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Witch Tip: For Witches With Medications!

If your medications come to you in a bottle, save it! You can use them for holding small items, act as a small spell jar, use them for holding different types of water, all kinds of things!

Make sure to clean them out as necessary before re-purposing them.

I myself am a closeted witch, and I’m using one right now to hold water to be charged under the moonlight. I plan to use my moon water to add a little to my baths, or my tea! Or even pour it into my water bottle. I don’t need a whole lot for these, so a small medication bottle is perfectly sized.

To remove any stickers that are on the bottles:

Try your best to take them off by hand first. Then you can use a warm rag, and soak the stickers. This will make them easier to peel off! Then you can put your own labels, or anything you like on them if you wish.

A lot of medication bottles are orange, so they could be useful for spells and such that would benefit from that color!

Hope this was helpful.

  • Man Overboard: I miss my girlfriend.
  • The Story So Far: I hate my girlfriend.
  • Neck Deep: I hate my girlfriend even more.
  • New Found Glory: I miss my girlfriend, but I love my friends.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: My girlfriend doesn't realize the importance of having friends.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: I miss my girlfriend so I'm gonna self-medicate by drinking this bottle of Jack Daniels...
  • State Champs: My girlfriend doesn't know a damn thing about me.
  • Four Year Strong: Who cares if I don't have a girlfriend? I'm gonna rise up and prevail anyway, also where's the pizza?
  • Green Day: I really fucking hate the government, so I dumped my girlfriend.
  • All Time Low: I've lost track of how many girlfriends I've had in the past year, also I'm covered in bras for some reason.
  • Real Friends: My girlfriend didn't appreciate my sleepy eyes and bony knees, so she dumped me.
  • Saves The Day: I wrote a 600 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Say Anything: I wrote a 1200 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Brand New: I wrote my masters thesis on why I miss my girlfriend and can never get over her.
  • Yellowcard: My girlfriend gave me PTSD.
  • Joyce Manor: My girlfriend left me because I didn't last that long in bed.
  • Tigers Jaw: Man, fuck having a girlfriend, what's the point?
  • Sum 41: I act as if I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm secretly very lonely and dislike being single.
  • The Wonder Years: I don't have a girlfriend, but I really hate my town.
  • A Day To Remember: I hate my girlfriend AND my town.
  • Blink-182: I fucked ur girlfriend in the ass, lol.

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Functional and lightweight updated EDC. Every tool for every job.

Solangelo Headcannon’s:

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  • Nico always wanting to cuddle and/or touch Will in anyway
  • They are always sneaking into each others cabins for sleepovers. Mostly Will into Nico’s
  • The only time Nico doesn’t have nightmares is when Will is sleeping next to him
  • Nico watching Will getting out of the shower and just muttering a silent “holy shit”
  • Will calling Nico ‘death boy’ just to get a rise out of him
  • Nico returning the favour and calling him ‘sun boy’ or ‘sunshine’
  • Will always being the first one up in the morning, and Nico threatening violence if he is woken up before 9am
  • When Nico is sick Will keeps a very close eye on him, knowing how he is with medication
  • When Will is sick Nico is almost worse. Since he has no idea what to do he just kind of shoves everything towards Will and tries his best to be of assistance
  • “Hand me the bottle of medication. The green one”
  • “Here”
  • “No the green one”
  • “Okay”
  • “NO the green one” 
  • “WILL THEY are all green”
  • “Gods I’ll be dead before sundown”
  • Nico shunning all forms of touch while out in public, but when they are alone he never wants Will’s hands off of him
  • Slowly he gets better with public affection
  • Will trying to get Nico to join in on the camp fire sing along’s
  • “Solace you are lucky I am even here, don’t you dare drag me up there’
  • Will getting Nico a pack of Mythomagic cards for his birthday, because nostalgia 
  • After Will confessed the places he had always wanted to visit, Nico shadow traveled them to one of those places every night. (Much to Will’s constant scorn for wearing himself out with his powers)
  • Little kisses on cheeks

you know what really needs to be made and advertised more? kid friendly medical equipment

pill cases with steven universe and fluttershy and perry the platypus plastered on the cover, canes that come in bright sparkly colors and have stickers and fun ways to customize them, wheel chair wheel covers that light up and come in the colors of people’s hogwarts houses, nebulizer masks that make you look like your favorite cartoon character, leg braces and molds that are painted a kid’s favorite color, IV poles that look like flowers and giraffes, MIC-KEY* tubes with mickey mouse on them, cannula tubes made to make like funny moustaches or epipens that look like magic wands

there are disabled and chronically ill kids and babies, and even teens and young adults, who would feel a lot better about all the shit they have to do for their health if their supplies was more customized to them and their interests, the same way waterbottles and lunchboxes are 

PMS, Red Wine, and Dr. Seuss

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

When a brutal case of PMS sidelines you on a salt and burn, you decide to self medicate with a bottle of wine. Sam and Dean come back to find you reading children’s books, talking in verse, and talking about what you want to do to Sam..

PMS reared her nasty, bitchy head on Tuesday.  Three weeks out of the month, the boys thought you were great.  Dean thought you were hot as hell, brave, and as badass a hunter as he had ever met.  Sam thought you were beautiful, funny, smart, and a great researcher.  Three weeks out of the month.  The other week, you turned into the spawn of Satan.  You were moody, cranky, short-tempered, and just generally impossible to live with.

When you had first started hunting with Sam and Dean, they were totally perplexed.  Being boys, they were kind of clueless about “Woman Stuff”.

“Y/N, Are you feeling okay?” Sam asked innocently.

“Well Sam, my back hurts, and I am as bloated as a dead cow. Thanks for asking.” You said sarcastically.

“I……uh…….okay.” He finished lamely as he retreated to the safety of the library.

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Bottle spell to banish medication withdrawals

I’m suffering some pretty severe withdrawals from my antidepressants right now and I’ve just developed a spell to try and banish my withdrawal symptoms and feel normal again.

Feel free to use this to ease the symptoms of medication withdrawal. (As with all spells, this should be done in addition to professional help, not as a substitute.)


  • Cauldron or heat safe dish
  • Charcoal disc
  • Herbs and resins for banishing and healing (I used lavender, plantain leaf, st john’s wort, rue, dragon’s blood, frankincense, and lemon verbena)
  • Mortar and pestle or herb grinder
  • Small bottle or jar
  • The medication you’re attempting to withdraw from
  • Other things to add to the bottle for banishing, like black pepper, cayenne and cinnamon
  • Optional: a small black candle


  • In a mortar and pestle, grind together your herbs and resins with healing and banishing correspondences until they are a fine powder. (Make sure to do your research into what is and isn’t safe to burn)
  • In your working space, place your cauldron in the middle, with a sleeve of your medication to either side (can be empty sleeves, the box, or just single pills too)
  • Ignite the charcoal disc and place it in your cauldron. Sprinkle the banishing incense powder onto the charcoal disc and let it burn. Make sure you do this with a window open, because charcoal discs produce a lot more smoke than your average incense.
  • Waft the smoke onto your medication and visualise its effects being banished from your body.
  • Waft the smoke onto yourself, paying particular attention to areas that have been affected by your withdrawals. Waft the smoke onto your belly and visualise the nausea subsiding, waft it onto your head and visualise your depression and dizzy spells dissipating. Take deep breaths and as you exhale, visualise the medication’s effects being pulled from your body and floating away with the incense smoke.
  • If you have anything like bells or tibetan singing bowls, use them to add to the cleansing and healing feeling.
  • Allow the incense to burn out, if you have a lid for your cauldron this will help it go out quicker.
  • Once the charcoal disc and cauldron are completely cool, grind the disc and the burnt out herbs into a fine black powder.
  • Add this powder into a bottle with salt, cinnamon, black pepper, and a few doses of your medication.
  • For extra banishing power, you could seal the bottle by sticking an appropriately sized black candle to the opening with candle wax, and allowing it to burn down completely, dripping wax all over the bottle and sealing it.
  • Keep the bottle for 7 days, until the withdrawal symptoms subside, or until feels intuitively right, and then discard however you see fit.


I Like Being With You Better

by ericaismeg (AO3)

Pairing: Erica Reyes x Vernon Boyd


Word count: 1.8k

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: boyd being there in her room when all of a sudden erica gets up and gets a shoe box filled with all her hospital bracelets, medication bottles, everything and with boyd by her side, (because he’s the only one she feels comfortable enough to do so.) they go outside and burn it all.

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After disaster(s) hit, New Orleans typically scrambled back into action to rebuild, repair, and recuperate, but that only worked if there were enough people helping, so the fire and police departments were busy. He and his coworkers had just cleared the remains of a broken building. They found bodies, some living and some dead. Today was supposed to be a day off; Dominique wasn’t getting paid to do this. As he rested at the side, he opened a bottle of water and a bottle of medication. ″What are we going to do…″

the young ones aesthetics

im a garbage can why not

rick: jars full of political buttons, organized entropy, foggy nights filled with the anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly what youre doing but knowing its gonna be incredible. baby blue silk, plum lipstick, your first time in a riot, springtime and content carelessness 

vyvyan: doc martens that have probably been around longer than you have, handmade patches on your tattering denims, moshing too aggressively, making out against the walls during a punk concert, medical stitches, nearly empty bottles of hair gel, songs and memories that never fail to keep you up at night

mike: ray bans, business casual, sock garters, back alley deals, a simmering quietness that you will ever be bothered to mention, whether you dont care or are too scared, who knows. “the cool dad” without kids, responsibility without being hellishly so, every man’s man

neil: something soft. heart on your sleeve- you know better, but cynicality isnt your forté. flares, peaceful rebellions that no one acknowledges but yourself, acoustic guitars with broken strings still stuck in the headstocks, rare, yet genuine smiles, crucifixes and demons kept far down in your subconscious