What am I doing? 

Not getting deported. 

Because autistic immigrants get deported in Canada. We’re considered a burden on society and therefore aren’t welcome in Canada.

I know this may come as a shock, but immigrants don’t want to be deported. We didn’t immigrate for funsies.

Also, I don’t need a professional diagnosis to know. I’ve done the research, read the literature, and I happen to know myself better than anyone else.

 There’s no point to pay however much to get a diagnosis I already know the answer to and a doctor may misdiagnose me as something else. Women get misdiagnosed as utterly ridiculous things by doctors, as many believe that women can’t be autistic, as well as the DSM 5 being nearly useless for diagnosing women, as it only lists traits common in men.

If you’d like, I can provide the link to a study on this subject.

And yes, I know for certain that the resources I used for research are credible. Im a librarian. 

I realized I was autistic while doing research for a major project on information sources about autism for my graduate studies Library Science course on science, technology, and medical information (a project I got a 96% on, btw).

There’s a big difference between quitting and failing. Quitting is completely giving up on something. Failing is a first attempt at learning.

You don’t give up easily on dreams after one failure. Afterall, to fail means First Attempt In Learning.

It got a little better once I accepted it was okay to fail. I wasn’t quitting, I was ready to try again.

—  Going thru my memos and finding this from February 2016

lmao, the liberals, as in both republicans and democrats in the united states, pretend they have an arbitrary age where people are on their own, say it’s 18, but really they don’t give a shit about you for the duration of your life.

They claim at 18, you can finally support yourself on your own, but humans aren’t individualist creatures, we thrive on our social structures, we thrive when we help each other. Individualism is a death sentence.

In truth there should be no arbitrary age where we stop helping each other, age shouldn’t determine how much help one needs. We should help all to the best of our abilities regardless of age. Which is why yes, food, housing, medical care, water, education, technology, etc. should be equally allotted to all. 

Your personality based on your witch calling
  • green/garden witch: You are very nurturing in nature, very protective of your friends. Some of your favorite things are being alone except for nature around you. You probably want to be in a field of some sort of biology, healthcare, public works, or medical technology.
  • traditional witch: You are an old soul, and you probably are very wise and smart. You have deep thought, and you love history. You probably know everything there is to know about history and politics. You probably want to be in a field of history, art, politics, or even archeology.
  • hedge witch: You are someone who is very aware. You feel the strum of the beat of the earth, and you connect to animals very easily. Almost all animals love you. You probably want to be in a field of biology, environment, veterinary care, or public works.
  • cosmic witch: You feel a deep connection with the otherworldly. You love conspiracy theories, and you are are always deeply curious. You probably want to be in a field of engineering, flight, aeronautics, astronautics, astronomy or physics.
  • lunar witch: You are the friend who always says "oh my god look at the moon!!", and you feel a deep connection to the goddess, or your own femininity. You're very similar to the cosmic witch.
  • divination/psychic witch: You have an endless supply of crystals, tarot cards, black mirrors, pendulums, ouija boards, orical cards, and so on. You are extremely intuitive, and you love watching people and making hypotheses about who they are. You probably want to study physics, geology, public works, or teaching.
  • storm witch: You have a fiery personality and you're not afraid to show it. You can always tell what the weather is going to be like. You are very ambitious. You probably want to study meteorology, law, accounting, poltical science, or statistitcs.
  • sea witch: you feel the tides of the ocean circulating the globe. You are a very ethical person, and you have a slight "OCD" or perfectionist personality. You probably want to study marine biology, marine science, environment, ecosystem, law or poltical science.
  • eclectic witch: You are a little bit of everything. This also means that you have a hard time making up your mind on some matters because you find interest in everything. You tend to fall hard in love. you probably could be/study anything!
  • spirit witch: very similar personality traits to the divination/psychic witch. You are intutive, and you are a great listener.

Man, I feel like the “stoic badass with no feelings or weaknesses who loves murder” is just such a waste of Darth Vader’s character. Like, can you not just write the Punisher instead, various comic authors who know who they are and exactly what they did?

Vader is a zealot with a million regrets. His character is defined by having been so badly hurt that he now relies on medical technology to live; literally his most iconic features as a character relate to how affected he is by his injuries and the trauma of his past in general. I can’t imagine why anybody writing Vader would go “ok but that’s boring, let’s totally fail to acknowledge any of it and get back to the laser sword fights.”

basically: give me Darth Vader as something other than a stock darkgritty antagonist, you cowards. fight me 



It’s been a year since I had my first duty as a Med-tech Intern in Angeles University Foundation Medical Center. I still remember my first duty: It was a night duty on the 16th day of May 2016, which started at 7 in the evening til 8AM the next day. Apparently, It was also our grand duty/celebration duty in Philippine Orthopedic Center. So I had to attend it in the morning, and rush in the bus at 5PM so I can reach my destination (which is AUFMC). That’s how tired I was on my first duty in AUFMC.

I spent my Internship II back in Angeles City for 6 long months. It was a struggle, at first. But learned to evaluate and meddle things I needed to know for me to survive in a different nature from what I’ve experienced in Orthopedics. It was way different, really different. I won’t further elaborate its differences. But to place a thought, Life in AUFMC is less stressful ‘cause you got all what you need in the laboratory. Unlike in POC, what you see is what you get. It may sound cliché, but it’s real. You just have to learn from it.

I learned what I needed to, and thanking everyone who took part in my 6 month stay. Especially to the only person who I have been talking to most of the time, Chastene (my dearest post mate who never get tired of listening to my rants, thank you) To the staff who patiently shared their knowledge and skills, I appreciate you all so much. Everyone know learning involves third parties, you learn from each other’s idea and how they do things. I appreciate everyone who passed their knowledge, and never been selfish in teaching us. You are the greatest, pertaining to most of the staff I’ve talked to.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center, Angeles City.

One of the things I love doing when I go warding with a staff is Having a glimpse of seeing Mount Arayat while waiting for the elevator on 8th floor. But the table seemed so lonely.

Blood bank shenanigans. I learned to push my capability of multi-tasking in blood bank section. Flexibility at its finest.

A medtech professional’s best friend. You wouldn’t see how beautiful the Urine-verse will look if you don’t have one. This binocular thing (a microscope) lets you see different urinary sediments like crystals. Yes, we can also look for eggs!

Tissue processing by the greatest Sir Jermaine who have so much patient to the world. I salute this person who made a great impact in me. His works are near perfect!

I learned to love Clinical chemistry section because of our Head Medtech. Shout out to the kindest Mam D! She is one of those to treasure people.

A bloody urine on the left and a clear pale yellow on the right.

Care for some plates of bacteria? That moment when you get to culture different kind of organisms. It is fun, but risky at the same time. We also have these medical terms you would hate to memorize.

Get those warding boxes and get ready for some battle. We do not really extract blood from IN patients. We were only allowed for OUT patients.

I had to blur this photo since it contains patient identification and results. One of the best parts of my internship too, was to collect and gather results. Haha.

17/19 Interns made it and successfully completed “the” 6 months internship in Angeles University Foundation Medical Center.

Here’s a clear view of my temporary certificate. We handed them back ‘cause they need to make a new one with the clock hours we made.

With the one and only Chastene. My post mate for 6 long months who never get tired of my jokes and rants (as I have stated above)  It was a huge adjustment for me to only have one post mate unlike what I had in Orthopedics, I had 15 including me for a single post. Can you imagine that? I sometimes have duty alone. But most of the time, with Chas. And everything went well.

Internship 2 made me realize the importance of technology. It may sound that it makes people lazy but .. it shortens time, and give diagnosis asap for people to be properly cured. Hope you get it. Technology also helps in prolonging lives. Internship 2 also made me strong, made me brave and boost-ed my spirit. I have met different kind of people, I shared laughter and memories with them. But there are some who will not appreciate your work, some will be against you, some will only see your flaws and that’s okay. I learned to embrace everything for I believe I do not have the substance of perfection. Life is a struggle, beautiful battle to conquer.

I would like to thank these people who imparted knowledge and who unselfishly showed care to me: Mam Lam, Mam D, Mam Ces, Sir Jzl, Sir Ben, Sir Jermaine, Mam Lec, Mam Tinay, Mam Lieza, Sir Virnol, Sir Charles, Sir Totep, Mam Layne, Mam Jess, Mam Angela and Mam Tin. May God bless you always. :)

Aliens finding out about medieval medicine stuff

This is my second addition to this topic, which I find really really cool, and I could just go along read these all day! I saw a post about a bacteria escaping earth and endangering a planet, then humans just coming with a virus and eradicating the bacteria… This gave me an idea, about aliens finding out what we did in our pre-industrial era to ourselves, 

Ka’ziel looked through the observation deck of the ship, watching the blue-green planet coming closer and closer. Earth. The place where basically the most deadly things evolved in the entire universe… And he was going there, with 10 other historians to learn more about humans, the nearly unkillable race in the entire universe. Thankfully the ship weren’t headed for Earth, they were only going to Earth’s moon, which the humans called just “Moon”…

Apparently humans had 5 big era in their history: Pre-Historic Era,  Ancient Era, Medieval Era, Modern Era, and now, Space Era. Pre-Historic is basically the Era before any written language, Ancient Era is the growing early human cities and the fall of the first empires, Medieval Era is where the humans really started their technological advance, Modern Era is the post-industrialization, and Space Era is today. We learned so much about their early times! But the most interesting lesson will be on today, my specialization: Medicine history! Human Peter, a human medieval historian invited me to a personal lesson about it. 

Human Peter: So in the Medieval Era we believed in a lot of stuff, and they were insanely religious… sooo there was a stop in technological and medical advancement for like 7-800 years or more so. But Medieval science was amazing too, Im sure you heard about the stories of us discovering surgery before anesthetics…

Ka’Ziel: WAIT IS THAT TRUE? I thought that was just a myth like the one about humans sprinkling poison in their eyes just to make them prettier by that ages beauty standards…

Human Peter: well… both of them are true… 

Ka’Ziel just watched as Human Peter sent him a chemical formula describing a Tropane alkaloid  which was so deadly even thinking about making contact with it was enough to leave Ka’Ziels three 25 inch long back-spikes shivering… 

Ka’Ziel: You did this to yourselves? TO MATCH BEAUTY STANDARDS?

Human Peter: Yea we made some strange stuff in the Medieval age…

Ka’Ziel: and what about the myth with humans cutting their veins to heal themselves?

Human Peter: also true, it was because of a superstition of the veins containing demons and stuff…

Ka’Ziel: but in your veins are your main body fluid “blood” right? So isn’t cutting them open cause you to DIE?

Human Peter: well if we don’t do something about it for an hour or so then yes…

Ka’Ziel couldn’t handle this much of information in such a short period of time, so he asked for the lesson to continue later. Human Peter allowed this, but when Ka’Ziel was just leaving the room he said after him: Wait ‘till you hear about Laringotomy!

Ten Years (Part 12)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,065 (I AM OUT OF MY MIND)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: Tags are closed. This is the second to last part. I came THISCLOSE to having another cliffhanger, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to drag it out just to torture you. PS - IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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Have you ever seen Supervet? Idk of it's shown in Australia but it's a tv show based in a vet practice called Fitzpatrick Referrals and the guy does all sorts of technologically amazing treatments but I have to admit, I don't know if he doesn't sometimes take things too far and should just be euthanising these suffering animals. It also fits in with something I saw recently about a man giving horses prosthetic limbs when they'd normally die after a broken leg. How far do you think is too far?

Within the industry, specialist surgeons have a reputation of being very ‘cut happy’, generally speaking. It’s like when all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

I have seen some of the episodes, quite a long time ago. He certainly seems to know his stuff, but I don’t like the dramatization. I also don’t like how the show just skims over costs of these procedures and didn’t emphasize the simple fact that experimental surgery sometimes doesn’t work.

If someone is going to go to extreme lengths to save an animal, they should do it properly and a well equipped specialist hospital with a knowledgeable surgeon is the place to be. However, not every case can be saves.

I’ve said previously that I try to avoid making judgement calls about ‘should’. The exception to this are cases where the animal’ welfare is compromised. I feel like it’s our job to advocate for our patient’s welfare, particularly making sure that minimum standards are not compromised.

I think the proliferation of two legged dogs that are allowed to live to adulthood are an example of things going too far. The  media treat these stories as inspirational, when really they shouldn’t have been allowed to get this far. This is sad, not inspiring, and I feel bad for the dogs and cringe at the thought of their orthopedics.

And the  media just praises it for trying to survive without so much as tossing it a pair of wheels.

I mean, if you’re going to try to keep an animal with a disability to make yourself feel better, either do it well or don’t do it at all.

Technology and medical techniques should advance over time. It’s not unreasonable to expect the scope of treatments we can offer to expand. On the topic of horse limbs, the difficulty in treating horse limb fractures is due to their size and damage that occurs to the other legs while they’re healing. Small horses cope with some prosthetics, but large and flighty horses tend not to.

How far we can push treatment will no doubt change in the future, but we need an ethical framework to ask ‘should we do this’. If we’re undertaking a treatment for our benefit over the animal’s, I have to ask why. It is their welfare that should be a priority in these decisions. Not human ego.


JW Medical manufacture & supply medical devices for the purpose of examining, treating & operating on patients including the diagnostic reagent equipment necessary for various examinations and diagnoses.

We have acquired FDA approval and CE, UL and ISO certifications in recognition of our excellent products and technologies, and have been spurring our efforts to expand into and firmly establish ourselves in the overseas markets.


I am now a Registered Medical Technologist! This is all for the Lord and for my family! 🙏

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” —Jeremiah 29:11

Next Goals: 👉MLS (ASCPi)👉MD

I would like to say hi to my bashers. 🙋

If You Scratch My Back... - Mercy x Sombra

Dr Angela Ziegler finds an unexpected ally in Sombra. Actually, she finds an unexpected LOT of things in Sombra. 



It wasn’t so much a sound that woke Angela. It was a feeling, she decided, an uneasiness. The type of feeling you get when you’re driving to work and wondering if you really did lock your front door.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the familiar ceiling in her Gibraltar HQ residence (it was still so odd to be back here again), wondering what it meant. Perhaps I’m subconsciously aware I forgot to do something important? she thought, rolling over to look at her clock: 3:42am. Hmm.

There wasn’t anything she could have left on, though. And when she tried to methodically go through her evening minute-by-minute, routine-by-routine, she couldn’t pinpoint anything she’d forgotten. Her new nanite formula was refrigerated—she remembered doing that. Ana’s new bullets (secretly altered so they damaged unintended targets less) were ready to be batched in the cupboard. Even her new formula for the ‘resus pack’, as she called it, a tiny life support implant with a single dose of a chemical cocktail to automatically resuscitate you if your heart slipped into arrhythmia was safely locked in the fridge, waiting for her to continue trying to convince those difficult new directors in Ethics to let her run live tests. Honestly, she couldn’t think of what she mightn’t have done.

The uneasiness remained, though, and no amount of closing her eyes and reassuring herself everything was fine was helping at all.

Well. Perhaps she should just get up and check the lab? You know, just in case.

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White men have been getting a bad rap lately. They are constantly told that they are the world’s oppressors and the world would be a lot better off without these problematic, potential rapists around. Other races and genders roll their eyes at them and say things such as “dear white people” in a tone that implies they’re going to explain their wrongdoings to them one last time. 

I never really thought of white males as anything extraordinary until everyone said it’s a terrible thing to be one. After looking it up, turns out they’re pretty great - maybe not “supreme,” but definitely a combination of race and gender we owe a lot to.

White men create and maintain the world’s most prosperous and desirable countries. Majority-white counties do an absolutely brilliant job at creating and maintaining the cleanest, safest, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and technologically innovative societies on the planet. They make up the top 10 most prosperous in the world and top 18 happiest, healthiest and most advanced. The only countries who are more prosperous than us are countries with even greater percentages of whites.

It’s no wonder a huge percentage of the planets population would jump at the first opportunity to come and live in one of these “white supremacies.” There are certainly a few major non-white first world exceptions out there who get ranked around the 20th mark for most prosperous (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong) but these countries are primarily the way they are through adopting Western technologies and systems of government and laws. Immigration to these countries is also almost non-existent, while all the white majority countries are major migration destinations for non-white people around the world seeking a better life.

“White Supremacy”? It’s more like white competency than anything else. And competency is a virtue that should cherished and praised. Not derided.

White males make up only a tiny fraction of the population of the planet, but have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of the vast majority of the world’s scientific, medical, and technological advancements for 500+ years. Japan, Korea, and China could very well still be lingering in a 13th century standard of living if not for increased contact with the West starting in the 1800’s, and western medicine has added decades to the average life expectancy of all races of people across the globe. Can’t live without your phone, computer, car, antibiotics, medicine, electricity, internet, eyeglasses, refrigeration, GPS, satellites and yes, even the toilet? White people say, you’re welcome. 

Now, I know what the racists are thinking. Sure, some white man innovations have been created for destruction, but for every V-2 rocket there is a Saturn V, for every attack helicopter there is a rescue helicopter, and for every nuclear bomb there is an asteroid in space which could be obliterated before it has a chance to destroy Earth. The innovations of white men have brought far more health and happiness to people around the world than their negatives, so cultural Marxists and all the “white privilege” brow-beaters are more than welcome to move to a Madagascar mud hut if they really can’t stand anything white or western. You aren’t going to be missed.

Cultural Marxists, feminists, and other poorly informed left-wing activists love to keep espousing that white males have historically been the most “violent” or the most “oppressive” race of men on the planet. However, this is entirely untrue. It is in fact Asians who have been responsible for the lion’s share of the highest death toll conflicts in human history, and the Japanese, Mongols, and Chinese are well represented in the four most deadly. Even today, where are the only places in the world who are still run by bloodthirsty dictators, where their people are so oppressed they can’t smile without being executed, where rape, slavery, killing gays and marrying children are legal? It sure as fuck isn’t coming from white people and that’s precisely why everyone ignores it. 

The big news media continues to push garbage claims that whites are uniquely racist above all others. On an even more ridiculous note, they may even claim that non-whites can’t be racist at all, because the world is a “white supremacy”. White majority countries all across the world are the most tolerant and the most accepting of living amongst people with different cultures and backgrounds, while countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are deemed the least accepting. 

A recent study found that Jordan and India are the two most racist countries in the world followed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong. But sure, keep telling us how racist and intolerant the United States is. Furthermore, only white majority countries take in huge numbers of immigrants and refugees, while the wealthy Northeast Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) scoff at such humanitarianism. Are you going to go to their airports and chant to let them in?

Also, let’s talk about slavery. Not only have left wingers and the mainstream media purposefully chosen to avoid any kind of discussion of the Arab slave trade, the slave trades of North Africa, Egypt, China, Pakistan, for example or even the slavery that’s still going on today. India has 18 million slaves, China 3 million, Pakistan 2 million, Bangladesh, North Korea, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Mauritania, Congo, Iran, Turkey, Egypt - all hold millions of slaves today but whites are told to feel guilty and ashamed because about 2% of white Americans owned slaves 200 years ago? White males have made more contributions to ending slavery across the world than any other group of people but they still get blamed as if they were the ones responsible for slavery. Every race has been on either side of slavery and yes, that includes white people once being slaves too. Africa started it, white guys ended it.

Britain abolished slavery throughout the British Empire with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, the French colonies abolished it in 1848, and the U.S. abolished slavery in 1865 with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Brazil was the last European colony to do so in 1888. Compare that to the far East, where chattel slavery was a legal part of Chinese culture until 1910 and slavery continued in much of the Islamic world well into the 20th century. It was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands largely due to pressure exerted from western nations like Britain and France, you know, white guys.

Despite all the humiliation, browbeating, and derision that white males are experiencing in the west today, they have a reputation of brushing themselves off and continuing to get on with being the world’s inventors and peacemakers. Despite knowing that popular culture, hiring practices, and so many different media outlets and national institutions are against their wellbeing, they’re not the ones raising hell, starting riots or shooting five black police officers. They don’t waste their time with White Men’s Marches, they smile, go to work and continue to lead by example. 

Yes, while white men may have been behind a lot of the bad in the world, so has every other race. The difference is, they’re also behind pretty much everything that is great and vital to us today. That’s what happens when you create the modern world. 

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hiiii!! there arent many studyblrs/resources about this online so sorry if this is random. im also studying MT and our major subjects (para, bacte, clinchem etc) are next sem. do you have any advice on what i should start reading/memorizing in advance?

Hello there! I’m sorry if I took too long to answer your question. I haven’t been checking my tumblr blog that often lately because of internship. :(

I wish you all the best for next sem! It’s going to get really tough from then on. The key is to stand firm and persevere through the failures that you may encounter because an MT life is never complete without facing failures every once in a while. It’s part of the whole process of building yourself to become a well-rounded professional.

As for reading in advance, I really can’t tell you much haha! It isn’t really necessary to jump right into reading in advance before the sem starts. To be honest, I had little to no knowledge at all of what I was facing when we started taking up our major subjects. You will be able to understand the topics through the discussions given by your instructors/professors. I’ve spent most of my time in this course cramming the night before exams lol, but it doesn’t always work for everybody. 

But from what I’ve observed, if you understood your Human Anatomy & Physiology subject well, then you won’t have much trouble understanding the theoretical aspects of our subjects especially when it comes to the rationale and theories behind the tests that we perform in the lab. I guess you can start looking for ebooks online? Reading books is always better than the notes they give out in bullet-format. Just take note of the books that your instructors/professors mention as their references. :)

MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE has been chosen as the TOUGHEST course among all the courses including BCOM, CA, IAS, IPS & MBBS; by the Guinness Book of World Records, on 18Aug2011. It has 58 University Exams + 130 series exams + 174 assignments within 4 years (max 750 workings days). All MEDTECH post this on your wall for at least 2hours & be proud to be a MEDTECH! \:D

Playing God with DNA
Church wants to turbocharge the evolutionary process by putting new genes into organisms rather than waiting around for them to evolve those genes on their...
By Sharon Begley, STAT

Harvard Biologist  George Church wants to turbocharge the evolutionary process by putting new genes into organisms rather than waiting around for them to evolve those genes on their own.

By Sharon Begley, STAT

Harvard biologist George Church burst into the headlines (yet again) last week when he helped organize a closed-door meeting of scores of top scientists to discuss accelerating efforts to create synthetic DNA — including a complete human genome.

They’re considering launching a decade-long drive to build, from scratch, all the genes that make humans human.

The meeting raised all sorts of ethical questions. But that’s nothing new for Church. He has been stirring controversy, and excitement, in the scientific community for decades. He wants to reanimate the woolly mammoth, edit pig genes so their organs can be transplanted safely into people — oh, and reverse aging.

In short, you’ll want to keep an eye on him. Here’s a start:

Who is George Church?

He’s the Harvard biologist who has become as famous for his Stephen Colbert appearances and for looking like Charles Darwin, Santa Claus, or God (depending on your bent) as for his many seminal scientific discoveries.

So, is he the new Darwin?

Darwin explained how species evolve. Church wants to turbocharge that process by putting new genes into organisms rather than waiting around for them to evolve those genes on their own.

For instance, he is using CRISPR, the revolutionary genome-editing technology he helped develop, to alter 62 pig genes at a time, which might allow their organs to be transplanted into people without being rejected.

As for his divinity, not yet. But he has embarked on efforts to resurrect the dead (mammoths, as he explained at a TED Talk on “de-extinction”) and smite the living (mosquitoes that carry malaria and other disease-causing pathogens, via a revolutionary technique called gene drive).

(Excerpt please click link for the full article)

It’s funny. Professor Church actually LOOKS like a wizard.