medical infographic

Leopold’s Maneuvers

In obstetrics, Leopold’s Maneuvers are a common and systematic way to determine the position of a fetus inside the woman’s uterus.

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‘Smoking and Quit-smoking’ infographic

This infographic compares the molecular similarities between smoking addiction and quit-smoking medications. In short, they both cause the release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter); the effects on health come down to how the body obtains the initial molecules to start the release.

okay so I saw a Star Trek characters have Instagram thing and it was very pretty but INACCURATE so here are MY Instagram headcanons for the main three:

Jim Kirk: Memes. Selfies. Videos of Spock being introduced to memes/tricked into saying things that Jim thinks are funny. Stunning pictures of the Enterprise, space, and new planets with captions like “my ride ;)” and “99 million miles from the galaxy’s biggest ball of yarn” and “have u ever been to a desert planet in formal dress?? don’t its terrible this is an outrage.”

Bones: Deeply sarcastic pinterest memes about drinking to deal with his feelings. Videos of crewmembers doing dumb shit with captions that list all of the medical procedures that had to be done afterwards. Pictures of Jim looking DEEPLY unattractive. Infographics. Medical memes that only med students laugh at. 

Spock: Incredibly artistic photos of various flora, fauna, scenery, and new scientific discoveries, all captioned with the location they were taken and the scientific name. Social justice/news posts. Occasional candid shots of his friends captioned with the person’s name and what they were doing at the time. Captain Kirk making his rounds. James Kirk teaching self defense lessons. Jim escaping from medbay. (He thinks he’s being very logical and subtle. Poor dear.)

MRI Interpretation

This infographic shows different anatomical structures present in the original MRI image. Using a computer program, different layers of tissue were removed to reveal other ones; that is how different illustrations of different anatomical structures were made all from the same view.