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A flood of saeyound x mc headcanons pls?? ♡♡♡

flood of headcanons you got it homie

  • That hoodie he wears all the time?  It’s a weekly argument about washing it.  (”It smells fine!” he claims, but in reality, it smells like really stale chips)
    • when you finally get him to wash it, you put it on straight out of the dryer because it’s warm and like a blanket.  He thinks its the cutest thing.
  • He teaches you how to play LOLOL, and you end up kicking his and Yoosung’s ass in it
    • but, that’s okay with him, because he gets pretty bored with it, and decides to hack the server to make it impossible for everyone but him
      • seeing Yoosung struggle with the game makes his day
  • Early morning cuddles when you need to go to work, and he doesn’t want you to go (”Do you really have to go?” he’ll say as he wraps his arm around your torso, and cages your legs between his.  “Yeah, I do.”)
    • it happens pretty frequently
      • like every day
  • Sometimes he gets stressed out with work (okay a lot of the time).  Now that he isn’t hacking, he’s programming software for medical purposes.  He wants to try and use his knowledge to help people, now.
    • except now he’s extra careful about not messing up, and on the occasion there’s something wrong with his code, he doesn’t take it well
    • so you stand behind him as he’s stressing and trying to find the error just sort of rubbing his shoulders or giving him a behind hug bc it always makes him feel better
  • Ya boy is a bit of a sadist (canon fact I’m pretty sure) so never a dull moment in the bedroom if ya catch my drift 
    • morning sex is also a thing that happens frequently when he’s feeling particularly needy
      • so basically every day
  • Lots of cheek kisses if either of you are doing mundane tasks, and the other walks by
    • you’re cooking dinner (bc, let’s face it, you’re way too good to be living off of honey buddha chips and dr. pepper, and cooking is hella fun) and bam, he walks by you to get to the fridge, but not before pecking you on the cheek
  • On the topic of cooking, once you get him interested in home cooked meals, he makes you go to “couples’-cooking-classes”.
    • except the only couple is you and Yoosung is your instructor
      • so very little cooking actually gets done
  • There’s definitely a cat in the picture; no questions asked
    • Jumin bothers Saeyoung in the chatroom a lot about that cat (”I think you should give it to me, or let someone else have it.  It shouldn’t have to suffer your abuse” “Y/N, do you hear this slander??!!”)
  • Prepare for little to no insecurity, because this guy would constantly shower you with compliments and affection
  • This isn’t all to say that he doesn’t still “relapse” (I suppose) into a depressed state if he just isn’t feeling right that day.  He’s been through a lot, so you understand
    • just more cuddles to make sure he knows he’s loved and safe now
    • Saeran lives with you guys.  He hated it at first, but got used to it.
    • Saeyoung is as doting as a brother can be, and you admire him for his persistence in not giving up on forming a relationship with Saeran again
    • Helps you tidy up the house bc Saeyoung creates messes constantly.  You’re constantly after him about trying to stay more organized, but you still feel the carpet crunch under you with stale chips
  • All in all, a happy, healthy, loving relationship with a wonderful guy.  What more could you ask for?
Ex Machina [preview]

Pairing: Reader x Kim Namjoon, Reader x Mark Tuan (heavily hinted)
Rating: It’s definitely R rated or just a solid M
Synopsis: A coder at a medical research and software development company is selected for CEO Kim Namjoon’s personal research team. It’s a project her company hasn’t given her much information about it, but what she does know is she will help break ground in the world of Artificial Intelligence. What makes a human human? What makes a machine simply a machine? And is it ethical to blur the lines between machine and human?
Author’s Note: So this is just a little taste of what I’ve got. I would like to hear feedback on this because I’ve spent months writing the first few chapters and plotting and connecting themes and what not. If you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it, let me know. I love hearing from you guys!

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“Innovation drives us all towards a goal that’s just tangible enough without feeling like we’re mad for even attempting it.”

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I’m having a rough time right now.

I was helping a hospital on the coast as part of their go-live, which for those of you that aren’t in the biz means when they first transition to their new medical software. Things are understandably rough, in between people not quite remembering things they learned in training, to confusion over new information that the upper brass say needs to be gathered that they didn’t have to before, to angry patients because the previous two are causing delays. My job there is that when someone needs help, I show them the right button, the faster way to do what they’re doing slowly, or help them submit a helpdesk ticket with the right information. Most of the time, people like to have us help, but I’m also kind of used to being screamed at by employees at this point when I have to tell them I don’t have security to help with certain problems.

A new one, though, is getting cussed out and screamed at by a patient, which happened on Tuesday. No, wait - the registrar, technically, got cussed out and screamed at about me, with me right there. Said that she doesn’t want “that dyke-looking bitch looking at all my shit.” Swearing up and down about how horrible I am, how horrible this software is, how horrible we’re being to her *personally* when literally she has a ten minute wait. And the registrar basically says all of this stuff is mine and my company’s fault, causing the patient to get angrier. They both were slamming fists on tables and waving fingers in my face, and I straight up thought someone would get violent. I just froze and focused on my breathing so I wouldn’t panic. That’s not the worst thing that happened, but it’s the only one I can complain about on here without someone tracking down this post and making me face potential disciplinary action for talking on social media.

I’m so fucking done. I flew back today and was supposed to drive in to work to work two hours after getting back in town, and I just… didn’t go. I didn’t have meetings, they literally just wanted me to come in after already working fifty hours this week, when I know I also have to work tomorrow and this weekend too. If my manager gives me shit tomorrow, I’ll just tell him that I’m not paid to work these kinds of hours or take abuse from people; I’m paid to test software and do usability work. If he has a problem with one of the team’s most productive employees taking some more time, I’ll transfer or put in my notice.

Radhia Cousot (1947-2014) was a French computer scientist born in Tunisia. She is best known for inventing Abstract interpretation.

She was the only female graduate of the Polytechnic School of Algiers, specializing in mathematical optimization and integer linear programming. She was then a research scientist in several higher education institutions across France. Her research during this time led to the development of the Astrée error analyzer, used in fields such as transportation and medical software.

My budgeting software tells me I have $16 left for alcohol for the month of April & my budgeting software reminds me that this means I’ve already spent more than half of my monthly budget, & it’s only been two days & my budgeting software is disappointed in me.

My budgeting software says I have $0 left for “household goods” which means I cannot buy sponges & have to wash dishes with my bathtowels until May or maybe June depending on whether or not my budgeting software thinks I have learned my lesson.

I paid my rent on time! I tell my budgeting software, & my budgeting software drops the “money to pay rent” balance down to $0, then says nothing, because my budgeting software is a budgeting software and has no incentive to be proud of me.

My budgeting software noticed that I spent $20 on orange juice & categorized it as “medical expenses” & my budgeting software reminds me that I still haven’t gone to the doctor, but instead bought a family pack of gummy vitamins & my budgeting software does not think this is a long-term solution.

My budgeting software helps me save up to visit my dad, & for a bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding, & to take my boyfriend out for fancy vegan dinner & for the steak I will eat for dessert. It is a string tied around my finger labeled “tomorrow,” a daily ledger of the tiny ways that I am fighting, each time I make it to the grocery store, each month I keep the lights on even when I would have sworn they had all gone out, tomorrow is coming, & tomorrow needs sponges, & god, what a fucking miracle it is, the way we go on.


OpenSim: Improving Treatments for Movement Disorders through Computer Simulations

“Simbios is the NIHfunded center for PhysicsBased Simulation of Biological Structures. Simbios provides infrastructure software and training to help biomedical researchers understand biological form and function as they create novel drugs synthetic tissues medical devices and surgical interventions. Working with Dr. Scott Delp’s biomechanics lab Simbios has developed the free software OpenSim which is now used by scientists around the world to model humans and animals and understand how they move. This video gives an introduction to the project and describes how orthopaedic surgeons use modeling to help plan surgery for children with cerebral palsy.”

(Source: NIHOD via @johnrhutchinson on Twitter)