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Chuuya’s Birthday
  • Chuuya arrives to the studio, and when he walks in, he’s greeted with loud screaming, lots of confetti and cake
  • The cast doesn’t really do anything on days like this, so Asagiri-sensei lets them do whatever they want as long as they don’t burn the place down
  • There’s a lot of wine presents, along with a crap ton of gift cards and stupid troll presents. Somewhere in the pile of crap is a lingerie set, two boxes of condoms, high heels, and makeup 
  • The day drinking gets worse
  • Dazai tries and convince Chuuya to have birthday sex with him, but Chuuya keeps swerving him
  • The entire cast and crew have a competition to see who can drink the most without vomitting. Chuuya wins (he’s actually very good at holding his liquor)
  • They play truth or dare, spin the bottle, strip poker, 7 minutes in heaven… anything that gives Dazai an excuse to make out with Chuuya
  • Instead of filming, they just rewatch some old BSD episodes and bloopers, laughing and pointing at all the stupid moves they do
  • Somewhere in the shadows, Elise is filming all of this to sell on Amazon somewhere
  • The cast also play some charades, where they pretend to be fellow BSD actors in the most ridiculous ways
  • Sexual innuendos and swears are dropped every five seconds
  • Loud music can be hear from several streets down
  • The people who live in the apartment with the cast are just glad the party isn’t inside the building this time around
  • Dazai manages to break several props, lights, glasses (drinking), and spill paint on the stage. Kouyou tells Chuuya to drive Dazai home before he destroys anything else.
    When they get to the apartment, Chuuya lugs Dazai into their room and tucks him in. Dazai isn’t actually that drunk and opens his eyes, sitting up, telling Chuuya to stay with him, so Chuuya reluctantly sits on the bed, pulling the covers over his legs
  • Dazai smiles and pulls out a chain from underneath his shirt with the same ring. “Of course.”

    They don’t bother returning to the studio.

I love Chuuya so damn much <3

anonymous asked:

Actually, I found Atsushi sassing back the most insensitive part of the chapter? Like, really, Atsushi? Why are you gloating (in effect, if not in intention) not once, but twice about Dazai throwing away someone. I mean, I know that he knows nothing about their circumstances, but way to say the most hurtful thing without a compelling reason about a thing we already estabilished you know nothing about. (1) cont

(2) To me it kind of felt like if Akutagawa had said randomly to Atsushi …”that’s why the orphanage director was right in making you stab your foot.”, only in that case we as the audience would know it was crossing a line.            

You’re right, it really is, and it’s not as if Atsushi didn’t sense that his words crossed a line…

But he says it here again, about 5 pages later.

When I said that “at least Atsushi is sassing him back”, I meant to point out that Atsushi is no longer afraid of firing back his honest thoughts without thinking his life would be in danger. We see bits of that in their previous encounters,

but right now they’ve reached a point where trading barbs and insults has become a part of their dynamic. Even so, they both acknowledge each other’s strengths, no matter how much they hate it.

Like you, I had to raise a brow when I first read what Atsushi spitefully told Akutagawa. The raws were just out, and the giddiness upon seeing Dazai and his two protégés together had disappeared like a flash when I realized Dazai still has control over Akutagawa and his actions. Atsushi saying something like that made me wonder whether Akutagawa truly was fated to get nothing but scraps.

But to be fair, let me point out that Akutagawa had tried killing Atsushi not just once, but on numerous occassions as well. Add to that, he goes off on a spiel about having to leave Atsushi dead and taking off on his own, even though they should be prioritizing the mission. Anyone would react badly when being subjected to such a hostile attitude, so it’s no wonder Atsushi is prodding the stick where it hurts the most, though he himself may not realize fully how hurtful he is being. I’m sure if Atsushi had known what Akutagawa had gone through while under Dazai’s command, he’d think first before speaking.