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reblog if you think antifa rioters should be outfitted with medical kits and swat gear, including gas masks and armor

Why? Because if the fascists and the cops are gonna pack heat, we should, too.

“Feeling a bit ill are we? Allow me, the ever fabulous and world renowned, Nurse Minako to come to your aid!”



-“You know, sometimes I wonder if you even remember that you are on a mission.”

-“Will you give it a rest?”

-“Quiet, you!” (x)


So this is something I’ve previously brought up. It’s sad that fetish use of pacifiers is so prevalent and “in your face” that an actual MEDICAL ITEM is assumed to be inherently sexual.

I had another young teen ask me, yet again, if they had to be 18 or older to purchase from me. To purchase a nonsexual medical item.

Look at the description for this pacifier, sold by a MEDICAL company in the MEDICAL AND HEALTH section of Amazon. It says “large CHILD and adult size”

You know what that means? That adult pacifiers are a medical item INTENDED. FOR. CHILDREN!! This item is literally meant for any “large” child (typically 6+) who needs it for MEDICAL REASONS!

As a physically disabled and chronically ill person, I am beyond offended that medical gear is being assumed to be inherently sexual because some people claim it for their kink and actually reinforce the idea that it is ONLY for their kink.

Now I’m not talking about people who actually do the respectful things such as keeping it in their bedroom, flagging their blogs, not interacting with non-consenting people, etc. Y'all are good. If your being “safe, sane, consensual” I likely wouldn’t even encounter you while you are acting out your kink. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the people who tell kidcore or pastel or sanrio bloggers that they are “littles in disguise.” The ones who comment on babycore posts with “do not interact” banners and actually say that they are entitled to interact because the (literal infant) content on the post is inherently a part of their kink.


♦️For sleeping disorders such as, but not limited to: sleep apnea, grinding teeth, snoring, drooling, etc
♦️For anxiety disorders
♦️For depressive disorders
♦️For stimming/fidgeting (most commonly associated with autism and ADHD)
♦️For general stress relief
♦️For helping to fall asleep/stay asleep

And these are just a few I can name off the top of my head!

The main reason this upsets me so much, is because if pacifiers are viewed as inherently sexual because of ideology that you may be contributing to by being far too public about your kink and/or forcing it on others, PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM WONT GET THEM!

By reinforcing the idea that pacifiers are inherently sexual, you make a medically necessary item unavailable to many people who need them. Whether they are a child whose parent won’t let them, because the parents think it’s “a kink thing” or because they are an adult who are too ashamed and believe they will be mocked for having a “daddy/mommy kink.” They won’t get one.

This IS a problem. And if I am going to be the only store out there that is vocal about this issue, then so be it. Only one person speaking out is needed to cause change.

Again, if you don’t do this? This isn’t about you. If your not in kink at all, remember to never be ashamed of having a medical item because of what “some” people use it for. I use a wheelchair and believe it or not, there is a wheelchair fetish community. It’s not going to stop me from using my medically necessary device. Because my health is more important than some stigma.

anonymous asked:

So when the crew are immortal do you think the local police know? It seems less fun when they do but they'd have to i think, have you thought about it? Either them knowing or maybe how they find out?

They’ve done it. It’s finally over; the LSPD have killed the FAHC. It’s not the first time they’ve thought it, wouldn’t be the first time they celebrated prematurely, but this time it’s absolute. This time there aren’t just bodies hitting the ground, aren’t just the right number of body bags loaded up, this time there has been no mistakes, there will be no embarrassing revelations. This time the Fake’s are in the morgue, cold and ruined, laid out on the slabs for everyone to see. This time it’s finally over.

It’s unfair, really, that Los Santos has lost it’s grip on reality. That there has been some kind of tear, an aberration, that somewhere along the line the Fake’s have managed to move beyond abhorrent and become full blown abominations. Because they came in as corpses, some near unrecognisable in their damage, as dead as dead can be, but they don’t go out that way. Dead then alive then dead then alive, again and again like a song on loop, like a broken record, the sickening soundtrack of Los Santos.

There have been rumours of course, there always are - criminals are a surprisingly superstitious bunch to be honest - but naturally the police have never put any weight behind them. They are easy to dismiss, fanciful tales of gods and demons, of criminals who shake off point blank executions, men and women who die and die but somehow always return. Many have claimed to see members of the FAHC stone cold dead, seen them shot or drowned or bleeding out, and sure it’s a bit strange that the crew has never lost a member. Sure there have been times when officers have sworn they’d laded a kill-shot themselves, but who would believe fantasy over human error? Believe in mythic monsters, in living nightmares, over simple mistakes, tricks of the eye, over witnesses lying to preserve their reputations. After all in the face of immortality no wonder no other gang can shake the Fake AH Crew, no wonder they’ve always come out on top, with supernatural help how could they not? So it’s all just ridiculous justification, fearful stories and desperate attempts at saving face. At least until it isn’t.  

Later the higher ups will whisk away the evidence and initial autopsy reports, will take statements and study the footage, will argue that this was just one more unexpectedly clever plan pulled off by the crew. Claim the FAHC must have taken some death-imitating drugs, pre-planned the whole ordeal so that they could sneak into the station and ambush from within. They’ll explain it all away as simply the latest clever tricks of the scourge on Los Santos; dreadful, yes, an unforgivable attack, but safely within the realm of normal. Of human.

They make their statements, swear to uphold justice, to bring hell down upon the criminal gangs who terrorise the city, and the public swallow down the story like they always do. The local LEOS though? The officers and detectives? The coroner and the forensic photographer and the analysts who picked apart the surveillance tapes? Not a single person who was in the station that night buys a word. None who were present have a single doubt about what they have seen, not when it was the most horrifying thing they’d ever witnessed. Not when every outlandish rumour about the Fake AH Crew suddenly makes a terrifying amount of sense, when every nightmarish ghost story suddenly rings true.

For the few who see it before it’s confiscated the Station’s security footage is alarmingly telling. The members of the Fake Ah Crew simply come back to life, go from stiff and greying to lively normality with the ease of waking up. Those who wake first simply stretch, calmly looking around as they seemingly wait for the others to follow suit, not a hint of fear or surprise on their faces. Not a touch of urgency in their movements when they rise, grinning and jostling one another, making lewd gestures as they search the room for clothes. Alongside scrubs and lab coats the Fake’s pocket scalpels and scissors and a nasty looking saw, try on face-masks and go looking through the chamber shelves for other bodies. They behave more like unsupervised children let loose from a school tour than bloodthirsty killers freshly reanimated but the horrifying reality is impossible ignore and as they finally file from the room the smirk Ramsey clocks the camera with is cold and full of terrible promise.

On their way up the Fake’s hit the evidence room. That camera’s been busted for years but they leave a breadcrumb trail of bodies in their wake, ransack the place for their weapons and take plenty of contraband as bonus souvenirs as they go. Those whose clothes were intact enough to be kept and bagged take the time to ditch their medical gear, reclaim jackets and jewellery and the Vagabonds mask before they re-emerge. Later the clean-up crews will find the FAHC’s tag hastily sprayed across the length of the evidence room walls but for now the splattered red staining their hands simply looks like damnation.  

For the officers who saw none of this, who simply lived through the fallout as it happened, the night was carnage, was the monstrous payoff of every horror movie ever made, dead men and women rising from the morgue like ghouls and stalking through the station like a reckoning.It was an impossible battle, shock and disbelief putting officers on the back foot from the start, only saved from an all-out massacre by the Fake’s clear interest in taking their haul and leaving the station. It didn’t stop them from killing on their way out, didn’t silence the painfully irreverent howls of their laughter, smother the unholy glee in their eyes; never let it be said the the Fake’s don’t enjoy the hell out of their own reprehensible existence. The Fake AH Crew came to the station in body bags and left in incomparable infamy, those already thought to be monsters now truly monstrous, an evil the world was not made to see.

The Los Santos Police Station has the highest employee turnover of any city in America. It’s said to be a wicked place, rife with crime, with violent criminals, it’s little wonder those at the forefront of the danger often don’t last long. They tend to leave in waves; a particularly terrible incident occurs, the Chief swears all will be well and that justice will be served, then at least a dozen individuals quietly apply for transfers, leave Los Santos behind and never return. New recruits will arrive, fresh and ready to tackle the challenge of a lifetime, to serve and protect and disregard silly stories, vicious rumours, no matter how persistent. Somewhere in the city the Fake Ah Crew are laughing, are shaking out phantom aches and discarding bloody clothes. They are planning, already plotting their next grand act, their next attack, and the cycle repeats. Again and again and again and

Get Mentored!

I recently got the opportunity to meet with a bunch of premeds recently and besides remember the anxiety they radiate as a group (and I’m almost done with med school, poor things) but I also remembered that the one thing that would have made my journey infinitely less of a disaster and confusing was if I had a mentor.

Literally all of it. I was a mess y’all.

Anyways, I very quickly remedied this when I started medical school and I actually have multiple mentors now and people I can easily go to if I’m having trouble understanding the next step or if I’m feeling lost. It made such a big difference. Which is why I think everyone should get at least one mentor, especially if you plan on continuing education that has a lot of convoluted steps involved.  

While this is geared towards medical and other advanced education, I think these can work for anyone.

So here are some tips on how to get a mentor that works or you;

Who am I looking for?

You have a few options here, and fell free to utilize them all. The more the merrier. The ideal is someone a few steps ahead of you so they have enough experience to give you accurate, relevant and current advise, but not so far out they can’t remember exactly how to maneuver through your position. You’ll have a much easier time commiserating with this person since they went through what you’ve gone through not too long along without too many changes.

It is also worthwhile to have someone who has very significant experience but they may not be as easily accessible and be wary of when you’re doing things vs when they did things. Details tend to change quickly and someone, say, 20 years out of medical school won’t know the changes to application process to residency unless they’re directly involved with it or working with others in a similar position to you. That make sense?

And we certainly aren’t discounting people only a year or two ahead of you in your same program. It’s a goldmine of what classes to take, who to take them with, what resources to use, where to be and who to be seen by and all that jazz. So worth it.

How do I get a mentor?

The first step can be pretty intimidating because if you’re looking for someone who is ahead of you chances are you don’t know them super well, so asking them to be your guide on a very intimate process is scary. But don’t be discouraged, because it’s pretty easy to gauge when someone is willing to help you.

The first step is simply to ask. Ask in person, email, text, there’s no real wrong way to ask. The worst that can happen is they say they can’t do it. Thank them for considering it and move it. Someone will say yes eventually.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll be offered help, which you can take or leave at your leisure. You might also be assigned a mentor. These are more to use at your discretion. 

Won’t I be bothering them with my questions?

Nope. If they’ve said yes to you, they’re giving you full passage to ask what you need when you need it. Could the answer come later than you hope? Sometimes. I mean personally, I’m usually really good about emailing my littles back right away but sometimes it takes more time than it should. I’m a busy nugget sometimes. But generally any form of communication will work, unless they specify. Then just stick to that. Easy.

What should I expect from my mentors?

Your mentor should have a healthy positive believe in your goals, but also help you coordinate your goals to your abilities. Early in the process, it can be hard to see beyond the big goal and match that up to the little milestones. Mentors can help guide you across those landmarks and what to expect with your performance or what needs to change so you can meet those goals.

A mentor should be able to give you tips and tricks to success that they’ve learned overtime. Some things may be obvious but others are almost little secrets that are invaluable. Plus they can let you know what times you should be aggressive vs passive because that’s such a tricky line to figure out on your own. 

They should give constructive criticism without making you feel stupid or naïve. A lot of this will be new to you and mistake are expected. So if you don’t know something they shouldn’t make you feel silly for not knowing. But you also need to learn to take their perspective into account without feeling personally attacked. It comes with time.

Finally, you should expect some type of positivity, especially if you’re feeling a bit down. They’re not your therapists so don’t go that far, but you are welcome to say you’re feeling stressed or lost. Most mentors I’ve had, known and as a mentor myself feel like a little encouragement goes a really long way. Even a grumpy grump mentor can say good luck and you’re doing a good job every once in a while.

What if my mentor doesn’t like me after we’ve gotten to know each other better?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you feel like they don’t like you or do you know they don’t like you. Because some people just aren’t naturally friendly and positive but are still very willing to help you. Just because someone isn’t a ball of encouragement doesn’t mean they think you’re gross. Likewise if they give you a lot of criticism it doesn’t mean your on the outs. Some go overboard, yes. But some people are just wired that way.

If you know they aren’t vibing with you, or ignoring you, or being unhelpful it is okay to cut your losses and move on. You can find someone else.

What if I don’t like my mentor?

This is a little trickier. If they’re driving you nuts and you can’t stand them, just explain some of your concerns and if you feel like it’s too much slowly bow out. It’s okay. Just don’t offended anyone, we tend to all be pretty connected in this world, especially in the small medical world so tread carefully.

If your mentor is helping you and giving you information that is useful what you might want to do is back away from frequent conversation and just stick to updates, periodic questions and thank yous. They don’t have to be part of your every choice and move. But if someone wants to help you, let them.

Can I consider my mentor my friend?


Can you tell them all your personal problems? Ehhh, use your judgement about how close your relationship is before delving deep.

Can I be a mentor and mentee at the same time?

Yep, I do it all the time. I just need to help everyone do everything. Hence the medicine thing. But don’t take on more than you can chew. Start with something little if you want to mentor and work your way up. It’s not as easy as it looks some days. Essentially, know your limits.

My mentor is amazing! How do I let them know?

Say so! Show gratitude! Send little gifts (and you might even get some back), thank you notes, tell them in person! Mentors are people too and they won’t know if they’re doing what you need unless you say so.

To all the mentees yet to be born go find a mentor to watch over you. They’re out there, really to shower you with knowledge. You won’t be sorry.