And, just about now, somewhere in the manosphere, someone is furiously typing, “Stop whining, women over there are really suffering,” which actually means “Shut up and consider yourself lucky that we treat you as well as we do.” The idea that women’s rights are measured in terms of competition with other women is just about as sexist as something can get. It demonstrates an utter inability to imagine a world where women’s rights aren’t being traded and regulated by men.
—  Soraya Chemaly, ‘What Exactly Does ‘It’s A Man’s World’ Mean?’ (Role/Reboot)
Give respect to gain respect.

Some of these doctors I just want to punch in the face. Just because you’re a fucking doctor doesn’t mean I’m going to worship the ground you walk on motherfucker I don’t give a shit that everybody else does it for you. Who the fuck do you think you are!!! Just because she went to school for 10-15 years to become what you are now makes you better than me… Fuck You!!! 😡

It happens more often than you can imagine, but more Doctors are finally getting caught in the act of misrepresenting their oath and fraudulently diagnosing healthy patients with cancer to turn a quick buck from kickbacks on chemotherapy poisons….

Doctor Conversations: An ACL Love Story
  • I went with my regular derma session today with my dermatologist. I haven't seen her for a long time and I really love talking to her because she went to the same college as me and is also in the medical field. We usually have our heart to heart conversations at the clinic. Surprisingly, after a very long time I haven't seen her, she had a special story to tell:
  • Dr. D:Hi Maki! How are you? I haven't seen you for a year and a half. You look great and you're not having breakouts anymore.
  • Me:Oh yes haha I was gone the whole 2nd year and was busy with school.
  • Dr. D:But you look great despite the stress in 2nd year I presume.
  • Me:Yes, people have been telling me how different the skin on my face looks compared to how I started the treatment in 1st year.
  • Dr.D:Nice. Let's start our Spanish Peel again.
  • [while on a Spanish Peel treatment...]
  • Dr. D:You know, you look great lately. You don't look stressed and pimply unlike before. Are you dating?
  • Me:Oh no doctora haha..Just busy with school. You know I get a lot of questions like that even since my face improved.
  • Dr. D:Well, that just means you seem like you're blooming hehe. But wouldn't you already consider dating?
  • Me:Well, I'm still trying to lose some little weight.
  • Dr. D:What? You look great and fit already. And you know what? even if you're chubby or what, as long at it's the right guy it doesn't matter.
  • Me:Really? That's nice. Maybe I can finally consider dating again.
  • Dr. D:You know my fiancé..
  • Me:What? You're engaged already doctora?! The last time I saw you you didn't have a boyfriend? Can you tell me how you met your fiancé?
  • Dr. D:Okay haha it's really not what I expected to happen but he was my patient.
  • mean a derma patient?
  • Dr. D:Oh no haha. He was my patient at the ER. He had a torn ACL.
  • Me:LOL. Awesome. Please tell me more haha.
  • Dr. D:Well, it was 6 years ago when I was a clerk in the ER. I was in charge of triage and he came in with a torn ACL. I referred him to surgery and he got discharged. When he was about to leave the hospital, he went to the security guard of the ER to call for me. The security guard went to me and told me that my ACL patient still needs to ask questions to me before he leaves. I went out of the ER and met with him to listen. He asked for my number.
  • Me:That's brave did you give your number right away or turned him down?
  • Dr. D:Well, my colleagues told me not to give my number because he might be some psycho rapist haha..but some also said 'go, he might turn out to be a great guy.'. I gave him my number. He contacted me once in a while and made his intentions clear to go out with me. I on the other hand didn't take it too seriously. It took him about two and a half years to really convince me to date him.
  • Me:So what happened in those two and a half years? Were you with someone or still dating?
  • Dr. D:I was still single. I considered dating some people in the medical field: IMs, GS and such. I just found it exhausting at the end of the day to still talk about hospital stuff with some guys. Finally I considered dating the ACL fiancé now.
  • [Laughter in the room]
  • Me:So doctora, what made you consider that guy?
  • Dr. D:Well, for one thing he was persistent. In the two and a half years I was out considering going out with others, he was just steady and making his presence and interest known.
  • Me:Wow. That's a long time.
  • Dr. D:Yes, and I'm glad I considered him. At first I was like 'Not interested' but when we started going out once and then twice and so forth..that's when I got to know him well. He's a wonderful person. He makes me laugh a lot. I was happy when I was with him. We became together while I wasn't seeing you haha.
  • Me:So when did you two got engaged?
  • Dr. D:Last November 2012. Our wedding will be this December. :)
  • Me:Wow doctora, your love story is sure for the books. I'm so happy for you.
  • Dr. D:Thanks. Now you..why don't you already consider dating?
  • Me:Well, I'm getting a feeling that maybe this year I might consider just going out for coffee.
  • Dr. D:Well don't think much about getting into a relationship while going out to meet new people. Just take it as it is. If it works out then great. If not, at least you got a new friend. :)
  • Me:Thanks doctora! Haha, yeah it's been 4 years since I last considered going out with someone.
  • Dr. D:And I really do think that by how you look great's nature's way of telling you that it's about time to date! Haha, you'll never know who you'll meet like me so don't let some opportunity to meet someone pass away.
  • Me:I'd greatly consider that now that I'm 26 haha.
  • Dr. D:you know, I'm 34 but in my heart when my fiancé proposed, I was still in this feeling that I can still last single. But it is about time, and we're both happy. You're still young. Just enjoy meeting new people. Who knows, that someone will be the one you'll end up with. :)
  • Me:Gosh, doctora your love story has given me hope that I can still meet someone while being in the busy world of medicine. I can't help but laugh and just smile about this good memory you shared.
  • Dr. D:And I hope nextime when I'll see you again (if ever it's another long time), you'll update me with something. I think it's time for you and nature's telling you to go out.
  • Me:Sure doctora, I will update you haha. Hopefully I can give a good update. :))
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Has EECP taken the medical world by storm?

If you have angina or any form of heart failure like millions of others in the world, then you must be looking for a viable solution to your problem. At some point of time, people tend to feel that they are not getting relief from the regular medications for their heart problems or the symptoms…

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Has EECP taken the medical world by storm?


If you have angina or any form of heart failure like millions of others in the world, then you must be looking for a viable solution to your problem. At some point of time, people tend to feel that they are not getting relief from the regular medications for their heart problems or the symptoms are cropping up all the soon. In such a scenario, EECP can be an effective solution to your problem. It is an outpatient therapy that helps in easing the symptoms of heart trouble without the need of any form of surgery as well as medication. The problems of heart arise due to congestion in the arteries and less supply of blood to and from the heart. Due to less supply of blood, the muscles of the heart have to do some extra amount of work to and from the heart.
In EECP, inflated cuffs are used like blood pressure cuffs. Patients are advised to lie on the bed, while the heart beats of the patients are monitored through an ECG screen. With constant inflation and deflation of the cuffs, the blood supply to the heart is increased gradually, which opens the packaged flow of blood. The treatment is, normally, undertaken for an hour in a day and is spread over 35 sessions. If one is hard pressed for time, they can undertake more than one session a day. The beauty of this form of treatment is that you can undertake it without any hindrance in your daily schedule. Sessions are normally spread over 5 days a week, which makes it a seven week program.
EECP as a form of exercise is being prescribed more and more doctors in the world of today. People suffer from many ailments, and not just heart diseases and angina can benefit from EECP. The reasons for the popularity of this form of treatment are immense. First of all, surgery is a strict no as regards this form of treatment. Practicing it does not require any form of hospitalization along with additional expenses in the form of medicines. All one needs to do is to get in touch with a doctor who has relevant amount of experience in this field. Without picking up the knife, the doctor is able to make your perform better.
Since there is better supply of blood to all the organs, a second lease of life is provided to the failed organs and they tend to respond better. People no longer complain of fatigue and respond to medicines in a better way. In short, they are able to lead a healthy life without too much of a body pain. Just because this is an inexpensive form of treatment does not mean that it is not recognized, it is approved by the FDA and recommended by the doctors from all over the world.
EECP treatment for heart is the best source of relief for patients, and in a lot of ways, it is a blessing in disguise.
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The author is a medical blogger and writes on various types of diseases and its treatment for

Axis Hungarian troops of the Hungarian Second Army (Második Magyar Hadsereg) await medical attention following the First Battle of Voronezh, in which Axis German and Hungarian troops took the city and surrounding area. The Battle of Voronezh was the opening move of Case Blue (Fall Blau), the 1942 strategic summer offensive in southern Russia. The operation was a continuation of the previous year’s Operation Barbarossa, which intended to knock the Soviet Union out of the war, and involved a two-pronged attack against the oil fields of Baku in Azerbaijan as well as an advance in the direction of Stalingrad along the Volga river, to cover the flanks of the advance towards Baku. Near Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. July 1942. Image taken by Tamás Konok.

Everyone Has Seen Me In My Underwear

When people typically go to a doctors visit, physical therapy or the like they are one on one with their medical professional. I, on the other hand, get to have an entire room filled with medical professionals. That’s fine, I’ve never really cared who was in the room as long as they could help me or learn from my case. I had a rare form of meningitis and so I have very specialized prostheses to go along with it. Today, I met with someone to help me to keep my current insurance indefinitely. Let’s hope it works! I did the normal intake with the medical assistant/nurse and then waited for the doctor to enter the room. Seven minutes later, in walks my prosthetist, three students, another prosthetist, the doctor and my physical therapist.

Most people don’t like going to the doctor (I don’t blame you!), to most a crowd of people in the room would make them uncomfortable but to me - I am just used to it. Sure, sometimes the doctors are cute and you’re thinking, “great, here I am in my underwear and now one of my legs is exposed.” It’s uncomfortable but then you remember these are doctors. I like to bring my grandma with me so I’m never in a room with 10 dudes (be them doctors or not) just in my underwear talking about my case. Pretty much any time I am at the doctor I am told to take off my prostheses. I am pretty healthy woman all things considered. I really only go to the doctor because something is wrong with my legs or prostheses. This requires me to be in my underwear a lot. Tonight, I made a joke to my mom when I was showing her a sore I currently have, that the entire medical population in Wisconsin has seen me in this state. I only said it before her boyfriend entered the room as I was getting back into my prostheses. I mean, really who cares? Everyone has skin and everyone has a body. I shouldn’t be ashamed of it since mine is “different” than the norm. Still working to embrace it outside of the medical world and every day it gets better! 

In all my years of having to “strip down” I have figured out that people will see “less” of my underwear if I wear a dress or skirt to my appointments. Greatest break through I’ve had. Don’t be embarrassed that you’re in your underwear as someone is trying to learn and help you get better. Just wear some cute & non-transparent underwear (because lets face it, I’ve been the girl in those sexy time underwear at another leg appointment).