medical state of mind

“Look, Nobby, when all’s said and done they ain’t the right color, and there’s an end to it.”
“Good job you found out, Fred!” said Nobby, so cheerfully that Sergeant Colon was almost sure he meant it.
“Well, it’s obvious,” he conceded.
“Er… what is the right color?” said Nobby.
“White, of course!”
“Not brick-red, then? ‘Cos you–”
“Are you winding me up, Corporal Nobbs?”
“‘Course not, sarge. So… what color am I?”
That caused Sergeant Colon to think. You could have found, somewhere on Corporal Nobbs, a shade appropriate to every climate on the disc and a few found only in specialist medical books.
“White’s… white’s a state of, you know… mind,” he said. “It’s like… doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, that sort of thing. And washing regular.”
“Not lazing around, sort of thing.”
“Or… like… working all hours like Goriff does.”
“And you never see those kids of his with dirty clo–”
“Nobby, you’re just trying to get me going, right? You know we’re better’n Klatchians. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

– what’s the point | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Five Years of Medical State of Mind.

Yesterday was the five year anniversary for the start of this blog. What initially began as a small hobby on the side has become an integral part of my growth as a medical student and as a resident. It has been the sounding board for many significant moments in my training and my personal life.

Five years sees a lot of change and a lot of exciting developments. Thus, I am very excited to announce that as a resident only a year away from practice, that I was offered my first job yesterday. The fruits of my labour are in sight!

I would like to thank everyone again for their continued readership and support over the years. It has been tremendous. I look forward to another year of writing. See you when I see you.

Tom of the Medical State of Mind