Henrietta Lacks’s family wants compensation for her cells
Lacks’s son says Johns Hopkins should compensate the family for mom’s cells.

“The eldest son of Henrietta Lacks wants compensation from Johns Hopkins University and possibly others for the unauthorized use of her cells in research that led to decades of medical advances.

Lawrence Lacks said that he is the executor of his mother’s estate and that an agreement that the National Institutes of Health made with other family members over the years regarding the use of the cells was not valid. That agreement did not include compensation.

The cells taken from the 31-year-old from Turners Station, Md., after she died of an aggressive form of cervical cancer in 1951 were the first to live outside the body in a glass tube. They were dubbed the HeLa cells and have become the most widely used human cells that exist in scientific research.

Vaccines, cancer treatments and in vitro fertilization are among the many medical techniques derived from her cells.

“My mother would be so proud that her cells saved lives,” Lawrence Lacks said in a statement. “She’d be horrified that Johns Hopkins profited while her family to this day has no rights.”

Thoughts on Patroclus

Friendly reminder that Patroclus should not be remember simply as “Achilles’ bitch”.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was a little shit. He had the power, the looks and the skills, and he knew it. Not only he excelled at battle; he did it while taunting his enemies all the fucking time cause he was going to win and he knew it.

Friendly reminder that he was the one guy who got to call out on Achilles, something no one else dared to do. In fact, men went to ask him to call out on Achilles because everyone was scared of him. Except for Patroclus.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had advanced medical knowledge, something extremly rare at the time. He healed many of his friends and comrades during battle. Hadn’t it been for him, many great warriors would have died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was loyal to a fault. He was always by Achilles’ side in battle. He never disobeyed Achilles orders. The one time he did, was the time he died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was kind and had a soft heart. He cried because while Achilles’ Rage lasted, he wouldn’t let any of his men enter battle, Patroclus included. And while Achilles’ troops were hiding in their ships, the rest of the Greek army got crushed. Patroclus felt so powerless and helpless because he couldn’t do nothing as he saw his comrades dying.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had a character crisis. He had to decide whether obeying his Lord’s commands and abandoning his friends in battle, or going against his Lord’s wishes and engaging fight.

Friendly reminder that he refused to stay behind like a coward. He chose to enter battle, but since he was a honourable man he told Achilles about it. Friendly reminder that he managed to sway Achilles’ Rage. Friendly reminder that he managed to convince Achilles to let their troops rejoin the war, thus returning the victory to the Greeks.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was flawed. He committed hubris. He got so battle drunk and was so excited by the prospect of finally ending the war, that he disobeyed Achilles’ direct command not to fight near the walls of Troy, and chased the Troyans back to the limits of the city. To the place Achilles had specifically told him not to go because it would be too dangerous. Friendly reminder that this one flaw is his downfall.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus doesn’t go down without giving one hell of a fight. Friendly reminder that Patroclus was so strong that Apollo (the God that protected Troy and Hector [Troy’s heir to the throne]) had to face him and repel him four times. Four times. A god. If that ain’t badass, then I don’t know what could be. In the fourth time, Apollo got inside Patroclus’ head and made him dizzy. Patroclus fell and Apollo removed him from his armour- Achilles’ armour. Patroclus ended up unprotected, vulnerable and dizzy in the middle of the battle field; so a random dude saw the opportunity and stabbed his back with a spear. But was that enough to make him go down? Oh heck no. The pain snapped him out of the dizziness. Patroclus realized he was in a very troublesome situation so he decided to fall back… but at that moment Hector engaged him in battle. And Patroclus wouldn’t retire from a direct combat, oh heck he wouldn’t. Even though he knew this was probably the way he would die, he fought with his all.

Friendly reminder that lacking his armor, tired from battle, with a spear wound on his back and only Achilles’ sword left as weapon, Patroclus faced Hector, Troy’s greatest warrior and didn’t fear.

Friendly reminder that when Hector sheathed his spear in Patroclos’ stomach, Patroclus thought about the love of his life.

Friendly reminder that with his last breath Patroclus smiled at Hector and told him “You are a dead man. This will be your downfall”. Friendly reminder that until his last moment, he was a little shit.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus is a flawed, well-rounded, badass character and that he deserves so much more than his current position as “Achilles’s love interest”.

Due to advances in medical science, the standard human life expectancy is now around 120-140. It is discovered that people in their 100-teens go through a second edgy rebellious phase.

Blue Sect: Undertaker or John Brown?

Though I can’t rule out Undertaker involvement with Lord Sirius (and it’s a theory I’d been supporting for quite some time, particularly with that bedroom scene in ch108), it’s also possible that instead of Undertaker or Lord Sirius being *in charge*… it’s John Brown as a angel….

I can’t decide which one I should support (more). The “John Brown and Queen Victoria pitting the twins against each other” version parallels best with Mother3 and season one of the anime. This would mean John Brown figured out how to make Bizarre Dolls. John Brown (as an angel) involved in the Blue Sect would also explain why Othello is thinking about supernaturally advancing medical technology. Instead of a demon, perhaps they should be considering an angel….

(I’m so torn on this….)

A long time ago, with medical advancements far, far away...
  • The Writers of Star Wars: *Darth Maul literally cut in half and falls from very high up* This is completely survivable.
  • Also the Writers of Star Wars: *Padmé gives birth in a fully qualified medical facility* OH NO! A WOMAN HAS DONE A FEMALE THING. WITH A UTERUS. She died. Sometimes I can still hear her voice. She's gone forever! Oh no.
Concept: Vulcan Buzzfeed

Featuring such classics as:

  • 15 Reasons Why Surak Was Actually Kind Of A Dick
  • 23 Ways to Spice Up Next Pon Farr
  • QUIZ: Is Your Bondmate Your T’hy’la? Find out now!
  • 9 Essential Things We Wish We Had Been Told Before Completing Kolinahr
  • Tal-Shaya: You’re Doing It Wrong [link opens to a gif of Spock performing the “Vulcan death grip”]
  • IN THE NEWS: 12 Groundbreaking New Medical Advances Toward Curing Bendii Syndrome 
  • Replicator Meat: Yay or Nay?
  • Don’t Meditate Longer, Meditate Smarter: 17 Ways To Improve Meditation Efficiency
  • QUIZ: What Plomeek-Based Dish Are You?
  • 25 Ways To Boost Your Application To The Vulcan Science Academy
  • IN THE NEWS: 8 Vulcan Politicians Who Want To Be Reunified With Romulans (And Why)

anonymous asked:

What happened to Lance's sniper team?? There's always at least a group of two, but usually three. There's the sniper, the spotter, and the security. Sniper shoots shit, spotter calculates distance/wind speed/temperature/etc. and the security makes sure no one sneaks up behind them and kills their asses while all this is going on. (Usually at least one person has some kind of more advanced medical training) Not that I don't like ur au, I love it!!! I'm just curious. You're amazing tho!!!

OKAY THIS IS honestly something i should have researched because i never really thought about sniper actually having teams consisting of two or more people and after you sent me this it clicked into place. SO THIS IS COMPLETELY MY BAD i never thought about Lance having a sniper team of his own at all. 

I do have it thought out that as a single team the Voltron Force often switch pairs depending on the mission. Shiro and Keith being the most close quarters combat capable out of all five, usually serve as the infiltrators or the front lines. But if the mission doesn’t require as too many roles to be fulfilled, the support team will get someone else to back them up, or vice versa. 

Coincidentally, Lance and Hunk have more advanced medical training than the other three! :) But now that you brought this to light i’m just like lol i should have thought this through…. Perhaps before Lance joined the Voltron Force, he was with a sniper team of his own. 

the mercy’s suit au

or, the one where mercy’s gayness is revealed in her complete inability to control her suit at all

  • angela’s suit is the most advanced medical technology in history
  • it has the incredible ability to bring people back from the dead, took about ten years to create, is capable of flight, and is, according to some specialists, god in mechanical form.
  • except for the fact that it’s not fucking working.
  • angela kicks the staff frustratedly, and almost topples over because she forgot that her entire weight was resting on it. 
  • the suit hums. ‘change in gravity recorded. videotape sent automatically to the lab.’
  • of course now it’s decided to work.
  • pharah flies in to hover next to her. they’re at training, and mercy’s been having a tantrum for the last fifteen minutes
  • ‘dr. ziegler!’ she calls brightly. mercy smiles and blushes.
  • ‘hello, fareeha!’
  • ‘your heartbeat is increasing slightly, angela,’ the suit says. ‘would you like me to-’
  • ‘no, it’s fine,’ angela says hastily.
  • ‘eh?’ pharah asks.
  • ‘nothing.’
  • ‘okay.’ fareeha smiles and angela honest to god has a heart attack. this woman. 
  • ‘you’re looking good today, angela.’
  • mercy blushes fiery red and suddenly she’s shot a hundred feet into the sky. ‘WHAT THE-’
  • ‘i detected a significant rise in the frequency of your heartbeat. assuming you were in danger, i immediately brought you out of the situation.’
  • ‘fuck you,’ angela grumbles, and descends to earth, clutching the last shreds of her dignity.
  • pharah just laughs.
  • two days later…
  • mercy’s wearing her devil suit.
  • she very much enjoys the way fareeha’s eyes follow her around the battlefield.
  • her suit’s AI is disabled, but for some reason the off switch is damaged.
  • ‘angela, you appear to be shaking your hips in a very unusual fashion. would you like me to reset your hipbones?’
  • ‘angela, there is increased bloodflow to your cheeks. i am now applying ice packs.’
  • ‘angela, your face appears to be set in a curious expression. are your muscles tense? i will apply a short electric shock to relax your facial muscles.’
  • ‘angela, your eyes are rolling. i am going to set them in proper position.’
  • mercy nearly takes off her headpiece and smashes it on the ground.
  • after the brawl, fareeha comes over to her, dressed in a tight tank top and jeans.
  • ‘dr. ziegler,’ she says, smirking lopsidedly. 
  • angela grins. ‘fareeha!’ she says breathlessly.
  • ‘listen, i was just wondering if perhaps you would like to go-
  • to angela’s horror, her suit drones, ‘angela, your entire body is overheating. employing mechanism tailfan.’
  • and then her devil tail snakes around her front, around fareeha’s waist, and pulls her in, before rapidly fluttering against- oh. that would be pharah’s ass.
  • they’re now pressed very close together, and mercy thinks, fuck it
  • then she rises on her tiptoes, and kisses her.
  • after a beat, fareeha kisses back
  • the suit hums in what sounds like triumph. ‘objective get-pharmercy-together achieved. deactivating.’
  • okay, maybe it’s not so bad after all
Holmes, Voiceless

On reading my stories, one might believe that Holmes and I have always been as we became, co-conspirators in everything. This was not at all the case. To begin with, I was a little in awe of him. Sherlock Holmes is possessed of an abundant and even unreasonable vitality, while I had entered upon our association in broken health. I was a young man, then, but moved like an old one, having compounded the effects of fresh war-wounds with the constitutional damage wrought by a dangerous fever, contracted in the recovery wards of Peshawar. Upon my return to English shores, amid the slow rebuilding of my strength–painful walks on warmer days and silent nights at home, studying the medical advances which I could not yet put into practice–stretching my shoulders and shifting my hip against the aching trail of the Jezail bullets–I felt my limits keenly. Holmes seemed limitless.

I had had enough of human suffering by then to weary me deeply. I bore a kind of exhaustion of the soul which put me in precisely the frame of mind to appreciate Holmes’ endless speculative talk, his boundless enthusiasm. I listened, first amused by the extravagance of his confident assertions, and then astonished to find him capable of proving every one. He was more than talk; he was action, decision, adventure. His singular spirit animated a body which, slender, and used more to study than to sport, still seemed capable of exceeding the energy of every criminal in London. When presented with a question he could not solve by talk alone, he would begin his own investigations; put on the clothes of a gentleman and infiltrate glittering clubs and great men’s homes, or affect a workman’s tongue, and go among builders and craftsmen in search of information. As I went to my rest, I would see him just leaving, poorly dressed to maintain his anonymity, for a sleepless night about in the vile miasmas of the back alleys of London. He never seemed to suffer for it. Upon conclusion of such a case he would sleep until noon for three days running, and then return to an ordinary schedule, with the constitutional elasticity of a boy in school. He delighted in the demands of his work. I only saw him restless and worn under the pressure of several weeks of perfect peace.

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with enormous thanks to my beta readers, @marathecactupus, @justinmymindpalace and @blackpapersnowflakes, life savers all.

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Tony “who says yay when he finds a secret door” Stark

Tony “elevators not worthy” Stark

Tony “hopeful that all the avengers will stay for the party” Stark

Tony “getting really attached to the team” Stark

Tony “do I get to rule Asgard?” Stark

Tony “pretend flirting but totally meaning it with Rhodey” Stark

Tony “I’m not the boss, I just pay for everything, make everyone look cooler, etc which he totally does because he cares” Stark

Tony “bragging about how boss Pepper is” Stark

Tony “is making medical advances” Stark

Tony “calling himself old man” Stark

Tony “don’t take from my pile” Stark

Tony “willingly going to fix Clint’s tractor” Stark

Tony “caring for friends so much he’d build something to keep them safe” Stark

Tony “making jokes in horrible times to ease the tension” Stark

Tony “giving up JARVIS because he thinks that’ll save the world” Stark

Tony “has anxiety, PTSD, and he’s still in the game” Stark

Tony “telling Bruce to take a stand not to be rude but because Bruce doesn’t have to bow down to anybody” Stark

Tony “I’m not the same man as before” Stark

Tony “going from war profit to saving the world because he thinks it’s what he was destined to do, even though he’s just a civilian, no super powers, just because he damn wants to, he’s gotten so far and become such a better person but no one really sees that over his mistakes” Stark

Tony “isn’t the same man as before, because he’s so much better” Stark

Tony fucking Stark

Not to be a butthead... But,



I promise you’re not more on top of this than I am.

I love you, but really.

So Tired Of Having The Same Convo About An Article Over And Over

Victim of Nazi medical experiment immersed in freezing water at Dachau concentration camp. SS doctor Sigmund Rascher oversees the experiment. Germany, 1942

Physicians within the third reich would regularly carry out entirely unethical human experimentation on concentration camp prisoners, These experiments would serve a variety of purposes, one of the most important was to aid their military efforts during the war, they would perform a number of tests on prisoners to determine the likes of safe altitudes using low pressure chambers, the effects - and treatment for - hypothermia and how to make sea water potable.

They also tested in a more general medical sense, looking for immunisations for a number of diseases, such as typhus, malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis and yellow fever.  They also tested bone grafting on non-consenting patients, and the effects and treatment for exposure to mustard gas and other chemical warfare.

Due to the eugenic ideals behind the mass ethnic cleansing that was occurring, doctors also used medical experimentation to advance their ideals, looking at how different races responded to different contagious diseases, and used these results to reinforce their ideas of racial inferiority. The most notorious physician who was involved in these particular experiments  was Dr. Josef Mengele.

The year is 2117

Elon Musk is still alive due to advancements in medical technology. Space X is harvesting elements from the outer solar system in preparation for earths first manned deep space mission. The last Marxists are cursing the rich while they ride in their self piloting quad-copter to their job they work for only 10 hours a week. “This is the end for late capitalism” they tweet.

the Cure


Request: can you do an imagine where the reader gets sick with the disease from season 1 and Bellamy tries to help but ends up getting sick too? 

Word Count: 981

On the Ark, almost every disease was treatable. The medical unit was incredibly advanced with state of the art technology. On the ground though, the Sky People were left to their own defenses. Sure, there was Clarke and Abby, but they both were becoming more involved with other things. But when a strange disease started spreading through the Sky People, a disease that had never been seen before required all scientifically inclined minds to be put to work.

 You were one of those scientific people, required to slave away over a microscope. Clarke sat next to you working equally as hard. However, she was slightly green and coughing up blood in a napkin. Despite her desperate attempt to fight off the disease, it was quickly catching up to her.

 “Clarke, you really need to get some rest.” You said, flashing her a worried look.

 “Our people need us to figure out how to treat this. We need everyone on deck.” She replied and coughed into her napkin again.

 “And you can’t help us if you’re dead. Go get some sleep.” You ordered. She groaned and got up from her spot. “Octavia’s getting Lincoln and we will keep on working. You focus on getting better.”

 “You’re right. I’ll come back soon.” She said. As she was exiting, Bellamy walked in. He opened his mouth to ask her a question, but she held her hand up to stop him.

 “Is she okay?” He questioned as he sat down where Clarke was sitting.

 “She’s sick and I forced her to get some rest.” You answered, running your hands through your hair.

 “I’m trying to ignore the way my stomach is turning and the way I’m sweating.” Bellamy put a hand to your head.

 “Yeah, you need to go to the hospital wing. You’re running a fever.”

 “I haven’t coughed up blood or cried blood or whatever. I think I’m fine.” You didn’t even believe the words coming out of your mouth. You paused, “…yeah okay I’m going.” Bellamy wrapped his arms around your waist to help you up. He walked with you to an empty bed in the hospital wing and helped you lay down gently. Something about acknowledging the way you felt made the disease kick in very quickly.

 “Please take it easy. We already lost someone. I can’t lose you too.” Bellamy whispered and placed a kiss on your forehead before leaning his forehead against yours. “I’ll come back in a little while to see if you need anything, okay?”

 You nodded and felt fatigue wash over you. You fell asleep almost as soon as Bellamy walked away from the edge of your bed. When you woke up, he was back again, pressing a cold washrag to your forehead.

 “You were sweating and shivering. The nurse told me to put this on your forehead and to get you some soup if you wanted some.” He whispered to not disturb the person asleep next to you.

 “I’d love some soup.” You replied. Ten minutes later he came back with a small bowl of some broth-y soup. He spoon fed it to you because you couldn’t lift your head too far without blood pouring out of your nose. You could tell Bellamy was worried, and you could tell he wanted to help. After you finished the bowl, he put it on the bedside table and took your hands in his.

 “Bellamy, I know you’re worried but if you don’t get out of here, you’re going to get sick too.” You squeezed his hand tighter as you spoke.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m gonna go see if I can be some help somewhere. If you need anything though, just holler.” He kissed your forehead again, longer this time though, as if he was afraid to walk away.

 Hours later, you had gone to sleep and woken back up again. You were staring at the ceiling, trying to pick out new designs to make with the small detailing on the ceiling. You were so beyond bored, you actually missed being at work. You didn’t feel too bad compared to some of those around you. The kid next to you hadn’t stopped coughing for the past twenty minutes, and you could hear a girl down the hallway throwing up. You closed your eyes and tried to think about something other than that.

 You thought about Bellamy and the first time you met. You hated each other, because he was some delinquent and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He thought you were some privileged brat and you thought him some savage brute. During a hunting trip, acid fog forced you and him into an underground bunker for several hours. During that time, you realized you both had so much in common. And the rest was history.

 You opened your eyes and looked around the room. Bellamy limped into the hospital wing and into the now empty bed beside you. You propped yourself up on your elbows. “Oh no, not you too!” You exclaimed as he turned toward you.

 “Yep. Hey, at least if we die, we die together.” He pathetically said. You didn’t know whether to laugh or panic. He fell asleep and you threw the covers off of you to get up and go find out what was going on. You being sick was one thing, Bellamy being sick was another.

 From what you gathered, the illness would pass with time. Staying hydrated and well rested was the best way to fight it. You hated this answer, but didn’t have enough energy to fight it. You slowly walked back to your bed next to Bellamy. He opened his eyes and reached out his hand across the space between your beds. You took his hand in yours and closed your eyes and drifted to sleep.  

We need a movie about Fe del Mundo


And they couldn’t turn her away because 1) she was already there, she traveled so far, it wouldn’t have been right to send her back 2) her grades were, unsurprisingly, above and beyond and she was too good to turn away and 3) the scholarship was granted to her by the president of the Philippines, and y’all don’t say no to that without some international incident let’s be real 

So she unwittingly became the first woman ever accepted into Harvard Med School (and possibly the first Asian ever enrolled? Though I haven’t confirmed this). She’s also since pioneered so many medical advancements in the Philippines that they can barely be counted, and she is by all accounts one of those amazing human beings that come rare in our lifetime. She was buried, and rightfully so, in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery).