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KBTBB MC With Heterochromia

Heterochromia: Where one iris of the eye is colored differently than the other

Eisuke: He always thought it was weird. Ever since the day they met she always kept a part of her face hidden, her eye to be exact. No matter what they were doing, whether at home, at a party or even in bed her eye was her main concern to the point that she wore a medical eyepatch around the penthouse. He told her not to wear it at parties and she respected that since it looks too weird for her to be wearing it, but that didn’t stop private time with it.
“My eye irritates me easily and it’s not pretty to look at.” Is what she said. He didn’t press the issues at first because he really didn’t care, but now that they were dating he can’t help but be curious.
He did a little digging when it came to her medical records, but even doctors had their limits on how much they can reveal.
“Looks like I’ll have to do this myself.” He said irritated. He called her up through the pager and just waited for her to come running in.
She’s a tiny out of breath having to get here with her limit, but he had to admit she was getting better at coming within the limit.
“Yes Eisuke? Do you need me to make you some coffee?” She knows him well, but that’s not what he wanted.
“What’s up with your eye?” She immediately covers it the second he says eye.
“What do you mean?” She asks like she was trying to hide something.
“You know I hate it when you hide things from me. Show me your eye.” He said as he got up and walked towards her.
She hesitated, but slowly she removed her hand and he moved her bangs to see her eye. He looked close and she was starting to sweat a tiny bit. Though he didn’t see what the big deal was at first. Her eye wasn’t red or anything that looked like it needed any medical help, but he noticed something within the eye. Compared to how her other eye was it looked slightly off, like it was trying to hide something. Then it hit him. He had seen Baba wear them when going to work sometimes.
“You’re wearing contacts.” He stated.
She lowered her shoulders in disappointment knowing that he found her shield. Contacts, hair and eyepatches were her protection all her life and knowing her guy, he wasn’t going to let this go until he knew why.
“Take it out.” He ordered knowing there was only one contact.
She did slowly as if she was trying to savor what little she could. She took out the contact, but didn’t bring her head up to face him with her true self. He got impatient and took her face and faced it towards him.
There he saw what she had been hiding. A vibrant green eye neighboring her warm brown one. He could see tears starting to form in both. Him knowing her secret was too scary, but she had a feeling what was coming next.
“Well say it.” She ordered not wanting the silence.
“Say what?”
“That ‘This isn’t working out’ or ‘Get out of my sight’! I’ve heard it all before. It’s better than you just having to cheat. I’ve been through all of it with my ex-boyfriends when they saw my eyes. Just spare me the pain yourself the time and just say-Mmmn!” He shut her up with a long kiss with tears rolling down her face.
He could understand why she was afraid. Having two different eyes was something different and while people try to be open, people can still be cruel. What really made him upset is the fact she didn’t trust him enough to actually show him her true face, though from what she just said, it sounded like her trust was shattered by all the guys she dated from dumping her politely to just cheating on her. He wasn’t like other guys in more ways than one, and she should have known that by now. He separated them and looked at her shocked face.
“Eisuke…?” She was completely dazed.
“Did you really think it was okay to hide something like this from me?” He asked.
“I’m sorry. It’s just I love you so much, that I couldn’t show you my eyes. I wanted you to love the me behind the eyes, but I couldn’t show you with what happened. I didn’t want history to repeat itself.” She explained.
“And what makes you think that I’m like all those others guys?” He asked very irritated being compared.
“Well I…” she stuttered not knowing how to respond.
“Looks like I’m going to have to remind you of what kind of guy I am not to mention punish you for hiding something this beautiful from me.” He kissed the green and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.
She struggled a tiny bit and kept saying to put her down, but she couldn’t help, but feel happy, that she may have found someone that loves her brown and green eyes just as much as they loved her.

Soryu: He didn’t know why, but he just couldn’t let it go. He respected her privacy and probably has a story, but it just made him want to find out what it was even more. The eyepatch she always wore, the bangs that were always parted a certain way. She said eye irritates her so she wears the eyepatch at home and her bangs when she went to work. He said that he could afford the medical treatment if she wanted it.
“Don’t bother, I’ve had this ever since I was born. There’s no point in trying to do anything other than making myself comfortable.” She explained.
“But you’re only dealing with it rather than taking care of the problem. Wouldn’t you rather take the eyepatch off at home instead of wearing it around the the house.” He gestured to her covered eye.
“Well I would, but…” she looks down almost as if she was ashamed. He hated seeing her like this with him. They were at the point there couldn’t possibly be any secrets, so he knew her eye was a major gap even though it was small.
One day Soryu had to take her to the doctor, nothing bad or anything, merely a physical for the hotel.
“Alright. So everything looks to be in order. Your eye needs to breathe a bit more with you constantly wearing your eyepatch, and there’s the fact that it won’t be used to light if you keep wearing it. So I recommend you take a break.” The doctor ordered. She looked down due to the ordered, but Soryu saw it as a perfect opportunity.
As soon as they got how you were about to go and find your eyepatch, but Soryu grab her hand to stop her.
“Soryu let go.”
“I don’t want you to wear that patch anymore, you can’t wear it all the time anymore anyway.”
“Can’t you trust me?”
“I just don’t want you to be scared. Every time I think I have a decent guy to love, something happens and it’s all because of me eyes. Every time they see them something happens. I don’t want that again.” She explained her voice trembling a bit.
“Then it won’t, the only thing I’m frustrated about is the fact that something that’s so big for you to carry isn’t on my shoulders since you can come to me with this.” He explained.
“Just show me.” She stayed still for a second and slowly walked towards him.
She parted her bangs and did what Soryu didn’t exactly expect; she put her index finger in her eye. He was about to stop her only for her to pull out a contact. She slowly looked up with her bangs still in her face. Soryu slowly pushed them away to see her insecurities. He saw a bright green eyes that was sparkling with unshed tears.
“Well say something.” She ordered as the tears began to slip from both eyes.
He really didn’t know what to say, but he just pulled her into his arms to comfort her. He understood why she was so scared. Appearance, while aren’t being judged so much anymore still counted out in the world and he was a victim of that whether he wanted it or not. He on the other hand had to deal with the criticism, even gone through some broken hearts because of it and she wasn’t as tough as he was. He couldn’t care what people thought, but she was a sweetheart. Making friends where ever she goes, even in the mafia world she can make people smile with her kindness alone. So knowing that just made him want to track every boyfriend she had down and make sure they know what they did to make her feel so insecure.
“Never wear those contacts and that eyepatch again.” He told her.
“You can wear the contacts during work, but I don’t want you to hide your eye from me. And if the others say anything about your eye I promise to always carry my gun.” He said.
“You do that anyway.” She giggled a bit causing him to smile and kiss the eye that was ignored, but will now be shown for what it was in his eyes. Beautiful.

Baba: He really wanted to see her. It had been a while since they had been together, but a thief’s job is never truly done. Going around the world was exhausting, but now back home he can relax a bit with his princess. He wanted to surprise her so he didn’t say he was coming home just yet. If he was lucky he would be able to catch her before she went to bed.
He opened the door slowly and saw his girlfriend watching a movie with her bangs parted out of her face and no eye patch which was very refreshing. It’s not that he didn’t love her look or eye patch, it was just nice to see her face for once.
“Tadima!” He shouted causing her to jump a bit in her seat. Her hand went to her eye right away. He thought it was weird, but went to her lips instead. After he released her she was shocked. It was like her brain was going ninety miles an hour and her warm brown eye was showing it.
“What’s wrong pretty lady? Aren’t you happy to see me?” He took off his fedora.
“Uh…yeah I just…wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow morning.” She confessed. Her thoughts were calming down, but there was a bit of a wreck as if she was trying to figure out what to do next.
“My flight came early. Why are you hiding your face? It was nice to see your entire pretty face for once.” He teased.
“You saw it you saw my eye!” She yelled.
“Yeah. I thought you looked very pretty.”
“But a lot of my ex boyfriends dump me or cheat on me because of my eye.” She explained.
“Then they’re idiots for doing something like that for someone beautiful, but I have to thank them for clearing the way for me.” He explained not knowing what the big deal was.
She looked shocked as if those were the kindest words that anyone had ever said to her. As if those were the words she was waiting for her whole life to hear. She lowered her hand and opened her eye.
“Do you really mean that Baba? Really?”
He was taken back a little when he saw that her eye was green, but held it together well. He saw her face, but he didn’t see the small detail that was her eye color. He understood why she felt insecure to hid behind hair and patches, but really he just fell in love all over again. He knew he was  luckiest man in the world for having someone so rare as her and now he felt like he had the rare treasure of all. He just smiled.
“Like I said beautiful. Truly.” He kisses the eye that was shunned, but promised to give it enough attention for the world along with it’s shunned keeper.

Ota: It was supposed a date. That’s how it was until they ran into her sister at the park. She was on her way back home doing some shopping when she saw them tossing a Frisbee, that was Ota’s idea of a date and decided to say hello. She was somewhat surprised to see that her sister was dating someone famous, but wasn’t as well since her job was the Tres Spades.
“Is that why you decided to work there? So you could meet a guy?” Ota teased.
“It is not! I’m going to get some water.” She got up and went to find a water fountain with he face a bit red.
“I really want to thank you Mr. Kisaki.” Her sister bowed to him.
“What for?”
“Well my sister has always been insecure with guys. In fact there was a point our family was worried she would never learn to love.”
“Whys that?” He asked wanting to know about his Koro’s past.
“Because of her eye. All of the guys take one look and all of a sudden they become jerks. She says she’s cursed, but we keep telling her that her eyes are pretty, both of them. But maybe she needs an outside opinion rather than a family members’.”
“Both…?” Ota was having trouble following. And now he was curios to see what was truly the secret behind his girl’s eye.
After her sister left he was left to ponder what she meant. Was there something wrong with her eye that she had to cover it. He hated being kept in the dark, especially from his girlfriend. He knows a thing or two about trust being broken, but you refused to let him go it alone and felt that it was fair that he do it for you too. He wouldn’t do it for just anyone. He would only do it for you.
After they got home, he explained what her sister said.
“She what?”
“She told me about your eye. At least enough to let me know, you don’t trust me enough to see.” He explained
“I just feel so curse with it. Guys do bad things the second I show it. Cheat, break up, insult. I couldn’t bear that with us.” Her body shakes as the memories flood back to her.
He grabs her and can feel her tremble like a leaf. He wanted to drop this, but she needed to get over the wall that she built in order for them to be close.
“I promise I’m not them. There’s only way to figure that out.”
“Do I have to?” She asked sounding like a little kid.
“Show me.” He pulls her away. She shakily takes off the eyepatch that she put on as soon as they got home. He tilts her head up when she doesn’t let him see. And he sees the problem and yet he doesn’t.
“You really do look like a puppy.” He teases as he finally sees the green eye that was hidden from him.
“From you that is a compliment. Right?” She asks.
“That’s right.” He nods him head and brings her in as tears begin to fall through her eyes. He gently kisses the tears away and makes sure her eye gets a kiss too.
He had so much inspiration from his muse. He took mental notes on her eyes. The color and the shape to make sure his next master piece would make her see the true beauty that was in her eyes.

Mamoru: He really didn’t care at first being the guy he was. He just let her do what she wanted when it came to her weird habits that came with her eye. He was curios, but decided to ignore it.
One day he came home late and tired. He did what he had to do and just left the rest to the others. He opened the door to see his girlfriend on the floor on her hands and knees looking for something.
“Hey. You okay kid?” He asked with her not facing him.
“Oh Momaru welcome home. Just uh, dropped something.” She kept looking without facing him.
“What a pain.” He hot down on his hand and knees and started to look. She said she could do it herself, but it was going to bug him if she was going to crawl everywhere. He was looking for a bit until he found something weird. Something small and round. He picked it up to discover that it was a contact. Not just any contact though. A colored contact that was the same color as his girl’s eyes.
“Baby girl? Why is there a contact here?” He asked and she stiffened up.
“Well uh…”
“I usually don’t meddle because it’s a pain, but are your eyes even brown?”
“Yes! Mostly…” she muttered the last part still not looking at him.
“Mostly? Sweetheart is it one or the other?” She starts to tremble.
He hates being the bad guy with her. She really does look like a kid when she gets like that, but it just made him want to protect her more. And he couldn’t do that with her not letting him in.
“Sweetheart? Can you look at me please?” He asked as he knelt down next to the part of her have that is usually covered, but she turns her face the other way.
“No you’ll hate me. Just like all my other boyfriends.”
“We don’t know that for sure, unless you look at me.” He says as he takes a set next to her.
She sits on her knees and stays frozen for a bit. He just waits for her without saying a word. Slowly, but surly she turns to him and opens her eyes. He was surprised, but he didn’t let the green eye faze him.
“It’s weird isn’t it. My eye, it just makes people hate me.” She said with he head starting to go down, but he picks it back up.
“You really are a kid if you think this fazes me. I’ve seen bad stuff as a cop, but this doesn’t. I’m just a bit hurt that you kept it from me.”
“Really? It’s good?” She asked.
“It’s good. So there’s no need to play pirate around the house anymore.” He teased.
“Meanie! Stop treating me like a kid!” She ordered but couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that he was treating her the same way as he always does.
He pull her into his lap and just smiled at the fact there was no more secrets between them. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and finally her eyes and paid special attention to the one that never got any good attention, but promise to make sure it wouldn’t be shunned by him.

Understanding the Connection Between Eyepatches, Chunibyo and Moe

Content Warning: This post contains discussion on self injury.

Thanks to a particular anime show in 2012, the term chunibyo has been a buzzword since among western anime fans. Anyone suffering from chunibyo is easily spotted thanks to the staple accessory of a medical eyepatch. What might seem like trending gag actually has a decent amount of context behind it. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far on the matter.

Accessory Eyepatch Origins 

In the 2000s self-injury among teenagers was a becoming a prominent issue in Japan. Studies found that acts such as wrist cutting were trending among young girls in particular. This mixed with the popular kawaii fashions worn by school girls made for an unsettling image of a young girls in colorful, cheerful outfits juxtaposed with the darker ideas represented by bandaged wrists. 

This combination of cute and concerning resonated with teenagers and took on a new form as a fashion and art style. An entire sub style of kawaii fashion emerged, menhera (a slang term for someone suffering from mental illness). Menhera is designated by colorful seifuku and medical imagery. 

In 2008, Yoshihiro Nishimura, a filmmaker known for gory thriller and horror stories, parodied the self harm trend among teenage girls in the movie Tokyo Gore Police which featured a fake commercial for the “Wrist Cutter G” a colorful and cute new wrist slitting product, perfect for school girls. 

In 2014, artist Ezaki Bisuko created the satire manga Menhera-chan featuring magical girls that must self harm in order to use their magic.

However the popularity of self harm in the form of a fashion statement meant that the style could be adopted by anyone, even those who were not actually performing self harm or suffering from any kind of mental illness. Wrist bandages could be an accessory regardless of whether there were actual injuries underneath them. Other accessories inspired by medical imagery and illness matched the menhera aesthetic and also became popular.

That’s right the white medical eyepatches in Japan began to be used for non-medical fashion around the mid to late 2000s. This accessory wasn’t just for the menhera sub style either. Fashion cultures love to mix and mesh and overlap and the eyepatch found its way into all kinds of youth fashion. 

What does this have to do with chunibyo? 

In 2008, a book called the “Chunibyo User’s Manual” by Kotobukiya was published as a comical guide to the phrase being used by middle and high schoolers “chunibyo” (translated as 8th grade syndrome for American English). According to this guide there are three types of chunibyo: Dokyun kei, SubCul kei and Jyakigan kei. 

Dokyun kei (or DNQ kei) accounted for kids who would act tough and pretend to be delinquents or apart of gang when in reality they aren’t. SubCul kei (or Subculture Kei) describes those who only take interest in obscure media and culture and complain about the mainstream pop culture, inferring they are special for their lack of well known interests. (Basically the Equivalent to the American 2000s Hipster.) Finally, Jyakigan Kei (or Evil Eye kei) is a label for kids who project their interest in fantasy and occult onto themselves by pretending to have supernatural powers.

A school kid suffering from chunibyo is more likely to wear fake bandages around their wrists or take part in the eyepatch fashion trend. A chunibyo could perceive self harm as “edgy” and use it for whatever kind of alter ego they’ve created for themselves for the sake of attention. 

But if you aren’t pretending to have depression or any other problems then why else would you by wearing an eyepatch? To cover up your magical evil eye of course. 

Jyakigan kei is the one form of chunibyo people apparently find the most endearing and that’s why it ended up the premise for a whole anime series.

Now We Get to the Anime and Moe Part. 

In 1996 the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion aired and gained immense popularity. Fans adored the character of Rei Ayanami, an aloof and cold school girl who piloted the giant mech Evangelion, unit 00. The character’s introduction consists of her feebly struggling against injuries from a previous accident and sporting an eyepatch and wrist bandages.

Many fans found Rei cute, attractive and most of all provoking moe, a multifaceted term that can describe a want to adore and protect.

Then in the 2000s characters, in primarily hentai games and visual novels, started cropping up with something in common.

(Games from left to right: My wife and I and Boyne 2006,  Soukai no Oujotachi ‘2008,  Nurse ni Omakase 2004,  Tokidoki Pakucchao! 2004,  Chokotto Vampire! 2006,  Azrael 2002)

Character designs including a medical eyepatch also cropped up in anime from the 2000s but the visual trope was most popular in games aimed at an adult male audience because the eyepatch was associated with moe thanks to the aforementioned Rei. (It’s also important to note that eyepatchs were not exclusive to female characters but just more popular.) 

Now in the 2010s more examples of characters in anime with medical eyepatches have emerged including the 2012 series “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”. 

The medical eyepatch has been established as a visual trope that’s meant to be cute and is associated with moe by the mid-2000s but by the late 2000s it has also become associated with real life fashion and the term to describe the real life behaviors of adolescents. Chunibyo Love & Other Delusions, the anime series, simultaneously exploits the cutesy angle of the eyepatch design to successfully appeal to otaku but also solidifies the accessory’s relationship with the idea of immature chunibyo behavior to its viewers.

anonymous asked:

Multifaceted ((nonsensicalflowerchild))

Richard was in his room. It seemed… colder than usual, not to mention Richard looked different aswell. His tie, eyepatch, and medic symbols on his overcoat were a dark purple instead of their normal teal colour. His hair was a mess and he was murmuring to himself, crying. He looked up when he heard the door.
((( this is his guilt >:3c )))

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During an akuma attack, Chat Noir loses an eye, and Ladybug’s magic can’t fix it.

When he goes back to being Adrien, he lies to Nathalie/his father that he got injured after the attack, so his lady isn’t blamed for anything.

At school, he just wears a medical eyepatch (like Kaneki’s from Tokyo Ghoul), but when he becomes Chat Noir, his mask changes so that it covers the missing eye and add a bit of guard to the remaining eye.

(This is the perfect opportunity for all the pirate puns Adrien knew but never got to use)

Irony: I might have to go write some Tokyo Ghoul/Ladybug headcanons

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Why do you think Kaneki has been wearing a medical eyepatch again? He is obviously more than capable of controlling his kakugan these days.

Not sure, maybe this is a flashback to right after he gave his his speech about the formation of “Black Goat”

Maybe he’s having some issue with it again? I can’t think it would take this long for his eye to heal after being whacked in the face. That would mean something was really wrong with his healing (I know his arms are still a bit messed up but… I doubt it’s that bad.

Most likely it’s probably an Identity thing.

He was previously known and feared as the eye patch ghoul. And now trying to gain followers as the one-eyed king he wants people to recognize him as a preexisting powerful figure. He doesn’t need to prove his strength if everyone remembers who he was…

It stops being, “This random ghoul is claiming to be the new One-Eyed King who and what does he think he is,” and becomes, “The Eye-Patch Ghoul is claiming to be the new One-Eyed King.”