medical cure

You know you live with too many nurses when you’re trying to find a pair of scissors and this happens. Surgical scissors for days.

And don’t even get me started on this. 

Or this…

Need a cold/hot pack? No problem. 

Got mauled by a bear? No worries. 

Who doesn’t love tongue depressors? 

Tape, anyone? 

Now you guys know what I have to deal with. This is hoarding taken to a new extreme. 


Gene Editing Strategy Eliminates HIV-1 Infection:

For the first time ever, scientists have shown how they can edit animal genes to shut down a HIV infection and then stop it from spreading further. The new study is the next step in the ongoing efforts to find a permanent cure for the disease.
During acute HIV infection, the cells replicate within the human body but are able to effectively conceal themselves in latent reservoirs – making them much harder to locate and treat.
But the new findings from Temple University and University of Pittsburgh, have shown that researchers are able to excise HIV DNA from the genomes, using gene-editing technology, and this causes the process of replication to stop.
Not only that but they can them eliminate infected cells, reducing the RNA expression of viral genes by roughly 60 to 95%.
The tool, known as CRISPR/Cas9 is the first to be used in this way, and was tested in three different animal models, including a ‘humanized’ model in mice where they were transplanted with human immune cells infected with the virus.
With this, the researchers were able to investigate the ability of CRISPR/Cas9 strategy to block viral replication and potentially prevent systemic infection.


CJ insists that Markiplier is simply trying to flash his money because he donates to charities because he gets nothing out of it despite the fact he’s been doing so for years. They just don’t seem to understand that not everyone needs something in return. That people can be selfless. Why can’t they?
Also claims that Mark is greedy for asking us to donate when he could donate the money himself. He’s calling for people to make a difference. One person can’t fund an entire charity, no matter how rich. It spreads awareness and that makes others donate as well.
Also claims that charities are scams because they haven’t found a cure yet despite medical advances. Cures and research movements are costly. Buying equipment, testing possible cures, thinking of cures, paying employees, paying facilities, advertisements to call for support, and making sure these medications are safe for use is very, VERY costly. It costs millions.
In reference to Mark’s shop, CJ alludes that a “portion” means that Mark is going to give 1% or some low percentage of profit to charity. What do you want? All of it? He has to pay money to make the shirts, ship them, and add to the cost to make money off of it. A portion of the profit HE makes is going to charity, who knows what he left for himself. He can’t make no money off of it. Despite what his income may be, it’s simply foolish to do that at all.
CJ insists that Mark is doing it to improve his reputation and credibility.
I think that no matter WHY he’s doing it, IT’S A GOOD DAMN THING TO DO. But they insist he’s been acting to fool us into thinking he’s a nice person.

So, if you support cartoonjunkie, unfollow me.
Also, if they find this somehow and get pissy about it, or a fan of theirs sends me hate, I don’t give a single shit. Because I stand for what I believe. I don’t care if every single member of their following decides to send me hate.
I won’t stand with someone who has no regards for mental illness (using r/tard and making several insensitive triggered jokes when one is a diagnosed intellectual disability and another is a diagnosed mental health issue that derives from trauma.), fetishizes mental illness and homosexuality, and doesn’t support charity and insists that celebrities can’t make a generous offer without seeking popularity even though they are people as well.


I remade the first post

The Grishaverse: Countries

Ravka:  Home of the Second Army, a military force of Grisha soldiers sworn to protect Ravka. Exhausted by centuries of war with Fjerda to the north, and the Shu Han to the south, Ravka is itself divided by the Unsea (or the Shadow Fold) which has left much of the country vulnerable and without access to its port cities. 
Shu Han: Sharing its northern border with Ravka, the two countries have been at war for centuries. Shu Han mercenaries often travel into Ravka to capture and perform experiments on Grisha, seeking the source of Grisha power.
Novyi Zem: A relatively young country comprised mostly of farmland, an expanding frontier, and bustling coastal cities. Largely separated from global conflict by the expanse of the True Sea, Novyi Zem has prospered and is popular among those seeking opportunity and anonymity—including Grisha. Also, the orange flowers (alemanth or waysu) are used in the manufacture of the stimulant jurda, and it’s one of Novyi Zem’s chief exports. 
Wandering Isle:
A lush, green country where Grisha blood is prized as a medical cure-all. - for impotence, wasting plague you name it.
Kerch: A small island nation with tremendous economic power. The hub of all international trade and a country rich in art and culture, but also home to a teeming criminal underworld centred in the capital city of Ketterdam. Despite slavery being illegal in Kerch, Grisha and others are often bound to wealthy merchants as indentured servants under terms that amount to slavery.
Fjerda: An icy northern country separated from Ravka by thick permafrost. Fjerdan witch hunters called drüskelle capture and burn Grisha as witches.

Hanahaki disease Lance 🌸 I’ve fallen in love with the hanahaki disease au! For those who aren’t familiar with it: hanahaki disease is a fictional disease that causes the victim to regurgitate flower petals when they suffer from unrequited love. The illness can only be cured through medical removal, however any existing romantic feelings are also removed with the infection.


Do you ever forget that normal people don't actually have to inject insulin or carb count all the time?

Sometimes I look at people’s plates and wonder how many units they took for all that food, but then I remember they don’t even have to think twice about insulin or their blood sugar becoming uncontrollably high.

Lance with exma

Ok so think about this for a minuet…
What if as a kid Lance had exma. Like super bad blisters that iched like crazy and we’re always sore.
Now what if the got it especially bad on his face and for years had to put up with teasing and having the only comfort from his mum be:
“Your beautiful on the inside”
Beautiful on the inside doesn’t do much to help a negative body image.
So when Lance gets to be a little older he discovers the wonder of face masks and makeup and the rashes aren’t as noticeable anymore.
He starts getting complements about his appearance and for the first time ever actually feels good about himself.
It goes to his head a little but after years of bullying and avoiding looking in mirrors a little narcissism is allowed.
Then he ends up it space.
The face masks he has quickly run out and for a bit everything is fine.
But all the training and sweat start adding up and his exma starts creeping back onto his face.
He tries to hide it since he’s scared he will be made fun of again.
Scared that he really isn’t anything but a pretty face.
So he starts caking himself in makeup he steals from Allura, but this just makes it get worse and worse until his whole face is covered.
One day he can’t find where Allura put her concealer and totally freaks out and ends up having a panic attack at the thought of the others finding out.
Keith who was looking for Allura finds Lance huddled in on himself sobbing and Keith is like panic mode mother hen trying to figure out what’s wrong.
Lance finally lifts up his head and Keith is shocked because he thinks Lance has been hurt and that’s why his face is like this.
Of course this reaction causes Lance to start crying harder and run off directly into Shiro who recognises it as Exma, because space reason, and explains to Keith who is trying to lure Lance into a cryopod.
Shiro and Lance talk and after some convincing he faces the others.
Hunk had always sort of known offers to try and make some more face masks for him and Pidge offers to help.
Allura gives him his own set of makeup feeling kinda bad about hiding hers in the first place. (She thought the mice were eating it).
Coran tells Lance that he’ll look into seeing if there’s any Altean medication that could cure it for good.
And Keith.
Well Keith doesn’t make fun of Lance’s vanity any more.
Keith always keeps and extra towel in the training room so Lance has something on hand to wipe his face.
Keith makes sure to complement Lances appearance if he spots the early stages of a rash coming through.
Keith makes sure Lance knows he thinks he beautiful and perfect Exma or not.

ADHD is often written off as something that only little hyperactive white boys get, and something that can be fixed with proper discipline. This could not be further from the truth. Anyone can get it, regardless of age, gender, or race. It’s caused by a difference in brain function, and can’t be easily fixed with discipline. Medication is not a cure.

You are no less of a person for having ADHD. You are not stupid or lazy. You are tough as shit for dealing with this, and I believe you when you say you’re trying your best.

Sakura Haruno is a badass women.


-She could make an antidite for Kankuro that the entire Suna medical corp couldn’t cure.

-She was the first one to beat an akatsuki member with the help of chiyo.

-The determination she had in that fight to beat Sasori and get info about  Orochimaru.

-She punched Sai when he insulted a loved one.

-her accomplishments during the war:-awakened the byakugou and completed  the new legendery sannin with Naruto and Sasuke.

-Smashed an entire battlefield filled with their enemies.

-If she didn’t pinch Kaguya from the top (and break her horn) Sasuke and Naruto wouldn’t have succeded in beating Kaguya.

-She,along with Ino,built a children’s mental health hospital,cause she cared about the kids that suffered in the war.

-She got kidnapped in Sakura hiden and didn’t wait for help to arrive like a damsel in distress,she kicked her enemies asses before Sasuke could even arrive.

-She raised her daughter for a at least 5 years by herself,and look what a wonderful job she did.

-She refused to let go of Sasuke,the boy she loved,to live a normal peaceful life with an ordinary guy.


I wanted to draw something about the post-apocalyptic Konrad, @sky-captain-jack mentioned how cruel is the winter and we plotted together, it made me want to draw a scene from it. So there you have, the Wandering Cure crossing the snowy lands through blizzard to keep his work in immunizing people from the man made infection.