The Scar

Everyone is assuming Kylo is going to have the huge scar bisecting his face that Rey gave him, but if you think about it, he really shouldn’t have one. When Luke’s face got slashed up by the Wampa on Hoth, it was healed when Luke was submerged in the bachta tank. This is thirty years later, which means medical technology has surely gotten even better, so unless Kylo decided he wanted to keep the scar as a reminder of some sorts, his handsome Darkside space cupcake face should be sans scar.

Doing some advanced reading (or highlighting??? haha) for tomorrow’s first Parasitology lecture. I’ve had a brief encounter with parasites from last semester’s Clinical Microscopy during our lectures and lab activities on Fecalysis. I guess I better start getting used to dealing with stool samples twice a week for the next few months to get to know more about these organisms haha.


‘Bionic Eye’ Helps This Man See For The First Time In 30 Years

A video posted Oct. 7 captured the moment when Hester’s eye surgeon, Dr. Paul Hahn, turned on the device’s electronic stimulator for the first time since he implanted the sensor last month.

Watch the full video and learn the science behind this miraculous new procedure. 

For the first time ever, scientists have produced an entire limb complete with veins and muscle, in the lab.

The artificial rat limb is an exciting development for regenerative medicine as it brings us one step closer to generating fully functioning human limbs created from a patient’s own cells, which would in theory make transplants more successful.

Find out how the scientists grew the rat limb here. 

I’m loving the current look of my study table. I recently bought a snake plant because I’ve been dying to have at least one succulent plant in my bedroom for months now haha. Now I’ve finally got one!

I also recycled an old reagent bottle and filled it with tiny scrolls of inspirational messages that our university library has been giving to the students daily.

A gravity-powered chip that can mimic a human heartbeat outside the body could advance pharmaceutical testing and open new possibilities in cell culture because it can mimic fundamental physical rhythms, according to the Univ. of Michigan researchers who developed it.  

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World’s first biolimb: Rat forelimb grown in the lab

The growth of a rat forelimb grown in the lab offers hope that one day amputees may receive fully functional, biological replacement limbs

IT MIGHT look like an amputated rat forelimb, but the photo above is of something much more exciting: the limb has been grown in the lab from living cells. It may go down in history as the first step to creating real, biologically functional limbs for amputees.

“We’re focusing on the forearm and hand to use it as a model system and proof of principle,” says Harald Ott of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who grew the limb. “But the techniques would apply equally to legs, arms and other extremities.”

“This is science fiction coming to life,” says Daniel Weiss at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, who works on lung regeneration. “It’s a very exciting development, but the challenge will be to create a functioning limb.”

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UK Woman Gets “World’s Most Advanced” Bionic Hand Replacement

A new technology has enabled a woman who was born without a right hand to ride a bike for the first time, among other new abilities.

Steeper Group, which is based in Leeds, created the “BeBionic” small hand for Nicky Ashwell, a 26-year-old from London; the company claims it is the most “anatomically accurate” out there and offers an “unrivalled level of precision and natural movements”.



Scientists can stream Netflix through a steak and it’s actually awesome news for doctors

Researchers at the University of Illinois successfully streamed HD video through raw meat. They placed a device on either side of a piece of meat, wirelessly transmitting the data through the meat from one device to another. This breakthrough doesn’t impact binge watchers, it impacts medical researchers and patients and here’s why.

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That Bionic Lens Promises Perfect Vision for Life
Boom! Just like that, the eyesight of an eagle.

This isn’t your normal contact lens.  In fact, it’s not a contact lens at all, but a bionic lens that adheres to the wearer’s eye and gives them vision three times better than 20/20 – for life.  Yes, you could be spotting dimes on the ground from 20 feet away when you’re 90.

According to Business Insider, the lens’ inventor, Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics Technology Corp, spent over eight years developing the lens with his team as part of a project that cost $3 million in funding to produce the super lens.  The lens was finally unveiled to the public last month at a cataract and refractive surgery conference.

Unlike normal contact lenses which are placed on top of the eye and then removed at the end of the day, this lens which looks like a small button, works more like a cataract surgery procedure.

”The lens is actually folded like a taco and placed in the eye using a syringe filled with a saline solution.  Then, in about 10 seconds, the bionic lens unravels over your eye by itself and your sight is ”immediately corrected”.

Boom!  Just like that you have the eyesight of an eagle.

What is even perhaps more amazing and certainly just as appealing to anybody who has qualms about going under the knife, the surgery is totally painless and only takes 8 minutes.  If perfect eyesight for life wasn’t incredible enough, the lens also eliminates the possibility of ever getting cataracts, because the bionic lens replaces the eye’s natural lenses, which decay over time.  Dr. Webb has seemingly invented a better product than nature.

No word on how much perfect vision will cost you, but Ocumetics Technology Corp hopes that after more trials the lens will be available to the public sometime in 2017.

This is Candian research, so it may take a while to trickle down to the US and other countries. Very exciting, though!



EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord yourself on camera answering these three specific questions RE: Future Technology: 

  1. How would you feel about the self-driving car? Would you feel out of control? Do you think it seems dangerous? Do you think it would reduce the death rate of car accidents? 

  2. How do you feel about the idea of brain chips? Does it sound fun or scary to you? 

  3. How do you feel about medical technology evolving to the point of making immortality a reality? Is the point of life that it’s finite?