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A lovely reader asked for recommendations for good med blogs to follow, and while I think I follow many great ones, I realized something:

You all probably know better than I do what’s good out there! Power in numbers, right?

So let’s help this reader, me (because I’m always interested in following cool new blogs), and perhaps even more readers out there!

What are some of your favorite medical blogs? They can be written by a someone in the healthcare profession, medical science, whatever you think we should all know about! :)

A few of my favorite med tumblrs, to get this party started:

cranquis, wayfaringmd, medicalstate, thenotquitedoctor, aspiringdoctors, ermedicine, wifeofadocstar (not a doc herself, but she gets it), descantforhope, clerkshipproject, baffledinbrooklyn, blue-lights-and-tea, ninjatengu, rinnyssance, imaresident, thecheerfulmedic, numberneededtotreat, themedicalchronicles, hartmd, mylifeismedschool 


anonymous asked:

recommend any good blogs / writers on tumblr plz?

Perfect timing is perfect Anon, you may not see this but I will def use this list.

The Messenger of God said “…. we are with those whom we love, a persons character is of his companions ..”

Timothy Ferris (Silicon Valley’s Golden Child) said the best advice he received  was “You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”  -Jim Rohn said it originally,

but the proof is the pudding, If you want to be a good writer, follow other becoming good writers, motivated individuals, that share your journey. 

So My favorite male writers are

When he writes, He Writes.  Once you see past all the bullshizzle. 

The Man. Highly motivated and passionate underneath all the pizza 

One of my Hero’s, seriously. Educated Academic by day, Capri Sun drinking Jazz Dancer by night. Also he has lived a lot of life, and his insight is vast. He’s also got a PHD?, and I mean the degree, not the thing in his pants. 

Osama has done wonders, with just a simple blog, He works hard, He puts in time, He stays Genuine and Coherent, and Keeps his Goal in mind, which is vital, Also he can take a joke or 7, which is also vital.
He’s also another Hero of mine and a friend. Which is weird because you should never meet your hero’s but he never ceases to live up to expectations(that may be problematic for me since he’s only human..nonetheless, go follow).

If your going to learn one thing from Tom, let it be his manners. His etiquette is superb. A true gentleman. 

Hussein&Ali are passionate, and with that passion they take action, Which is very important, I group them to show that though their disciplines and interests are different they “do work son”

Another gentleman, I would urge you to follow. Motivated, Hard working successful individual (say Mashallah). 

Now just for writers, females that I admire, because their words, leave me wordless. I don’t know how to Praise Lily. I’m in love with everything she says.

Same thing here, lot more pretty pictures, but excellent poetry.  

Despite the I HATE MEN vibe, Dalia is super smart, and really smart, did I mention that?  I always read everything she writes, because It’s all killer no filler.

Im not a politics guy, so I gain perspective, and how to write with a purpose from Ghandi over here. It’s uber professional, not a personal blog. 

This is my tumblr wife. (jk but not really) When home girl posts its legit, but you have your normal teenage girl stuff. She does a mean Kardashian impersonation though.

More pretty pictures, but motivated individual. You want that. Young and vibrant. 

Mena is like female Party til Fajr in the making, and I like her because she’s open minded and and understands the world is not black and white, therefore, it’s law’s should not be. Valuable perspective, excellent writing. 

       I just really really really Love Lyla and Blu’s aestehtic, and Blaqk2’s 
Plus the lifestyle, has some booty(warning) but really really good advice. 

and Im learning more Yoga so I try all of these (gonna get my certification soon God willing)
As the popularity of smartphone of tablet computing expands, so too does the library of apps. The following is a list of iOS apps that might be of interest or use for the curious, for the learners,...

and thank you medicalstate for this post! This one is useful for anyone working in the health field as well as students!

Preparing for Emergency Medicine.

Another rotation, another pocket book. I am starting to run out of colours that I can use for my pocket books. The series only had a handful of choices to pick from and I think there may only be two or three more sets produced by Moleskine. I will have to see how the next few rotations go. I may have to reuse a colour, which is not ideal.

in response to medicalstate in response to how hard was it to get into medical school

in response to medicalstate’s post (after the jump)

i wish i could reblog this.

i just completed one year of medical school and in that year, there had been countless times that not only i, but many of my classmates, doubted our abilities or whether we belonged or even deserved to be where we were. these are thoughts that i never thought would cross my mind when pursuing such a dream, but i think the fact that such high achieving individuals that have been through so much to get to where they are (as you have described) and will continue doing so much to stay where they are, did indeed have moments of doubt and defeat, speaks to not just the academic but also the mental and emotional rigors of pursuing medicine.

i say all that, because in that rigor and in that exhaustion, it is easy to dismiss or to downplay the journey that brought us to those days filled with hope– the letter of acceptance, the white coat ceremony, the first day with our cadaver– and to almost brush aside the effort we put in to earn our place, because the challenge and the effort have become second nature. so, i know you were simply answering this person’s question honestly and openly, (to that person: medicalstate did not exaggerate a single thing) and i can tell you were not trying to make it seem like it was some great almost superhuman feat but rather expressing the truth of the matter. in doing that, you provided me and i’m sure many other medical students, with a much needed reminder and a validation of what we did to be where we are, to deserve it, and to cherish it as we move forward. 

from medicalstate:

How hard was it to get into medical school? Any advice for someone who is pursuing an undergraduate in biology and thinking about going to medical school afterward?— Asked by pewpewninjastar

Medical school was very hard to get into and even harder once you are in medical school. The application itself takes a year to complete and what you dedicate to that are experiences and grades over many years. We are talking about building a well rounded application that reflects who you are.

On top of that, let us not forget the academics. The pre-requisite classes must be completed and meet the minimum standards of the institution. The average they consider may not be just for the past year but over many years, meaning you must always be at the top of your game.

The MCAT is probably the first time you will ever write an exam of that size and breadth and it is physically and mentally taxing and requires months of lead up preparation.

With all of that out of the way, there is the interview process that is in itself stressful in its own right. While there are no right or wrong answers, there are definite bad answers. When you are surrounded by other applicants in a holding room waiting for things to begin, you can really start to get nervous and anxious.

To keep this brief, my advice would be to keep your goals in mind, try to enjoy yourself, finding experiences and activities you like, and to keep on top of your grades as much as you can. Every person has a different background with their own share of experiences; it is difficult to have a metric to measure that. However, when people are required to take certain courses and metrics are already established, a faculty definitely pays attention to those numbers. For more, you can read the pages in my index.


This is the story of a boy meets a girl.

Over the past four years, I have spoken on many occasions about my partner, our relationship, and our challenges. Given that our wedding is fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to summarize our story, and properly introduce my fiancée to everyone.

May I introduce you to Tammy, my friend, my fiancée, my love. This is our story.


Cardiac Conduction Study.

  • SA: Sinoatrial node
  • AIT: Anterior internodal tract
  • MIT: Middle internodal tract
  • PIT: Posterior internodal tract
  • BB: Bachmann’s bundle
  • AV: Atrioventricular node
  • BH: Bundle of His
  • RB: Right bundle branch
  • LB: Left bundle branch
  • CP: Conduction pathways

In order to produce an efficient contraction to pump blood, the heart relies upon its electrical conduction system to synchronize its actions between the four chambers.