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FE: Lost Heir OC

 Cha Wen’qu|Chon’sin|Scholar ( 書生)

First, shout out to @houmatsunokioku for all of your help!!! Not only did she explain her classes, but she was nice enough to help me choose a name! ;u;

  • Name: Cha Wen’Qu (family/first name) 茶 文曲
  • A star in Ursa Major (Megrez); a lucky star indicative of Imperial scholars
  • Age: 20
  • DOB: March 12
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair colour: Purple
  • Eye colour: Soft brown

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Lemon Sage Honey!
Great for sore throats, coughs, and colds.
Honey is my go to for medicine. It’s sweet, it’s wholesome, and it’s so beneficial!
Lemon and sage are a great combo to add to make it tasty and healthy and help you fight the nasties!
1c honey
1/2c lemon juice
2 tsp fresh sage or 4 tsp dried
Bring to a simmer.
Put a lid on it!
Take off heat and let sit 10min.
Label and date!
Store in fridge up to a month or so.
Thanks #thrivemarket !
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Ya Boy Needs Some Help

Hey guys so summer is almost here and I wanted to get top surgery before the summer started but unfortunately I don’t have enough money and I can’t get a job because I’m not able to get my license until the fall. I’ve been binding wrong in the past which has caused me back and rib problems which are bad enough. But I’ve been getting heat stroke in 75 degree weather and now the weather where I live is already reaching 80s and 90s. I just want to be able to get the money ASAP and get my surgery done with so I don’t have to spend my whole summer miserable and so that this doesn’t get any worse. But I don’t just want to ask for you guys to give me your money so I’m selling slimes. I sell small bags for $4, larger plastic containers for $7 and custom made slimes for $11. The slimes I make are all high quality, made with no chemicals that are harmful to your skin, and are all securely shipped and shipped as quickly as possible. Sales are all made through Mercari. Message me on @hellfire–slime to buy slime. Thank you guys so much for reading every purchase makes a huge difference it would mean so much if I could make this happen soon. <3


I am in the process of slowly finishing up my RA’s and such and slowly getting myself back on track. Everyone’s patience has been a huge blessing to me.

On June 30th, I am (hopefully) going back onto my medication. That being said, my mental health should get better, but not before some side effects. Continued patience is appreciated.

All of the spirits in my refuge and in my family are well. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to shoot me an ask.

Thank you so much.

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caliochord  asked:

Let's make an au where Medic runs a bird shop and there's the birds (all the other classes) who are either disabled or normal but those fuckers are the ones he refuses to release or adopt out. Like say if Scout's a hummingbird, he had an accident and can't land properly and was given to Medic to care for. Heavy would probably be a big parrot with a bit of a balding issue, Spy's a crow, etc.