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So, one of the characters I’m currently roleplaying is a doctor and I found while trying to do research for her background that there are almost no guides to playing doctors or medical students. So, this is a guide that focuses on characters that are doctors or are studying to be doctors. It has a lot of information that could be used in a characters background and current situations.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical student (I’m actually a film studies major rn), however, I did put a lot of research into writing this guide. I do have the help of google and two parents in the medical field. Also, I’m not American but this is the American system since 80% of characters are American and it was the system with the most information. However, there is a tiny bit of information about the Canadian system at the end.

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It’s T minus four days until exam day, and Travis Driscoll is practically living at his desk.

“Each day, I’m easily here for five hours,” he says. “I haven’t done much of anything else but studying for the last two months.”

Driscoll is one of 13,000 medical school applicants across the U.S. taking the new Medical College Admissions Test, or MCAT. He’s got stacks of science books on his desk to help him prepare, and a rainbow of biochemistry charts pasted to the walls: glycolysis, citric acid cycle, electron transport chain, mitosis, meiosis and DNA replication.

He also has a thick prep book on psychology and sociology -– new ground for this year’s MCAT takers.

The test has been thoroughly revamped and is now three hours longer. It takes 7 ½ hours to complete, including breaks, and covers four new subjects, including a combined section on psychology and sociology, that account for a quarter of the overall score.

Medical School Hopefuls Grapple With Overhauled Entrance Exam

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4.12.15 // 2:28 PM

Last summer, I took anatomy & physiology 1 & 2 and medical terminology, worked, and studied/took the pharmacy college admissions test (PCAT for short). I was ambitious and couldn’t wait to start those courses, but as summer went on and I wore myself thinner and thinner, everything in my life started to have a downward spiral. I didn’t take care of myself or my dog, and couldn’t mentally commit to everything anymore. I completed medical terminology and anatomy 1, and withdrew from anatomy 2. Ever since that summer, I haven’t been myself. I hit a wall and I’ve yet to recover. I got my lowest GPA ever last semester (it was still on the dean’s list, but I really don’t know how I survived) and I’m on track to getting an even lower GPA this semester. 

I’m really scared because in fall I begin grad school, and having this outrageous ambition with worthless motivation just isn’t going to cut it while on my way to becoming a doctor. I don’t know how to fix myself, and I really want to do that – schooling is my one love and I’m frequently afraid of what will happen when I finish with my doctorate in 2019. Yes, I’ll have continuing education while being a pharmacist, but I’m never going to work towards something like I did in my undergrad and grad work. 

So, if any of you have any motivation that you can send me, please do so! :( I really want to do well on my anatomy exam on Tuesday and I’m afraid I won’t just because I’m so exhausted. 

How do you keep your motivation? What kind of study breaks do you take? How do you keep yourself going in order to get where you want to be? Please reblog with your comments, I would really love to read them right now to spark something inside me to throw myself back into schoolwork!


I haven’t been as active blogging lately. I have been prepping for my Medical College Admissions Test or MCAT.

Every morning I wake up at 4:30 a.m. After my usual morning routine, I usually start to study around 6. Besides eating breaks I don’t stop until it’s dinner…then I take my bike out and ride for the night…

Habit builds routine…routine builds outcome…outcome is either success or failure….you choose


People have been asking if I plan to sub SMTM5. I just found out that its first air date is May 6th. I don’t know if there’s going to be a separate subbing team for this, but I won’t be able to sub SMTM5 until after May 20th. My medical college admission test (MCAT) is on May 20th, and I am prioritizing my studying over subbing :/ If no one’s subbing the show by then, I can pick it up after that date!

Studies have linked empathy to greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes, decreased physician burnout, and a lower risk of malpractice suits and errors. Beginning this year, the Medical College Admission Test will contain questions involving human behavior and psychology, a recognition that being a good doctor “requires an understanding of people,” not just science, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges. Patient satisfaction scores are now being used to calculate Medicare reimbursement under the Affordable Care Act. And more than 70 percent of hospitals and health networks are using patient satisfaction scores in physician-compensation decisions.