Studying for Anatomy & Physiology - the skeletal system

I work well with drawings and figured I’d make a poster since I’m already doodling the bones in my notebooks haha

In order to graduate from high school I have to blend my passion for art with my interest in medicine, and so here I am drawing the human skeleton // progress 1

It̺̥̟̗͖ ̦̞̹͈į̲̬s̙̤̕ ̥̰C̡͓̝̬̟͇̹o̝̯̝̣͟m̹͇̥̼ͅi̷̦̩̳ng͕̫.̳̰͇̼.̥̦̟̯̠͘.̫̮̟̖͓̙

We all know its coming.. February 14. Yep. So hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Hide yo Spys because its coming.

And we know what it all horrifyingly means for all of us.


since no video was up yet, here’s the youtube version of Robin’s livestream! honestly this made my heart so happy, I love this man

| Take Your Spy To Snipe Day | 

2560x1440 Resolution | Made In Source Filmmaker

Requested by @greypillowsheet

No sniper can headshot and dominate the entire team without their trusty spy companions B)

Holy Crap. Finally got around to figure out that vulmetric lighting stuff and I love it already, and then my bud, @kittin12376 just showed me how to make the render smoother. I’m so happy with this little experiment render ^^

But seriously. Medic isn’t gonna leave anyone’s organs behind…

The Date

Request by: the-fluffy-dragon

My…back…hurts… So many hours spend on this. But damn I like it! Again, I wanted to try something new, A BACKGROUND!

Fluffy asked for a date between Spy and Scout’s Mom. What is better than a little dinner at the restaurant? So yeah those two lovely babies are having a good time, while Miss Pauling doesn’t… Stfu Scout…OH And Heavy and Medic too! But their fun is different obviously. Now I’m hungry.

I can’t tell how many hours I spend on this… Too much XD

Anyway I hope you will enjoy as much as I do! :D

Merry Christmas to my Secret Elf, @kaipo-senpai! Just barely in the nick of time. I need to learn how to SFM again. :V But here is a gift for them: An SFM poster of Medic and Spy on a date/doing something cute. So here they are on a cold winter’s night, and Medic is introducing Archimedes to Spy!

It’s not AS well as I hoped it would be, I’m very rusty at SFM. But it is my hope that my skills can improve so that I can make this look better. For now, please enjoy! Merry Christmas!

| We Make Good Team |

2560x1440 Resolution | Made in Source Filmmaker

Ever since heavy’s heart transplant, he didn’t just become stronger and more badass. Nope. He also decided to go into the medical field and learn how to fix slimy, bloody and just blown up people B)


• Illustrations (sketches and final color) made for a medical poster about Breastfeeding for the company NUK (baby products), through the design studio VisualPoint.