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1914-10-14: On the operating table, a wounded soldier is being given chloroform before being operated on by British women surgeons at Hotel Claridge, Paris. The chloroform is being administered by the Surgeon-in-Charge Dr Flora Murray (seated figure, seen from the back), and she is assisted by Dr Majorie Blandy (right). They both are members of the Women’s Hospital Corps.

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What is a Lobotomy?

A lobotomy, as defined by Encyclopadedia Britannica, is a neurosurgical operation that involves severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal lobe. More specifically, a lobotomy involves severing nerve connections within one part of the brain or between different parts of the brain.

The lobotomy’s use:

The neurological procedure is typically used as a last resort surgery to help those who suffer with schizophrenia, manic depression, bipolar disorder, and others. The procedure typically won’t cure these infliction’s but it can significantly dull its effects.

The lobotomy’s history:

Tampering with our brain to fix or help medical inflictions was first recognized as useful back in the 1880’s, when Swiss physician Gottieb Burkhardt, who supervised an insane asylum, removed parts of the brain in patients suffering from auditory hallucinations and other symptoms of mental illness, later to be defined as schizophrenia. Burkhardt never had the intention of curing his patients with these surgeries, but rather had the intention of merely calming them. His first attempts on 6 patients weren’t exactly successful; one of his patients died a few days after surgery and another committed suicide, but it’s unclear as to whether the surgery led to this patient’s decision. From then on, the lobotomy has become more common and more accepted in the medical community. 

USMLE Step 1: Practice Question 39 (with answer and explanation)
Side note: Cerebellum is responsible for movement, balance, equilibrium and muscle tone. Hence, many patient with cerebellar tumor will have difficulty walking...

Can you answer this USMLE Question?

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anonymous asked:

*URGENT*3days ago i wore a binder from amazon and then a compression top from bootsale. And i started to get stomach ache, i rolled up the compression shirt on top of the binder so the layer order from my skin was shirt, binder, shirt. And after30mins the top layer rolled down and tightened itself around my ribs (lasted for about 2 hours) and ever since Ive been getting bad sharp pains while breathing on my right side. Physical contact equals to a suppressed pain.(Still binding) What should i do

Kii says:

Amazon “binders” (excluding Underworks, which sells on Amazon) are usually not real, safe binders, because for the most part, they don’t stretch. You should also never wear two compression garments on your chest. Please immediately stop binding and see a doctor. You should never bind while you suspect you have any sort of rib/chest injury.

So that happened. Painful, but really cool as an art/medical reference for the differing depths and patterns of blood vessels in the sclera. Please pardon the scruffy brows and a month of insomnia purple. #medical #eye #eyeinjury #scratchedeye #owie

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Update on Mom

I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers, blessings, reblogs, and kind messages for my Mom after her surgery.

I just showed my Mom all the notes (atm over 100) and kind words that people sent and she started to cry happy tears. She says that she is very grateful for all the encouragement and well wishes.

The incision in her face to remove the skin cancer runs from the bridge of her nose to the corner of her mouth. The doctor says that the stitches will have to stay in for two weeks. 

She is, however, healing and resilient in her recovery.

Please, continue the prayers and well wishes if you are able. They truly lift my Mom’s spirits every time she sees them.

Many thanks and an abundance of gratitude towards you all.


This may be ignored by many many people, but please if you run across this take a second to stop and look at this. 

I am currently fighting a serve life threatening bacteria in my intestine. It has become much worse after a month of what I thought was recovery. I am truely worried this is how I will go, but I am too young to die. I am not ready to go. I am fighting daily a mass amount of pain, fatigue, and can just see myself slowly fading away. I am trying my best to stay strong and figure out what is all wrong with me but that requires so much more testing.  

Currently I have no insurance and can no longer afford more treatments or procedures. However I know it has become much worse and all I could possibly ask for is you to reblog this post. I am 10,000+ dollars in debt from medical bills and severely need more testing done but just cant afford to do so. 

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EpiPen's 400 Percent Price Hike Has Parents Scrambling
The cost of saving your child's life has gotten a lot more expensive.

The drug industry’s greed knows no bounds. There’s no reason an EpiPen, which costs Mylan just a few dollars to make, should cost families more than $600.

The only explanation for Mylan raising the price by six times since 2009 is that the company values profits more than the lives of millions of Americans.

Doctors don’t know shit about intersex bodies, honestly.

My breasts have been in a permanent state of pain at even mild pressure or contact since I was 13. Bras hurt all the time, not wearing bras hurt if I moved, and you can kiss touching them goodbye. Even cleaning them was a game of agony.

Coincidentally, 13 is when I was first put on hormones.

I was told that the pain was natural, that I had to live with it because that’s just how my body was.

But lo and be fucking hold, I switched to a new mix in fucking May of this year, and for the first time in my entire life the pain is completely gone.

Turns out, it was the meds all along.

No one would ever had told me- I’m not sure anyone even knew. It didn’t occur to me to ask anymore, because I’d gotten used to it after 13 years of consistent misinformation.

If you’ve got a body that doesn’t fit the medical model- if you’re disabled, intersex, trans, a cis woman, non-white, anything- you need to take your care into your own hands.

Doctors won’t help you. 

They’ll help the AU version of you that’s an abled, pericis white man.