A myotonic goat, otherwise known as a fainting goat, is a species of goat whose muscles freeze and appear to faint for roughly ten seconds after experiencing panic. There are also breeds of dogs who do this as well, except that it happens when they experience any type of strong emotion - sadness, happiness, panic, fear, or excitement. 

You can watch videos of them here: [x]


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On an essay I wrote about medical fat shaming, my peer reviewer said my personal experiences with it don't count b/c I'm not a doctor. Thank you for your page b/c medical fat shaming is real and these experiences matter.

I’m going to tell you a little secret that you probably already know, but I’ll share it anyway: Scientific objectivity is a myth.

People’s thinking, feeling, and behavior – including their scientific thinking, scientific feeling, and scientific behavior – is completely and totally shaped by their personal experiences. That is just how psychology works.

So when people in positions of scientific authority claim that personal experiences with a subject of study somehow introduce bias that is not otherwise present, they are being willfully ignorant. All people, including scientists, see the world through the lens of their personal experiences. We are all biased.

Yet isn’t it convenient that such claims are almost exclusively leveled at members of oppressed groups who want to speak about or study their own experiences of oppression? Isn’t it convenient that the myth of objectivity basically means that only privileged people who exist outside of the biasing influence of “special interests” can ever be experts on anything?

And isn’t it convenient that knowledge can only be reliably collected and communicated by these same privileged people? 

Scientific objectivity is an oppressive myth. Throw it in the garbage.


Doodles from tonights stream! Trying to get back into the swing of drawing. Thanks for coming guys, and being so patient! I was really nervous to draw people again, especially in front of an audience, but I had a lot of fun!

(Sorry a couple are missing, I really don’t like how they came out, but I’ll revisit them!)

Hey guys, some of you might know that I also have Afghan Hound. She has retailed from the lure coursing and other hobbies such alike couple of years ago… The reason behind that is an incident in past. She jumped down from way too high, and even if she has been alright for years now, something happened couple of days ago.

I want to tell the story to you first, because this is such a heavy subject to me, and I want you guys to understand where I am coming from, and where I exactly need to help me with just if you can. You do not need to feel bad if you cannot help by much! Even reblogs would help us by lot, we would gain awareness and I would hopefully get commissioned more!

We were in dog park with my AH, and everything seemed alright at first, but then something occured really fast and a Siberian Husky attacked my dog. They did not actually fight all that much but my dog was literally screaming really melodramatically, which I first thought was my dog’s thing she usually does to gain more attention from me if something is unpleasurable or frightening. Say it a sighthound thing, but they SURE CAN use their voice even for slightest things (which wasn’t what happened then)!

Okay so, she screamed and the dogs got off from each other because my dog isn’t one to really cause a rucus. I had to calm down the owner of the Siberian Husky ‘cause she literally thought my dog was dying by how she screamed there, and at the same time I was going towards my dog to check if she had any bite marks… and then, she started coughing. All this happened in ~5seconds and it took me about couple of seconds to realize something HAD happened, when I heard the first cough come from my dog’s mouth.

She coughed only couple of times, before I was running towards her and I opened her mouth to get her tongue out so it wouldn’t be in a way just to see if she had something in her throat, only to find out that her tongue was so blue, it seemed like she had been dead for awhile, freezed dead in Antarctica… And suddenly I was shouting orders to the people near me to google up some things (I am literally like army soldier when something happens) and at the same time I kept her throat open as she only coughed couple of times, and then in about half a minute the tongue was in alright colour again. I came to realise from the first check up that she bleed from her gums which was the reason why I literally kept ordering around to check some things from net I couldn’t remember just right, as I did the basic health check for her before I would call the Vetenarian.

She hadn’t hit them to anywhere, She couldn’t have swallowed anything else then her tongue maybe in the impact… Maybe she could have gotten kicked heavily by the other dog and got her lungs out of breath or something, but it almost seemed like her heart had stopped for a second… Her gums were otherwise alright and the colour to her tongue came back soon enough. Anyway, (otherwise) she recovered from the impact quite alright but now she’s limping, her neck and back are super stiff. She has been stiff with her movements for awhile (which we have took a good care of, she’s been running and playing etc.) before the incident, but we haven’t been able to go check her up after this little fight in dog park ‘cause I’m literally broke.

We have been doing activities and stretches with her before all of this (because of her past injury). It has actually helped a lot and she’s been well, but now it seems like she really “got broken”. She doesn’t even carry her head up anymore, which is a lot for afghan hound. She does not want to run, or walk for too long… Her legs wobble a little. At first she really needs heavy painkillers… And then the next thing would be X rays of the back, front, neck and basically everything. I think the most problems are in her back, she might now have spondylose through her past incident, and now because of the impact, it could have gotten for worse. But I do not know for the fact, and I really need to see the Vet.

I was talking with my girlfriend of what to do because I don’t have time to wait. I won’t get money anytime soon, and I don’t want my dog to suffer. It would be much worse for her not to move at all then keep at light exercise.. To do just that, we would need painkillers so she wasn’t in pain. I talked to the Vet on phone after the incident (which cost me 13 euros by minute…) and they said it would cost me about 70-80euros to see the doctor (55euros basic check in) and then the medication itself. That would be the first thing I need to do and if anyone could help us, or even reblog this forward, it would be much appreciated…

It saddens me, that just month ago everything seemed alright and I actually even got all my money from the bank so I could go with Surma to better trainer, just to get our problems solved with her nervous behaviour towards people… and of course to still attend our agility classes that I started early this summer, and now this happened… If I hadn’t bought the membership and wouldn’t have paid for the agility classes, I’d still have money left for the veterinarian. Well, I can not dwell on the past so I wanted to write this out here, maybe I’d get commissioned. There’s some info below.

The next step after medication (painkillers+health check 70-80euros), like I said before, would be x rays and that costs me 350 euros, but for first, I just really want painkillers for her. After that I hope I’ll come up with a plan to pay for the x rays if I don’t get commissioned/helped here enough to pay for it.

If you can, anything will help. Even 1€ would help. I am thinking of opening up commissions because I feel like if anyone wants semi-realistic pictures of their dogs, I could draw them for decent price that would help me to get the right medication for my dog.

If you want to check out my art, please go to -You can send me mail through tumblr @surmagore, or my DA account.

MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS karinen.heidi (a) (change (a) to )

Paypal account UP there, where all the donations would go to! 


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So, I just found out that you write fanfiction as well?!?! It's so good and I hope you continue! A+++

Thank you! That’s really nice of you to say ^.^

I’ll very likely start writing again after I see the movie, but I’ll try to get started on something before then :)


EXCERPTS: Ears And Hearing (1949)

‘Aimed at a general audience, this film is about the structure and function of the ear. The film opens with images of human responses to sound; shots of a level crossing closing; a man listening to car engine; a mother jumping as she hears her baby cry; a woman on the telephone to her husband. Commentary explains that sound is composed of waves that enter the ear. Animated diagrams show the sound waves hitting the ear drum, moving the chain of tiny bones in the middle ear; the hammer; the anvil and the stirrup, collectively known as the ossicles. Live action footage shows the vibration of the eardrum and ossicles. The inner ear; diagrams show the bony labrinth, the vestibular apparatus and the structure of the cochlea and the nerves reaching the brain. There is an explanation of how a hearing aid works.’  - From Internet Archive

| Hosted at: Internet Archive
| Collection: Wellcome Library Movie Image Collection
| Download: Ogg | MPEG
| Digital Copy: Public Domain

EXCERPTS by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/historical/rare/controversial moving images.
A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.

Day 345: Together

Post battle Bush Medicine fluff for Cuddly Anon!

The camper was dark when Medic arrived. It had taken him longer than he’d liked to finish patching everyone else up, and the last rays of sunlight glinted off the aluminium siding as the campsite finally came into view. The hour wasn’t terribly late as of yet, but Sniper had always been one to follow the rhythm of nature rather than the hands of a clock.

In his hand was a worn black bag. A relic of his past life, but one that had been rediscovered in the past few months when he’d somehow fallen in with a man who prefered folk remedies to actual science. Bandages and iodine, swabs and sutures, it had seemed like ages ago since he’d used anything so mundane.

There was a key in his pocket that unlocked the door and he stepped inside to the smell of sweat, dirt, and two day old coffee. Clothes were piled on the floor where they had been lazily discarded as their owner crawled his way to bed. In what little light remained, Medic could see the angles of Sniper’s shoulder and hip as the marksman lay curled up on the bunk.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” Sniper grunted his response, his voice muffled by blankets and pillows.

“Is that so?

Sniper shifted in the bunk, and Medic didn’t miss the stiffness in the movement. Of course, if a few aches and pains were the worst things Sniper had brought off the field, it was a good day.

The black bag was set down on the table to be forgotten until morning as Medic readied himself for bed. His clothes were neatly folded and left on the table as he made his way into the small bunk that had become his second home. Sniper scooted forward just a bit to give him a little more space and Medic settled himself behind. He pulled the blankets back over them both and draped an arm over Sniper’s waist before resting his chin over Sniper’s bony shoulder to nuzzle the dark hair that was somehow untouched by grey and always smelled of campfires.

Silence settled over the camper as both men slowly relaxed. Medic let a foot slip between Sniper’s legs, gently rubbing up and down to feel the sinewy muscle before tangling them up together. His hand felt the slight softness around Sniper’s middle, an endearing trait that spoke more to Sniper’s ability to have stayed alive this long than to any lack of fitness on his part. Fingers ghosted over scars both old and new. There was a soft hiss as they strayed across a tender patch, and Medic knew that he’d be tending to the bruising in the morning.

“Sorry, luv. Not gonna be much fun tonight.” Sniper murmured. He rolled over to face Medic, who rolled over onto his back to let Sniper lay his head on his chest. “Ain’t as young as I used to be.”

“Neither of us are, mein liebe.” He looked down into Sniper’s tired eyes and ran his hand through the thick campfire tinged hair. It was true. Neither of them were getting any younger, and respawn only kept so much of age’s advance at bay. More frequently than not, this was their own comfortable routine; enjoying the stillness of night far from prying eyes. And neither of them would trade it for anything.

Medic removed his glasses and set them on a small shelf. Then he returned his hand to Sniper’s back, gently tracing the line of his spine until the soft beating of the heart so close to his slipped into the easy cadence of sleep.

Ok so they didn’t do the whole thing they just cut deep and put the medicine in deeper, hopefully this will work if not I come back in two weeks and if it doesn’t work then we’ll do the full operation. My foot still hurts a lot though im probably going to be lying down all night.