belajar bikin medical poster....

Semenjak kata-kata Ibu Ira (dosen B. Inggris), saya jadi penasaran sama medical poster. Kata Bu Ira, “sudah ngga zamannya lagi kalian jadi peserta di seminar. Ini sudah waktunya kalian datang ke seminar sebagai pembicara, atau narasumber, atau ikut sebagai peserta untuk medical poster and paper.”

Tanggal 14 desember kemaren, saya berkesempatan ikut seminar tentang bagaimana membuat sci-poster. Sebenarnya bukan cuma poster, sih, tapi paper juga. Tapi yang nyangkut di otak saya cuma gimana caranya bisa bikin sci-poster. Maklum, saya suka bikin poster+desain (kecil-kecilan) :3 hehehe…

Jadi deh saya datang ke seminar itu, bawa laptop- karena kita disuruh praktek langsung. Oh ya, yang ngebikin acara itu dari AMSA (Asian Medical Students Association) Univ. Airlangga. Acaranya lumayan bagus sih, ngga formal-formal banget. Pembicaranya juga memang yang sudah ahli dalam bidang paper and poster. Cuma… Kita yang dari bidan agak sedikit ‘terganggu’ karena salah satu dari dua orang pembicaranya tuh cakep .__. temen sebelah saya sampe ngomongin terus tentang si cakep ini pas giliran si cakep nerangin tentang medical poster, jadi saya agak sedikit ngga konsen. Weleh.

Anyway, setelah kurang lebih 1 jam materi diberikan, seperti janji panitia, kita diharuskan membuat contoh poster. Satu kelompok terdiri dari 3 orang. Kita dikasih contoh materi abstract nya dari panitia, jadi ngga ujug-ujug disuruh bikin penelitian, lagipula waktunya mepet banget cuma sekita 1 jam-an.

Nah, ini hasil poster bikinan saya sama temen-temen:

Lumayan baguslah buat pemula… :) Soalnya yang juara pertama-nya alias yang paling bagus itu hampir mirip posternya sama punya kita. hehehe cuma emang mereka lebih rapi. Dan meskipun ngga dapet juara, kita ngga kecewa kok. Yang penting udah tau gimana caranya bikin medical poster yang bener.

Mudah-mudahan di lain waktu nanti ada kesempatan buat saya ikutan lomba medical poster gitu… aamiin :D


Backgrounds for Cancer Concept Animation Project (Part 2)

These backgrounds are centered around the clinic in the story. More backgrounds and project explanation in Part 1.

The doctor character is a lion so I went ridiculously literal with the design for the clinic building. It used to look like a normal clinc until I was like, “Why am I trying to make this a real building? This isn’t like my day job (which is at an architecture office), I can make it as ridiculous as I want!”

I also particularly enjoyed making fake medical posters for the examining room. One is a primate heart and the other is a canine skull.  

Again, BIG thanks to Vincent Lee who gave me the chance to be a part of this project! 

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is going to med school in the Fall. Any good graduation gift ideas?

- Doctor bag

- iPad (a bit pricey, but it will be really useful) 

- Keurig coffee maker 

- Stethoscope

- Artsy medical posters

- Nice pens

- Any gift that says you really know them. <3 

best of luck! 


I was recently approached by local Norwich filmmaker Dale from Elixir Media Productions, who asked if I could help him with Graphic/Visual design throughout his Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his feature length documentary “Grassroots - The Cannabis Revolution”. You can see the trailer below:

Dale explained that he has been working for the past two years on his film to highlight the issues surrounding the use of medical cannabis and the stigmatism the sufferers of chronic diseases such as MS, Crohns, and various Cancers suffer as a result of medicating themselves through the use of Cannabis. Although most of the filming had been completed he was running a kickstarter in order to raise funds for editing and other post production costs to enable to bring the film to completion.

Although aware of the use of medical cannabis in places such as California I really didn’t have any knowledge around the subject. However knowing Dale is a good guy, and hearing his passion and the work he’d already put in to tell this very personal story (the main subject of the film Clark French is both Dale’s cousin and a sufferer of severe MS), along with having the availability and the opportunity to help run a kickstarter and crack out Photoshop for the first time in a while, I felt that despite not being all that politically minded myself, it was a great chance to help someone follow their passion, along with being an interesting project in terms of design, branding, social media engagement & marketing.

We quite quickly settled on a simple and bold 3-colour brand of green, white and black in order to make things as bold an consistent as possible.  These constraints also proved to be an interesting design challenge on my part.

 The initial early stage of the project was to design the various aspects of the initial Kickstarter launch page to help inform potential backers about the film, which you can see here:

After the initial page was set up and launched, my role was then to continue to design pledge rewards such as T-shirts and Posters etc, which you can see in the header of this post, along with providing social media support / graphics and engagement.

I’ve been designing posters for a while, mostly internally in my various places of employment, but this was the first time I’ve ever had to design a real life movie poster!  I just tried to keep everything as simple, clean and bold as possible in order to stand out and help grab peoples attention whilst being shared around on Twitter / Facebook etc.

The one glaring exception to this was the alternative ‘ Sensationalist’ poster, where Dale’s instruction was to ‘go wild’ in satirising the 30′s and 40′s posters in the the style of the famous ‘Reefer Madness’ film.

Definitely one of the personal highlights for me was seeing the response we received to my T-Shirt designs and especially being able to go behind the scenes at the awesome ESP Merchandise screenprint company here in Norwich and make a ‘mini-documentary’ as my T-shirts transformed from images on my screen to a real article of (pretty cool) clothing:

It’s been a super busy month, but I’m really pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign was a roaring success, and despite looking shaky at times, eventually ended up with around 120% of the funding needed, and I hope that in some small way my designs helped achieve this.  It’s been very inspiring to work with someone who is working so hard to tell a story that as I’ve learnt means a literally life-changing amount to so many people.

For me, it’s been a great exercise in practising my design and branding skills, along with learning a lot about an issue and engaging with a community I was previously mostly unaware of. Also I get my designs worn and seen by a lot of people,  and last but certainly not least will have my name in film credits, in a full feature length documentary! Quite mind-blowing when I sit and think about it :)

My work with this project is now mostly done (for now!) but Elixir Media Production still needs all the support they can get so please follow them on Twitter / Facebook using the links below.  It’s been really interesting to have been involved and I wish Dale, and all the other people involved , all the luck in the world in bringing this project to completion.