medic plush


Medic plush!

Let me tell you a story. 3 years ago, I wanted to make a medic plush. Last year when meet the medic came out, I only made medic pillow (which I had disassembled for the stuffing because it was so poorly made). I had made an actual attempt (I would have earlier but I ended up making a bunch of OCs for friends) and it didn’t turn out too well.

I had tried using a pattern someone else had made. Her patterns were good but they weren’t what I was looking for. I attempted to alter it but then I just made a new one based off how I draw him in my ask blog. It did help for me to fiddle with the pre-existing pattern though, because it gave me a better idea of what I was going for.

funny story though, I had stated I was going to make one of these many times but never got around to it. Well I’m not blowing hot air, I finally did it and I’m pretty proud of myself. c:

He’s made of velour, minky and alova. His glasses are some doll glasses I purchased off of doll maker’s journey (Where I also got the skin tone alova). He’s detailed with iron on application of alova and he’s very sturdy. His pelvis to his legs are weighted (except for the shins down) with plastic beans for a low center of gravity while he sits and stares while wishing a pox on your house.

I will make a medipack (maybe even a medigun and hat) for him later, but I wanted to finish him before i go on a trip on thursday.


@scapolitesofficialtwitter Bloodstone had been fixed… she was back. “Huh? I-.. I’m alive? No… NO!” She began sobbing and fighting the binds that held her to a plush medical bed. She had been moved there for mental and physical evaluation. “IVE ALREADY HURT TOO MANY PEOPLE I LOVE!!! CANT I JUST DIE?!!!” She was reduced to a crying mess, not fighting. Simply, defeated.

bonkbatter  asked:

"Ooh~ Medic!" The small femscout gazed at the medic's plush collection. "I like these a lot! They're very nice!" She sat on the bench, "thanks for letting me stay a couple hours until this storm passes, how do you say it in german..uh.. Danke!" Sydney smiled

“It’s just a small collection, nozhing too fancy….und bitte bitte….vould you like somezhing to eat or drink vhile zhis storm passes?” He offers, glad that somebody appreciated his collection of human anatomy plush toys. 

“Hearty ist mein favorite plush out of zhe Anatomy collection, I’m vorking on getting zhe Spiney vone, Its a brain zhat’s connected to zhe spine vizh eyeballs on zhe front….”