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Change Is Coming

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. Philippians 3:20,21 NIV

When was the last time you left your stuff without worrying? Or walked alone late at night without fear?

Today, and every single day, I ride the LRT from our apartment in Monumento going to Adventist Medical Center Manila (formerly Manila Sanitarium and Hospital) where I am working. At the train station, the guard-on-post has this script announcing some reminders for the safety of all passengers which includes, “Mag-ingat sa mga mandurukot na nagpapanggap na pasahero.” In English, “Be careful of pickpockets who are disguising themselves as passengers.” So like everyone else, I already got used to putting my personal belongings in front of me because anybody could be a thief. And when I am walking by myself, I make sure that I walk fast enough disregarding whoever on the way because anyone could be an abductor, rapist, killer or such kind.
I have long understood and accepted that vigilance is necessary because danger is everywhere and anyone can be of evil intention. But, what happened to the “good” world that God created? It has gone wild, crazy and tiring.
Watching the news can make you feel even more discouraged because majority of what you’ll see is about crimes, incidents like bombing, corruption issues, etc. Very seldom will you see or hear good and uplifting news.
Despite this depressing reality, we as Christians must always be reminded, and remind others as well, that we have this good news - Change Is Coming!
Who or what is this Change? It’s no other than our Savior, Jesus. He’s coming very soon! How many of our friends know? How many are excited and are actively awaiting His return to permanently change us back into His likeness? Do you feel responsible of sharing this good news to everyone you know? How are you able to share?

Here are three ways to share this good news:
1. Start a conversation. On your way to work, or maybe while sipping a cup of chocolate drink in front of your house as you watch your neighbors doing their own thing, maybe you can approach them instead of just being content in sitting and watching them. A friendship starts with a simple smile and hello. When you become friends, time will come when you can be comfortable enough to share about God.
2. Make an impact. Wherever you are, at home or at work, make sure that the people you’re with will notice how excited you are of Christ’s return. Singing a song is one way of showing excitement.
3. Offer support. We can show support in many ways. For example, if you have a friend who just recently lost a loved one, offering a shoulder to cry on is sometimes enough. And while your friend is crying, you can remind him that God loves him, and that He’s coming back someday and we can be reunited with our lost loved one.

There are countless ways to share about God’s goodness and His soon return. We only need to be willing enough. Let’s find opportunities to share about this change that will soon become a reality so that many will be ready when that time comes.

By Lady Dapat