The Governor of New Jersey vetoed a new bill that expands the state’s medical marijuana laws but said he would sign it if certain conditions are added: that edible marijuana is restricted to children only, and that children require the approval of 2 doctors to receive a prescription.

The issue was highlighted at a campaign event on Aug 14., where Christie was approached by Brian Wilson, father of a 2-year old girl who suffers from a form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. Wilson and his family had lobbied for S2842 but the legislation has been with Christie for 2 months.


Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, from the Green Cross themselves.  ( )  These flowers were some of the most interesting I have enjoyed for a while, with forefronts of mint in the inhale and with a chocolate cookie exhale that lingers if only for a second or two.  Not to mention the pre- ignition boutique encapsulating all these smells in a amazingly compact and dense nug.  As you can tell by the 20% THC this is a well grown batch, with genetic potential seemingly maximized. With leaves that seemed to melt like hash when heated, a quality that usually only happens at above 20% THC.  If you have a sweet tooth than these cookies are for you!

Lab Results: THC 20.0% CBD 0.2% CBN 0.0%


The Sour Grape Cookies, from The Green Cross, here in San Francisco. A great flavor addition to the normally middle of the road flavor of ‘Cookies’, and am glad to say it seems through genetics, not carbohydrate synthesizers.  The Purple hints are apparent and the cola structure consistent with most 'Cookies’ albeit an animal or girl scout varietal, meaning nicely frosted and natural, pleasant density that ensures smooth rolling of J’s or easy loading of vaporizers.  A definite strain to try through the vaporizer to get all the various nuances of both the purple, then later at higher heats the Cookies.

Below right off the board

SG Cookies THC 19.4% CBD 0.3% CBN 0.3% (Indica)
Almost half of Americans support marijuana legalization

“A new Gallup poll has found that more Americans than ever favor the legalization of marijuana for general use, while the number of people opposed to it is now at an all-time low. The findings come at a pivotal time when California is set to vote on legalization of the crop, and indicate a significant shift in public perception about the controversial plant.”