medical strip

In 1870, Prussian military surgeon Friedrich von Esmarch introduced formalized first aid to the military, and first coined the term “Erste Hilfe” (translating to ‘first aid’), including training for soldiers in the Franco-Prussian War on care for wounded comrades using pre-learnt bandaging and splinting skills, and making use of the Esmarch bandage which he designed.[3] The bandage was issued as standard to the Prussian combatants, and also included aide-memoire pictures showing common uses. (wiki)


Scout no. You ruined the reference. That’s not what we practiced.

original scene:

inspired by this answer on my ask by @storiesinteufort (I’m not even sure anymore, if it was supposed to be a Monkey Island ref, but oh well, now it is.)

color keys for Medic and Scout by @articlessi (thanks for those, they work really well!)


cH: - Come here, show me that smile of yours.
M :  -I don’t like when you act that way. Rude, you monster…

cH: - Are you disrespecting me?!

*skull cracker* :v

cH: -Ooh, stop craying baby!

cH:  better look at yourself first before judging. I didn’t betray my men. You MONSTER.

M: wouldn’t like to see the monster I can really be.

(srry for the bad english ç-ç)


Yesterday, I joined pybun on a Mannpower Grappling server! It was the first time I tried this and it really is refreshing.  
We soon have been joined by askwrathreview​, Bulbaneer and Thoopje for more fun! yeahyootooberzFTWLOULILOL~~

And at a moment, as I was Medic and Wrath was Sniper, I started to heal him… and realized that when you’re healing someone who’s using the grappling, you will magically following him in the air like a magnet <8′D …unless you stop the Medigun.
Please Valve, keep that funny thing in that mod XD It’s priceless and too cute :3


Back in the end of March, I met Wrath IRL at my school, with my buddy San. And… As we were drinking coffee… Wrath made a pun. Sometimes, I feel like my friends often choose the most appropriate moment to make me laugh.  :3(San is represented by the Femsniper with the Hibiskus flower. Cuz she’s from New Caledonia and looooves those flowers <3)