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Are you interested in taking your awesome medical talents abroad to help those in need? I am traveling to GHANA this summer to participate in a week-long free clinic hosted by Project Cure. We will be seeing an estimated 5,000 patients, doing everything from basic checkups, healthcare education, vaccinations, and more! Right now we have a shortage of physicians for our trip (MDs, PAs, and NPs) but even if you’re not a physician and this sounds interesting to you, message me for more details!!


I am Moana of Motunui. 
You will board my boat,
Sail across the sea with me,
And restore the heart of Te Fiti.

This shoot was super fun and pretty impromptu since I went on a Medical Mission with my mum in Palawan and I decided to take advantage of the location and did a shoot as well during our Island Hopping! Hella worth it.

And I know, I haven’t posted in forever, I know, but it’s because I’ve been trying to figure my life out ahaha. Hope y’all forgive me for that! ;-;

Photography by my lovely mum



Room mates and Double dates

Finished fics

MCU-related one shots

  • A regular day out - Steve Rogers wants a nice day out. His idea of ‘regular’ is a little skewed… (Fluff)
  • Lucky Mascot - silly short one-shot kinda thingy! (Silly fluff)
  • Welcome to the Avengers - Bucky is the only one on your side when you want to be allowed to fight alongside the Avengers. (Slight smut)
  • Kidnapping 101 - inept Hydra trainees and a case of mistaken identity. (Silly fluff)
  • Time for the Truth - the only way to get Steve and Bucky to admit their feelings - truth serum. (Fluff/smut)
  • Falling - just sheer angst really! Love me some misery.
  • Cosplay Confusion - short and pretty silly

One-shots based on Sia songs! (All MCU-ish)

MCU-related series

  • Winter Shadow (10 chapters) - the Winter Soldier’s unknown companion 
  • The Ultimate Weapon (22 chapters) - can you reconstruct a life after losing your humanity to become the ultimate Hydra weapon? (Angst, violence, fluff, smut!)
  • Mission Medic (17 chapters) - a SHIELD Medic and Steve Rogers are trapped in a cabin, both injured. What’s her story? (Angst-ish)

Marvel AU one-shots

  • Coffee with Bucky - basically an excuse for lots of pictures of Sebastian Stan. (Fluff).
  • The Butterfly Effect - barely Marvel except in the characters! Bit of chaos-theory-(barely)-themed fluff! (Fluff)
  • Closer - short based on the song ‘Closer’ by The Tiny (Angst?)
  • Damn Weather - bad weather and a malfunctioning metal arm lead to some fluff.
  • Barnes and Rogers, at your service - silly short about everyone’s (OK, *my*) fantasy home helps!

Marvel AU series

  • Life lessons (masterlist) - Sebastian Stan is the sexiest teacher the world has ever known and you’d quite like him to teach you a thing or two…

Real People

  • Mackie loves Seb - an explanation for why Mackie compliments Seb all the time, in (some of) their own words
  • In Vino Veritas - a game of Musical Beers with Jimmy Fallon leads to an accidental admission. 
  • Curves - #MomentOfWeaknessProject fic - Anthony Mackie


I have NO idea how to categorise this one!

  • TJ, the pansexual robot dragon - no, I wasn’t high when I wrote this. It may read better if you are though.   Not at all MCU or Sebastian Stan, just… yeah. Weird :D

Got to see a full-length screening of “Remote Area Medical” tonight. It’s a documentary about the charitable medical organization of the same name, specifically covering the mass clinic they held on the Bristol Speedway in Tennessee.

The clinic served the basic medical, dental, and vision needs of about 2000 people over a single weekend. I came away impressed with the level of care provided, and astounded by the stories of some of the patients.

I linked the trailer above.

[you also get about five minutes of medical students doing a really shitty job of interacting with their patients]

Watch on

Philippines trip - the mission

In the video is a short clip of the stuff we did while we were here. We passed out new flip flops, hung out with the kids, gave food, ministered to them, handed out reading glasses, and I even taught them how to play ninja lol. They wanted me to organize a small group of young guys to sing but I thought a better idea was attacking each other in ninja poses lol. these moments had to be the high light of my trip.

It’s weird how on the mission field and doing Gods work everything seems to disappear. Worries, anxieties, and things that seemed to matter don’t really anymore. God has a funny way of reprioritizing your life but if we’re honest it never really stays like that after the God rush is gone.

It’s something all Christians deal with I think, a sort of let down after a big God high, and I’m no exception. This is just my observation, but I think for me the reason for this is that I ultimately was putting the reason for my “high” not in God truly but just working for Him, works. I’m not saying it was just all works now, let’s not be rash. But maybe I was more excited to do good deeds and to see the gratitude on people’s faces rather than just doing it for God.

A good test is to ask your self would I still have gotten the same “high” if those people were unappreciative? I gotta keep telling myself, my good works are out of gratitude for God work in me and not for the gratitude of people.

that I would stop seeking the praise of man fully

would you do the tongs you do for God if no one was appreciative of you?

Letters to Home

Summary: SasuSaku, 699-700. Continuation of All I Ask. 

A/N: Sorry that this took so long to complete, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I’m still a novice at writing so I hope it’s not too terrible! Thanks for reading.


I can’t say for sure when I’ll return, and I don’t know where exactly this journey will take me. I don’t know what realization I’ll come to by the end of this or if I’ll even be left with one. I’m unsure of a lot, which is why I’ve left in the first place. I need to see life through this new lens I’ve been given. The one thing I seem to be certain of though, is that you will always be there. Where I used to see that as an obstacle to overcome, I now find it a source of comfort. I’m grateful for that.


Sakura sits in her office the same day that Sasuke left to continue his journey of redemption. The surgery she’d performed that morning had gone well. The renowned medic knew that her emotions would have to be pushed aside while she was at work, yet still, Sasuke’s letter remained at the back of her mind throughout the entire procedure. In the three hours after she’d finished stitching the last suture, she’s read his letter to her over and over and over; it’s been burned into her memory at this point and she’s not sure what to make of it.

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Levi Ackerman



Promise Me (Pt. Three)


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: The Howling Commando’s go to take down Hydra; including capturing Zola on the train. Bucky works it out so you can go along.

Word Count: 2,225

Warnings: Bucky describes his torture

Bucky had left your tent before you had returned. The soldier with the handlebar mustache was a part of an elite squad called ‘The Howling Commandos’ which Bucky was also a part of. The Howling Commandos and the newly appointed Captain Rogers had gone out for drinks at a local bar. 

When they returned Bucky made a visit to your tent. You were just about to take your uniform off when the slightly intoxicated Sergeant pushed the cloth apart.

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Sing to Me

This was just in my mind so I wrote it.  Short and not edited but thinking of Oliver seeing Felicity sing.

Oliver Queen was in a hell of his own making.  He had to keep his distance from his executive assistant and IT girl, Felicity Smoak, for her own safety and well-being but he wanted her so badly.  Every day he came into the office and she was at her desk with her short dresses with high heels that showed off those perfect legs, the cutouts that showed the skin he wanted to be able to touch and the lips stained with red that were begging to be kissed was another day of torture.  Nights were no better.  The nights she came directly from work, she was wearing the same outfit that made him crazy during the day.  Even the nights she stopped home to change she looked so sexy that it was almost worse.  Tonight he was sharper to the team than normal.  The day was filled with meetings and more meetings.  Felicity sat in on those meetings as his EA.  When he walked into the office and saw her in that red dress with the cutout showing just the beginnings of her breasts with her hair down curled and those 5-inch heels, he wanted to turn right around and walk back out again.  It was not bad enough that he had to sit right next to her looking at her slim body in that dress but she was so close he could smell the floral perfume smell that he associated with her.  That was nothing compared to the play he watched as the new board member, who was his age, saw Felicity.  From that moment until the end of the meeting, Andy Cummings was on a mission.  The mission was called get Felicity to go out with me and provide her phone number.  That was Oliver’s name for it, anyway.  By the end of the meeting, he wanted to arrow Andy and hide Felicity in his bedroom where no other man could see her.  Instead, he had to stand by while Andy finally managed to get Felicity to give him her phone number for some asinine reason that made no sense at all.  So tonight he was mad.  Mad at Andy for having the courage to do what Oliver couldn’t, mad at that red dress for making her even more desirable than normal, mad at Felicity for making him want her and mad at himself for not being in control.  

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Spy Au

**This got very very long it could be it’s own story**

Anxiety is a spy for the independent organization  T.H.O.U.G.H.T. (Tactical Harrowing Omniscience of Urgent Governing and Hyperbole Tenacity. Pranks had come up with the name as a joke, and every adapted it to spite him. No one outside of the team knows the true meaning behind T.H.O.U.G.H.T.). 

Codename Anxiety’s team consists of technical support: Codename Logic, Diversion team: Morality and Pranks, and Tactical Adviser: Misleading Compliment. There’s a sixth and final member of the team that no one outside of the group knows of. The secret strength behind everyone. Codename Imagination.

Anxiety’s been undercover for months, trying to take down an undercover network of business lead only by the one known as “The Blind”. They have there hands in every single business you can think of. 

What they don’t know, is there team had been found out months earlier, “The Blind” were simply waiting for the moment to strike.

The day they decide to go through with their plan, A young man gets caught up in the mix.They take him by mistake, and now it’s up to Anxiety’s team to extract the civilian from enemy hands. (Because they are here to protect the innocent from the shadows and now because of them they’ve put an innocent in harms way).

They refer to the civilian as “Prince” due to the fact that he had been wearing some sort of Prince costume when he was taken (Prince had been cosplaying on the wrong day). They spend months tracking down where Prince was taken, and when they go in for extraction they find their enemies had been less than kind to him.

Anxiety, Morality, and Pranks were sent in to find and rescue Prince, and once they find him it’s a race against the clock to get him out and get him medical attention. During the mission however, Anxiety is badly hurt.

Cut to months of recovery for the both of them, and in that time they become close. Close enough that Anxiety trusts this innocent and, with the consent of his team, offers him a spot on the team.

This is how Anxiety gains a partner. Codename Prince.

Now, they all spend there time tracking down “The Blind” And his associates and making the world a better place.

Along the way, well, who’s to say a relationship wouldn’t blossom?

Erwin Smith



littleboxoflaughter  asked:

I'm 1000% here for Anakin's Angry Med Techs helping out with the Tatooine Slave Rebellion. I'm 1000% here for Anakin returning to Tatooine, Unfettered. He's killed his Depur and now he's coming for the rest of them. I'm 10000% here for Luke and Anakin taking Leia to Shmi's grave and for Anakin realizing the dream he had when he was a little boy: he learned the ways of the Force and came back to free the slaves.

Basically this is exactly where I see this ‘verse going. :)

I imagine that pretty much as soon as he realizes he’s not actually going to die (a bittersweet realization, but he’s careful not to tell people that, because for some reason they get worried) and he finally gets released from Medical, Anakin will show up at an Alliance top brass meeting and basically demand to know when they’re going to organize an emancipation mission to the Outer Rim.

Everyone looks around awkwardly. Nobody wants to be the first to say anything. Half the people in the room are probably still in mortal terror of Darth Vader, and the vast majority of them haven’t actually seen him without his mask yet. Most of them are pretty unnerved by the scarring, but they’re all trying to act like they don’t notice. It would be awkward as hell even without bringing up Outer Rim slavery.

The silence stretches. Finally Mon Mothma says, “General Skywalker, you must understand that as a new government the Alliance cannot afford to focus - ”

“I understand,” says Anakin. His voice is raspy and so quiet that people have to strain to hear him. It shouldn’t be at all frightening, certainly not in comparison to the voice the mask’s vocoder gave him.

It shouldn’t be.

“Well,” Anakin says, seemingly in an aside to Commander Skywalker, who’s been standing beside his father this whole time, apparently in a show of support (but also ready to catch him if it turns out Anakin isn’t quite as ready to be out of bed as he insists). “I’ve brought down two governments already. I’m sure a third won’t be difficult.”

There’s a very long and deathly silence. “General,” says Mothma at last, but she doesn’t add anything.

“I refer, of course, to the Hutt Cabal,” Anakin says. This is transparently a falsehood. No one calls him on it.

“I understand that the Republic must have other priorities,” Anakin says. Even he seems surprised by the bitterness in his voice. Mothma thinks that maybe he’s forgotten what it’s like to speak without the vocoder filtering his tone. “But this is, after all, a Rebellion. If the worlds of the Outer Rim rise, will this Alliance support us?”

Nobody misses the “us.” Nobody misses the way Commander Skywalker subtly moves, the way he’s now standing not just beside his father, but with him. Nobody misses the relief on Mothma’s face. (Later, people will wonder if perhaps this wasn’t the solution she wanted all along.)

“Of course,” Mon Mothma says. “We are, as you say General, an Alliance of rebels. We will always support any people who seek freedom from tyranny.”

It’s not an officially sanctioned mission. But Mothma makes it clear that any member of the Alliance who wishes to assist the people of the Outer Rim in their uprisings has leave to go.

Quite a few medics join pretty much immediately. Medical personnel, they know, are going to be greatly in need. Only a handful of medics participated in General Skywalker’s surgery, when the bomb was removed, but everybody knows that Medical has the fastest chain of gossip in the Alliance. By this point literally everyone has heard about slave transmitters.

There’s also quite a few Tatooine natives in the Alliance, and the majority of them sign on at once. Some of them, like Luke and Biggs, are freeborn descendants of slaves. Others, like Anakin, are escaped or freed slaves themselves. For them, the fall of the Empire doesn’t yet mean the victory of the Alliance. True victory won’t come until their people are free.

Then there are more than a few Rebels, especially among the younger generations, who volunteer largely out of a sense of friendship and loyalty to someone else who’s going. Luke and Leia both have quite a following.

And, perhaps strangest of all, there’s the handful of Imperial defectors who volunteer out of loyalty to Lord Vad - that is, General Skywalker.

It’s quite a collection of people.

Of course, Anakin’s learned a lot since his padawan days, and he’s not going to go in with a liberating army from on high. That won’t work, of course, and it wouldn’t be right anyway. The troops are for backup. There’s already a resistance on Tatooine, a network of fighters and tricksters and backroom surgeons on the freedom trail. They know what they’re doing. This is their fight. Anakin’s just bringing reinforcements.

(Luke and Anakin will take Leia to Shmi’s grave. They’ll pay their respects to Beru and Owen, too. And Anakin will introduce his kids to their Uncle Kitster, and all three of them will get to meet Kitster’s wife Imer and son Denak for the first time. They’ll find Melee again, and Amee and Wald and even Seek. They’ll celebrate the ritual of return together.)

If You Were In “Band Of Brothers” Meme

There’s only one rule: If you reblog this, you must ask one question to the previous person who reblogged this… It just seems fair and nice to do…

1) Who would be your best friend and why?

2) What would your position be on Easy Company? (Like sniper, medic, etc…)

3) Which mission (in the series) would scar you? (Another way to ask it is what will give you PTSDs?…)

4) Would you know any of the members before joining the 101st airborne?

5) What would be reason why you join the paratroopers?

6) What impression would you leave to the Easy Company?

7) If you had to do one crazy thing with another member, what will be the most insane thing you would do and who would you do it with?

8) Which member would you start having a crush on or having romantic feelings with?

9) What motto would you hold during the time of war?

10) What would your backstory be like in “Band of Brothers”?

11) Do you think you would survive this war? If no, why? 

anonymous asked:

Sakura, how did you win Kabuto over?

I had a little help… 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜



Pairing: Soldier: 76/Genji Shimada/Hanzo Shimada/Reaper x Reader

Summary: The sudden appearance of a mysterious figure leaves more than just annoyance within the minds of these broken men.

Word Count: 3,129

WARNING: violent deaths + strong language

heya! can we have genji, hanzo, soldier76, and reaper realizing they’re falling in love with someone who always wears a mask?

- Anonymous

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Bad Dates 2/?

A/N: Part two. Flashbacks are in Italics If you have any bad dates you’d like to send in, I’d be happy for some inspiration!

Tagging: @buckyb-avengers @hardcorehippos @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @mitra-k-w @beccaanne814-blog @avengerofyourheart (If you want to be tagged/untagged let me know!

And as always feedback is welcome :-)


Part 1


It had been a couple of months since the bathroom debacle and I kept working part time at the Children’s Hospital and the rest of my time was spent in the tower working with Helen Cho and Bruce and training with the team.

Today found me in the gym wrapping up a run, Easily my least favorite part of training, when Sam walked in. “I thought you hated running Y/n.”

Hopping off the treadmill and grabbing my water “Not everyone has cool gear that takes them where they need to go, Samuel. Some of us actually have to work hard to keep up with your sorry asses.” i say as i poke him in the side.

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  • Shepard: Have you got a minute to talk?
  • Mordin: Actually... wanted to talk. Medical matter. Aware that mission is dangerous. Different species react differently to stress. Aware you come by a great deal. Have had other species become attracted to me before. Awkward. Not interested.
  • Shepard: You've had members of other species make a pass at you?
  • Mordin: Constantly. Very awkward. Skin tone apparently attractive by Turian standards. Subset of Krogan sexual deviants enjoy Salarian flexibility. More cartilage and skeletal structure. Asari offers intriguing, actually. Wonder why. Tran-species pheromones unlikely to work. Must be neurochemical.
  • Shepard: I appreciate you letting me down easy.
  • Mordin: No offence intended. Salarian reproduction different. Very little sex drive. If intended to try human, would try you. Glad you stopped by. Cleared the air.
Lucky Mascot

So I’m working 50+ hours a week at the moment, and i’m a single parent and I’m basically a mess of stress and self-pity so I haven’t had a chance to update Mission Medic (not that anyone cares!)

But reading @iwillbeinmynest ‘s latest fic (which it won’t let me link to) put an idea in my head so I wrote this on the bus this morning (and that tells you a lot about the quality to expect! Sorry) x

Team mascot, lucky charm, that’s what they called her.  All because the first mission she went out on was such a success.  The team had no injuries, bar the odd scrape; there were no losses; and everyone was in and out, getting what they needed, in record time.  After the second mission went the same way, Clint started insisting it was definitely due to their new mascot, said that they needed her along just like he needed to always wear his lucky pants on a mission.  The team didn’t hang around together for very long after that admission but the name stuck with her, and when she managed to snag a high-level Hydra operative as a prisoner on her third mission, it was confirmed.  Even Bruce, ever the scientist, would act sceptically but liked to ensure she went along.  When Bucky decided on the third mission that he needed a hug for luck, Steve did tell him he was pushing it, and gave him a look that she didn’t quite understand, but she was happy to play along with that one too. Of course, she protested – it was down to the skill of the team, to luck, hell even to the position of the planets, not to her.  But secretly she loved it, who wouldn’t!

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Garrus Romance Remarks

One of my favorite part of Mass Effect (and Bioware games) is the banter. But none more than when the crew/companions comment on, with, or about your current love interest regarding said romance. If you haven’t figured it out by now … *cough*REALLY?!?*cough* my LI is Garrus. So below are some, though I’m sure not all, of the comments that come from your crew regarding our favorite turian bad boy. These are in no particular order and contain quotes from both Mass Effect 2 and 3. Enjoy!

Tali: *drunk on the bathroom floor* Garrus … but you’re with Shepard! Oh, the three of us? Well, hmm …

Jacob: We’ve got a good thing here … something I’d like to see through. Hope you feel the same.
Shepard: This was a bad idea. I think we should call it quits.
Jacob: You pushed for more, now you’re pulling the plug? Hope you got a good excuse for this.
Shepard: If you must know … I’m cleaning house before trying to start something with Garrus.
Jacob: That cuttlebone? I … suppose you have a history. That’s usually enough.

Kasumi: Someone saw Garrus heading to your quarters with a bottle of champagne. I’m happy for you two. It’s not often you find something good in a Galaxy like this.

Liara: You know I’m one hundred and eight—one hundred and nine in a couple of months.
Shepard: Aw, I should get you something nice.
Liara: You’re alive again. I’ve got everything I want. So tell me what you want. What are you fighting for? A chance to give Garrus some peace?
Shepard: He’s been hurt—betrayed. He deserves something better. I never thought I’d find peace in the arms of a turian, but …
Liara: Why not? Humans seem to have no trouble finding asari attractive.
Shepard: Everyone finds asari attractive.
Liara: I hope the two of you find some happiness, Shepard.

Shepard: What are you up to now, Zaeed?
Zaeed: Next time another clone of yours tries stealing your life, we’ll have a nice little surprise rigged for them. Isn’t that right, Garrus?
Garrus: Spare no expense for my honey.

Kelly: How is our newest turian crew member doing? His injuries looked painful.
Shepard: He’s been through a lot, and not just physically.
Kelly: There’s something about him. I just want to hold him close and whisper, ‘It’ll be alright.’
Shepard: I know exactly what you mean.
Kelly: You two would be such a cute couple.

Shepard: Tali’s our expert on Geth software. She’ll be handling hacking and security.
Garrus: Good to have you back, Tali. Maybe with another dextro aboard, they’ll get better turian food.
Tali: As long as it’s sterilized.
Garrus: Doctor Michel did get me some dextro-amino chocolate. You’re welcome to it once we’re back.
Tali: *surprised/suspicious* She got you turian chocolate?
Garrus: She said she saw it and thought of me. Why?
Tali: Watch yourself, Shepard.

Shepard: Have you got a minute to talk?
Mordin: Actually, wanted to talk. Medical matters. Aware that mission is dangerous. Different species react differently to stress. Sexual activity normal stress release for humans and turians.Still recommend caution. Warn of chafing.
Shepard: You have a recommendation as a doctor?
Mordin: Turians based on dextro-amino acids. Human ingestion of tissue could provoke allergic reactions. Anaphylactic shock possible. So don’t … *coughs* … ingest. Also forwarding advice booklet to your quarters. Valuable diagrams, positions comfortable for both species, erogenous zones overviews. Can supply oils or ointments to reduce discomfort. Gave EDI electronic relationship aid demonstration vids to use as necessary.
Shepard: Wait a minute, Mordin. You’re just yanking me around, aren’t you?
Mordin: Shocking suggestion! Doctor-patient confidentiality a sacred trust. Would never dream of mockery. Enjoy yourself while possible, Shepard. Will be here, studying cell reproduction. Much simpler. Less alcohol and mood music required.

Shepard: You worried there might be terminals you need me to hack?
Liara: That’s not fair. You were dead!
Shepard: I came back!
Liara: Yes, you came back. And now Garrus is doing a lot more than just calibrating the Normandy’s guns!

Shepard: So whats her name?
James: *laughs* No! No … I stopped fraternizing when I joined the military. The two don’t seem to go well together.
Shepard: Hasn’t stopped you from being a shameless flirt.
James: Yeah, well, that’s just my way. I don’t mean anything by it, Lola.
Shepard: Uh-huh.
James: *laughs* Why? Am I making this hard for you and Garrus?
Shepard: *scoffs* Not even remotely.
James: Hey … how do you two … I mean, is he—you know—do turians have all the same …
Shepard: Same …?
James: Never mind. I don’t really want to know.

Garrus: Not a bad place here … decent views of the perimeter, multiple sniper perches. With some work, its the kind of place Archangel could retire in.
Liara: Also known as the Shepard-Vakarian love nest.

Samara: Working with Shepard reminded me of my younger days. Running with mercenaries, blowing things up with mercenaries … and occasionally, sleeping with mercenaries.

Garrus: As charming as ever.
Jack: Bite me, Garrus. Better yet, bite her. Probably how she likes it.

Liara: So. You rekindled your relationship with Garrus?
Shepard: Liara, I …
Liara: Be with whoever you want to be with. I’m just not interested in playing games anymore.

Shepard: Why don’t you two relax and enjoy the party. The apartment’s fine.
Garrus: ‘Fine’ is good for someone else, not the love of my life. I want to know you’re safe. Suppose it isn’t your clone? It’s Liara’s clone that comes after you … or Jokers!
Zaeed: Then you and all your clones could have a sodding love-fest. Think I’m gonna puke.

Shepard: Maybe you and I have a thing or two in common.
Javik: But you have something else. The reasons you fight are still alive. The friendships of the people around you. And more.
Javik: You and the turian are … joined?
Shepard: You could say that.
Javik: I’m not. Your pheromones are.

Zaeed: Weaponized wall fixtures, Shepard.  Wave of the future in home defense.
Shepard: Uh-huh.
Garrus: Shepard, sweetie … love of my life. Indulge your crazy boyfriend. I need to know you’re safe.
Shepard: *laughs* If it’ll make you feel better, honey.
Zaeed: Oh, go get a room. God knows this place has enough of them.

Kaiden: So what do you say? *sighs* Are we good?
Shepard: We’re good. It was great to have you back on the Normandy.
Kaiden: Thanks …
Shepard: What’s going on? Is there something else?
Kaiden: Yeah … maybe. Was there something between you and Garrus?
Shepard: Kaiden, I … *sighs and covers face* … I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. We were so far apart, physically. And after our fight on Horizon, I …
Kaiden: Yeah … I’ll own that.
Kaiden: Was there something between you and Garrus?
Shepard: *defensive* I wouldn’t cheat on you, Kaiden.
Kaiden: You’re lying! I know—everyone knows.

Kasumi: The word is that Garrus really likes you. I can never tell with turians. I think you should go for it. A lot of people want to see you two together.

Shepard: Alright, Garrus … I gotta know. What are you doing?
Garrus: Hmmm … oh, nothing. Just, uh … admiring the polish on this glass.
Zaeed: Good. Don’t tell her. She won’t understand.
Shepard: Try me.
Garrus: Ohhh … it’s just … well … one man’s decorative glass wall fixture is another man’s explosive glass wall fixture.
Zaeed: Oh, fu—now you’re in for it. I can already hear the old ball and chain frowning.

(So I’m including this one from Mass Effect even though it wasn’t in reference to a Garrus romance, as he wasn't romance-able in the first one … because Ashley’s a fucking psychic!) 



Ashley: You say jump, I say how high. You tell me to kiss a turian, I’ll ask which cheek.
Shepard: I don’t think kissing turians will be necessary.
Ashley: You never know, Commander.