine [Lecture]:

- Migraine is best understood as a disorder of the brain, not the vascular system. Neuroimaging has demonstrated that the brain stem is activated during migraine.
- A central neural dysfunction probably activates brain stem nuclei (dorsal raphe nucleus [DRN], median raphe nucleus [MRN], locus coeruleus [LC]) that normally modulate sensory input and craniovascular status, which leads to the release of neuro-inflammatory and vasodilating peptides in the meninges.
- The combination of neurogenic inflammation and vasodilation activates and sensitizes nociceptive afferent neurons that carry the pain signal back into the brain for integration.
- Targets for migraine treatment involve reversal or prevention of some of those mechanisms. Acute treatment could reverse the vasodilation by vasoconstriction, or prevent release of neuro-inflammatory and vasodilating peptides.
- Triptans prevent the release of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) while they vasoconstrict and reverse the vasodilation of CGRP. Newer medications target CGRP for acute and preventive treatment of migraine.

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But before he can even take his lighter, she's gliding a finger under the band of his boxers to grab it. Jyn takes her cigarette, resting between her lips, red lipstick tainting it, and brings it to his mouth. "We can share." She lights the cigarette with a smirk, and Cassian's gaze is fixed on her mouth like he could devour it. He doesn't have the time to take a drag, because she's already taking it back for a puff. Jyn brought her mouth just close enough for him to inhale the smoke. "We can."

(part 1)

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Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted to have kids and I've wanted to be the one that carries them. However, I also am genderfluid (afab) and I want to go on t to help with dysphoria. I've heard that people can freeze their eggs but even then would I be able to become pregnant using in vitro fertilization?

Charlie says:

yes, possibly.  Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s circumstances are different, so I don’t want to give an all encompassing answer that everyone thinks applies 100% to them.

Being on testosterone doesn’t always make people infertile.  It is something to expect, but that may never happen (freezing the eggs is always a good move though). By infertile, here I mean not only able to get pregnant but to actually carry that baby to term.  That being said, you would have to go off hormone replacement therapy before and for the duration of the pregnancy, and possibly even after, depending on what your doctor recommends. (The reason I mention this is breastfeeding, because there isn’t a lot of research on if this matters or not, and results are conflicting at times.)

Whether or not you can manage the dysphoria/emotional effects of discontinuing hrt, along with any possible physical side effects that may occur, is something you’ll have to factor in to the decision and not something we could give useful help on, probably.

If you look on YouTube and in the news there is without a doubt a transmasculine person that had hrt who has carried a baby (oh wait just found one), so that’s I would give you a cautious yes to this.  However, I would really talk to a doctor more in depth about it. Good luck!!

Writing my personal statement today for obstetrics and gynecology residency. The center of my reason for going into Ob/Gyn is abortion. I’m not hiding it. I don’t care what any of my advisors and school administrators have said. My personal statement is not “safe”. I’m going with the advice of all my wonderful Pro-Choice physician mentors. If a program doesn’t want me because of my fundamental calling to medicine, I don’t want to train there. I want to train somewhere that will foster this passion so that I can go out into the world a provide a service that is desperately needed. I’ll let you know how this journey winds up in March 2018.

The California Democratic party leadership has sabotaged their own party members’ attempt to pass single payer for the state of California, by locking it up in bureaucratic rules so it won’t even go to a vote where it would likely pass (the Democrats currently have enough of a majority in the California state government to pass the bill with zero Republican support).

Exhibit #5000000000000 of the fact that the Democratic party leadership is just continuing its long run of being rightwing assholes.