Anisocoria is a condition where the pupil of one eye differs in size from the pupil of the other. Affecting 20% of the population, it can be an entirely harmless condition or a symptom of more serious medical problems.

{Final Chapter: PART 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; N/A.

“And in the end, he had everything he had only ever hoped of having; her, only her - for the rest of time.”

Warning: Although this chapter doesn’t have an M rating, there are some scenes of slight mature/sexual content.

This is the final chapter to this series! If you would like to read my author’s note, I have placed it at the end of this post after the chapter for those who wish to see it~ Thank you, and I hope you enjoy IWSY’s final chapter ^^

{Part 1} // {Part 29} {Final Chapter: Part 30}

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when scifi is written by women versus men

You can tell that the Vorkosigan Saga was created by a woman; because, it takes Lois McMaster Bujold a total of like two sentences to eliminate all real life pregnancy/childbirth problems in her world building. 

On the other hand, according to Star Trek, in their utopian world where medical miracles are routine, nothing about that process/burden/suffering has apparently changed or improved significantly.

First Artificial Insemination Was An Ethical Nightmare

During the first successful artificial insemination in 1884, a woman was chloroformed in front of six medical students and the “most attractive” student gave his semen. She had come to Dr. William Pancoast due to her inability to conceive. Pancoast worked with her, but eventually determined it was her husband’s low sperm count that was the issue. Rather than do something like, I don’t know, tell them? The doctor instead decided to do a surprise artificial insemination! Neither the husband nor the wife was told. She became pregnant after one last “treatment” with Dr. Pancoast and gave birth to a healthy baby boy nine months later.

When the child was born, Pancoast told the husband the truth of the child’s parentage. They mutually decided not to tell the woman – who had carried the child in her body for nine months – what had happened. Great ethics, Mr. Doctor! In fact, no one besides the six medical students, Dr. Pancoast, and the husband knew what they had done because everyone swore an oath of secrecy.

Twenty-five years later, one of the medical students contacts the now-grown baby. He wants to write an article about what had happened. For science and the advancement of medicine and all that. The child was a 25-year-old businessman living in New York, the medical student kindly informed him of the details of his conception, before going off to publish that article. His letter in Medical World describing the case hit the newsstands in 1909. And as far as anyone knows, that’s how the poor mother found out her child’s parentage.

Sister Signs

Aries/Libra: Independence vs Cooperative Unification, Aggression vs Harmony, The Self vs Others, Instinctual Action vs Lawful Decision, Conscious Light vs Unconscious Shadow, The Sword (Warrior, Battle) vs The Shield (Peacemaker, Defender)

Taurus/Scorpio: Palpable vs Immaterial, Personal Belonging vs Shared Resources, Preservation vs Transformation, Sensuality vs Intimacy, Serenity of Life vs Death’s Disturbance, The Singing of Angels vs The Screaming of Demons

Gemini/Sagittarius: Conscious Mind vs Superconscious Mind, Rational Thought vs Intuitive Experience, Immediate Logic vs Meditated Contemplation, Heaven’s Messenger vs Universe’s Storyteller

Cancer/Capricorn: Inner World (Home, Soul) vs Outer World (Public, Societal Standing), Dreams of Reminiscence (Psychological Roots, Past/Memories, Imagination, Privacy) vs Dreams of the Future (Self-accomplishment, Personal Ambitions, Recognition), Creator Mother Goddess vs Cosmic Father Time

Leo/Aquarius: Creation vs Innovation, The Heart Within (Radiant Love) vs The Heart Without (Universal Love), Creative Self Interest vs The Collective Concern, Singular Identity vs Friendship Bonds, Identity of the Will vs Scope of Humanity, The King (Dignified Principles of the Self) vs The Rebel (Reform of Societal Principles)

Virgo/Pisces: Mental Growth vs Spiritual Awakening, Medicinal Messages vs Celestial Linkage, The Conscious Mind vs The Unconscious Collective, Service vs Sacrifice, Orderly and Efficient Soul vs Chaotic and Boundless Soul, World Medic vs Cosmic Healer


from outsider_my_ass on twitter:

“Next time someone talks about how “easy” crip [people] have it, ask them why all of our community centers look like institutions built by ableds. Why is it every single time I wanna meet people like me I have to go to some busted ass re-purposed hospital. Linoleum on the floor and shit.

Why is it that this online community is the only space we have that isn’t built by nurses and doctors and social workers? Not that those people aren’t needed but the medical world should not rule the lives of an entire minority. There are [people] in this community that are public speakers, programmers, teachers, artists. Our public identity should not only be “patients”.

Disability can be improved, disability can be treated, but it will never go away entirely as a cultural element. It’s part of our lives, part of our identities. Abled people cannot keep us in a hospital “until it goes away” because we will die in there. The medical community are not the lords of disabled people. Healthcare is something we need, not something we are.

The Aftermath: Bucky (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which Bucky reacts to finding out how you feel about him.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,740

A/N: I couldn’t write the next part of this series without giving you at least one scene from Bucky’s perspective. I’ve been excited to write this since I posted the original “The Aftermath”. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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Forty Minutes Later

Bucky clutches his chest, trying to remove a dagger that isn’t really there. It feels like it is though. The look on your face before he left your apartment put it there.

It had to be done.

It had to be done.

No matter how many times he has repeated those words, his makeshift mantra, they don’t make him feel any better. How could they when he just did the one thing he never wanted to do? He broke your heart.

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Please don’t cave to fearmongering at the polls tomorrow. A vote for May is a vote for elitism, for throwing the poor under the bus so the rich can live just a little more comfortably. It’s a vote for dismantling a medical institution envied the world over, for cuts to already strung out schools, for tax breaks to the ultra rich and further chumming up with budding and established dictatorships worldwide. The media, the Right, the status quo are scared of Corbyn for what he stands for and they’ll say and do anything to project that fear on to You, to weaponise it for their benefit. Vote for unity Tomorrow, please. We don’t need more hate.

The Cotard delusion, which is also commonly known as the “walking corpse syndrome,“ is an extremely rare psychiatric disorder in which the sufferer holds a delusional belief that they are genuinely dead. The disorder was named after French neurologist, Jules Cotard, whom first described this disorder.

Below is a snippet from a case study on a man whom suffered from Cotard delusion:

“[The patient’s] symptoms occurred in the context of more general feelings of unreality and being dead. In January, 1990, after his discharge from hospital in Edinburgh, his mother took him to South Africa. He was convinced that he had been taken to hell (which was confirmed by the heat), and that he had died of septicaemia (which had been a risk early in his recovery), or perhaps from AIDS (he had read a story in The Scotsman about someone with AIDS who died from septicaemia), or from an overdose of a yellow fever injection. He thought he had “borrowed my mother’s spirit to show me round hell”, and that he was asleep in Scotland.”


The Sick Rose is a visual tour through the golden age of medical illustration. The nineteenth century experienced an explosion of epidemics such as cholera and diphtheria, driven by industrialization, urbanization and poor hygiene. In this pre-color-photography era, accurate images were relied upon to teach students and aid diagnosis. The best examples, featured here, are remarkable pieces of art that attempted to elucidate the mysteries of the body, and the successive onset of each affliction.  From here

No one cares about sick people

I am emotionally drained. Just….beaten down….

I got off the phone with my mother, who is a part of an advocacy group for drug addicts, to help rally support for more afforadble and easier access to rehab, and to get them into recovery homes, with mental health services, and she just told me of a horror story.

A woman in the group, convinced her son, who is addicted and trying to get clean, to go to a recovery home, for a few months. The group gave him counseling and compassion.

Unfortunately, he started withdrawing so bad that they feared he would die. The husband and wife team that runs the group, lost their son to overdose years ago which is why they started the group. They help those in withdraw, but they can only do so much, and this one guy’s situation was far too severe, he was shaking, incoherent etc. Addicts can very easily die of withdraw. So they called an ambulance for him.

The emts delivered him to the hospital, but the hospital’s nurse staff told him to walk home.


He was vomiting, shaking, barely walking….

His mother tried calling the hospital to see if he arrived–she was not allowed to ride with him. And NO ONE at the hospital would tell her anything. So the son barely managed to use a phone and call his mom for help. She drove there, and demanded that he stay overnight for observation, because he could start seizing up and fucking die.

None of the nurses examined him. They said “we wanna watch the hurricane on tv”. And told them to leave or they will call security. Security did show, and the guard started taunting them.

The advocacy group tried getting in contact with the staff’s superiors, but no one was available.

And….then….the nurses…..started laughing at the guy…who was shaking and crying…..The nurses….laughed at a crying man….

The group had to arrange for a benevolent private doctor to drive to the hospital to treat the guy, and take him back to the group home, but without the proper equipment should his vitals start dropping.

Mom told me there are so many horror stories….hospital staff saying to addicts “oh look, another junkie” and refusing to treat someone clearly in distress. Even a local sheriff here made public statements about wanting to let ODing people die, because narcan is “too expensive” at a measley 37$ a vial. (An ODing person only needs one or two doses…but also….we are really putting a dollar number on human life now, huh?)

Dont give me that shit that “oh they asked for it, they are low lifes, addicts deserve it”.

Fuck you.

I…dont know….how to convince you….that we should care about people….

You are either an asshole….or you arent.

And the way we as a society treat sick people….who want to get better…trying to seek treatment….victims of mental illness combined with physical dependency on a toxin just to feel normal….is fucking inhumane, and atrocious.

We chose to not understand this illness–it absolutely is an illness when all medical associations across the world say it is–and keep the conversation halted at that debate, instead of allowing discussion for solutions…for COMPASSION….

Shame. On. Us.

And shame on any nurse who took an OATH to treat people, no matter what happened to them.

The next time you trash talk addicts, just remember you could have blood on your hands. What if that guy died? How many have died because of this pervasive attitude that addicts are subhuman? This is one of the biggest epidemics we have ever seen, drug usage especially opioids, and its only getting worse. Your stigma is PART OF WHY ITS GETTING WORSE.

And if you shake your head thinking “good, let them die”……again….

I. Do not. Know. How. To. Tell. You. We. Should. Care. About. People.

Fucking use your heart for a moment. Empathize. For once.


Derek Hale was a complicated person. He felt detached from the world for a long time, his wolf was desolate and lonely because he had no pack or family to live his life with. Then he met Scott and his awkward friend Stiles who in turn brought more people into a very unlikely pack. Then his eyes met yours, Liam’s older sister who was studying to be a medical nurse, and his world changed. The wolf perked up and turned its attention to you.

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I’ve been thinking about how some bantering between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark would go. I hope they do that in the next movie and I imagine it would be hilarious. I am interested in how you think it would go. -Requested by @punken316

“… So.”


The tension in the air was almost tangible. Maybe it was a bad idea to convince your new friend Stephen Strange to meet your good friend Tony Stark. But Stephen was a sorcerer, and could be a potential valuable member to the Avengers. After all, he already saved the world once. The only problem was getting past the awkward first-meeting stage.

Tony cleared his throat after a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. “… So you’re friends with (y/n), I see.”

Stephen kept his gaze even, like he was trying to stare into Tony’s soul. “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s… cool.” Tony shifted in his chair. “And… how long did you say you knew each other for again?”

“A month.” 

“That’s… nice.” Tony turned to you. “And you trust this guy that you’ve met for a month, right?”

You nodded your head, “With my life. Stephen’s a good guy, Tony. You can trust me on that.”

“Mm.” He studied the sorcerer with contempt. It was all-too obvious that he didn’t like the guy. “So Stephen, tell me about yourself. (Y/n) mentioned you were a magician. Do you do, like, party tricks or something?”

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About Sakura Uchiha...
  • She’s physically stronger than Tsunade and Ai. Hashirama stated that her strength might be greater than Tsunade’s; her feat was shown greater; databook 4 states that the user’s power rises when the byakugo no jutsu is used so we most likely didn’t see her full strength yet.
  •  She’s the best medic in the world (db 4 states that she learned from Tsunade and Shizune and grew to become the best medic in the leaf); databook 2 states that creation rebirth is the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu.
  •  She’s more versed in poisons than Sasori and Chiyo and is at least equal to Tsunade in this field plus she has Shizune’s techniques.
  •  Her evasion was enough to dodge Sasori without help (Chiyo stated this later in the fight) and she dodged Kaguya’s chakra arms that Sasuke and Naruto admitted were super fast and would absorb one in an instant. 
  •  Her chakra control is equal to Tsunade’s as they both reached the pinnacle of chakra control, the Yin Seal.
  • She inherited the power of a sannin and surpassed said sannin while being app. 38 years younger and not hailing from any clan.
  •  She has access to Katsuyu which is indestructible and can spit acid. 
  •  Databook 4 stated that she caught up to Naruto and Sasuke when she stated as such. 
  •  In the Boruto movie she punched the air and it caused a shock wave which crushed the falling beam. 
  •  In Gaiden she was fast enough to sneak up on Shin and punch him while he had MS activated all over his head (the sharingan gives precognitive abilities.
  • She has been praised for her intelligence and analytical skills since part one. Her intelligence is shown in her mastery of medical ninjutsu; deciphering Obito’s power; tricking Sasori etc. 
  •  She has more chakra to use than Tsunade as she has no transformation jutsu constantly active.
  •  She surpassed Tsunade as a 16 year old in the war. Tsunade is held as the other sannin’s equal and is hailed as the world’s most powerful kunoichi.

 BONUS: She also noted to be beautiful like Tsunade who is hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world. 

they’ve been in this particular town for a few weeks now, mostly because sakura’s presence has been a welcome and necessary one. she’s helped heal countless people who might have needed to travel for days for more specialized aid and they are all sad to see her go. on their last day, as they pass by the market to grab a few more things before heading off, a little girl sasuke watched sakura heal some days go wraps sakura in a hug and hands her a gift.

“happy mother’s day!” the child tells her. she glances back at the grandmother sakura helped as well and then beams at sakura. “this is for you.”

sakura accepts the present slowly. “o–oh, um, thank you! although, i’m not a mother…”

the little girl goes back to her grandmother’s side and the old woman shakes her head. “mothers, mother figures, motherly people – they all deserve something.” she pats the little girl’s head. “you are a kind, nurturing woman, sakura haruno. i’m certain there are countless children who are thinking of you today.”

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