Top Pharmaceutical Products by US Retail Sales in 2011

Compiled and Produced by the Njardarson Group (The University of Arizona): Edon Vitaku, Elizabeth A. Ilardi, Jon T. Njardarson

See the rest here along with many other Diseased Focused Pharmaceuticals.


Following on from my “Remember Your Lunch” propaganda poster I hung on my door, I said I’d make a “Take your meds!” poster and got a lot of great suggestions. I finally settled on this suggestion by @ivylaughed, and I really like how the typeset came out, but since this was more for you guys than for me I thought I’d make two versions to choose from. In theory, you could put your own image on the poster too! 

(Click on each image for larger versions, suitable for hanging on your wall, mirror, door, significant other(s), etc.)

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