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It occurred to me recently that your average hospital is filled with so many great people, that it’s often hard to tell them apart. So here’s a handy guide to some of the people you’ll meet in hospital.

Today’s team is…more assorted cool people that you might meet on the ward, and awesome behind-the-scenes helpers. Remember, hospitals are a lot bigger than just the teams of doctors and nurses!

I’d of course like to write much more about what these amazing people do, and how great they are, but my comic is wordy enough as it is. Needless to say, hospital wouldn’t be the same without them. I’m still working on more people to include, so it’s not an exhuastive list…

523.8, (part one)

fandom: wolf 359
notes: T, domestic/library au, fluff, pairings are still undecided
characters: all of the main 8, with cameos from minor characters

summary: Scenes from Goddard Inc’s takeover of the Hephaestus; an independent, space-themed public library. Plus; Hilbert’s catnip, drunk trivia nights, Dewey Decimal spot-checks, Hera’s demon mom, Stampy the Roomba, and the continuing mystery of Jacobi’s actual job title.

“There are only three things you need to know about this place,” Lovelace announced as she sat down for her review. “Firstly: Eiffel is not allowed to ride the book train.”

also available on ao3

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ibelieveinturtles  asked:

Why Is There An Orangutan In The Common Room? All The Avengers


This would be an Avengers-at-Hogwarts AU, except they’re all teachers and staff.

  • Professor Rogers: Transfiguration, 
  • Professor Stark: Arithmancy, 
  • Professor Romanova: Defence Against the Dark Arts, 
  • Professor Barton: Care of Magical Creatures, 
  • Professor Odinson: Ancient Runes, 
  • Professor Banner: Potions, 
  • Dr. Ross: Herbology
  • Dr. Foster: Astronomy, 
  • Professor Laufeyson: Charms, 
  • Professor Maximoff: Divination,
  • Mister Wilson: Games Master
  • Professor Lewis: Muggle Studies, 
  • Dr. Cho: School Medic
  • Dr. Strange: Librarian

They are kind of surprised when an ape shows up in the teachers’ common room with a bag of peanuts and a beer, but Dr. Strange assures them he was invited.

WTNV - Liveshow - The Librarian - Part 2


3. Michelle Nguyen said that she and the Dark Owl staff were going to try and discover what?

6. On what night is the PTA’s annual fundraiser benefit?

7. How many fake diversionary auction will there be at the PTA fundraiser?

13. When Cecil asks if they will have this club, Steve informs him that most parents do not believe in it

14. Michelle’s outfit is made of these

16. Intern Andrew’s tied-for-third best friends Xerxes and Hasan have what kind of artisanal business?

20. The Faceless Old Woman says she would have written the date of your death in blue this all over your shoes

21. Cecil cites this as an example of a great artificial disaster (2 words)

22. What kind of sadness does the Faceless Old Woman say the rest of us live in?

23. Michelle found out about the escaped Librarian from an underground magazine called Fütür, spelled with two of these diacritical marks


1. Intern Andrews says Cecil’s voice is like swimming in a clear, cold ___ river

2. According to Cecil, writer Mark Twain died at the hands of what drunken creature?

4. The Greater Night Vale Medical Community wanted Cecil to tell you that they think you’re what?

5. Steve Carlsberg informs the listeners that the PTA is trying to fundraise in order to fund new student organizations such as this firey club

8. The Greater Night Vale Medical Community wanted Cecil to ask you if you are seeing ___ right now

9. The only way to get a copy of Fütür magazine is to climb a cedar tree named Reg in this forest surrounding Night Vale

10. This day would like for you to leave it alone. Cecil says, “It is not its fault that you are emotionally unprepared for your own professional lives!”

11. Cecil tells Intern Andrew to pretend that he doesn’t do this and hope that the Librarian shares his delusion

12. What grocery item would the Faceless Old Woman have stapled to your couch?

15. Carlos admits that he’s never had to read a what?

17. What kind of debate club does the PTA want to fund?

18. Name of the first escaped Librarian

19. Which former intern of Cecil’s is a friend of Michelle’s and also a tree