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cell phones are a necessity in our society today. they literally keep people their jobs, saying one should choose between a cell phone and healthcare is not only a gross underestimation of how much healthcare costs, but it’s a gross underestimation of how integral cellphones are to our society. 

Having a cellphone can be the difference between having a job or not. You can’t afford shit without a job my pals.


hello! i’m eli and i’m 16 years old (in the first pic i’m 7!)

when i was 2 years old, i began to develop an eating disorder and no one knew the name or anything about it, it is now known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder or ARFID. it’s different from most eating disorders in that it’s sensory linked and has little do do with body image. basically, most of my life i’ve only been able to eat very few different kinds of foods. i’m still harassed and teased for my eating disorder by my family and by random strangers today.

when i was about 13, i began to hit a downward slope. i stopped doing homework and i stopped studying and would be beyond exhausted from school. i was diagnosed originally with a depressive disorder unspecified and an anxiety disorder unspecified

after rounds and rounds of med changes and therapist after therapist, it was evident that nothing was working. i was then diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. this was about a year ago

and then i began to get very ill, with extreme migraines nearly everyday and constant nausea. every illness is always blamed on my eating disorder, so that is what happened there. i was basically told that i was going to die if i didnt get rid of my eating disorder. it was terrifying and no one believed me when i said i felt like i literally couldnt physically eat foods that werent ‘safe’ for me.

about a month ago i was put into an impatient program for my eating disorder in which i was abused (i’m not going to go into details, but if you’d like to know more, you can message me. sharing what happened to me in a way helps me feel better, especially with those who can relate). i was so lucky to get out of the program after a week, when our insurance stopped covering the program at the claim that i’d had ARFID for so long that i would never be able to get rid of it (what the insurance company said saved me but was also very crushing). i’m still suffering trauma from the abuse and i have nightmares nearly every night about it and i have an extreme fear of being locked up and my thought broadcasting paranoia has worsened

i discovered that i might be autistic about 6 months ago, when i first learned how comorbid my eating disorder was with autism. however, i was unable to tell anyone due to the fact that i usually go mute when having to talk about hard subjects and after my trauma, i worried that a professional autism diagnosis would have me locked up in a hospital even more easily.

last week after visiting my doctor, i learned that they have found out that i am most likely autistic. i have to go back to the hospital in which i was abused for an autism assessment. i am relieved to finally have a diagnosis but beyond terrified to return to that hospital.

so yeah, a lot of stories on here end in nice closure but i’m still getting there. my school situation is still very bad and i still have chronic migraines as well as prediabetes from my ARFID. i’ve not always been confident about my disabilities and disorders, and i now feel like i am on the inside, even if it’s hard for me to show on the outside. 

i hope you all wish me luck, i love hearing all your stories you are all so incredible and help me to move along so much. #noshameday

lmao this person came through the drive through pharmacy today and just handed my coworker their ID and credit card then rolled up their window and started talking on their phone just blatantly ignoring her, so apparently they didn’t pay attention to her warning them about the price…. I hope they have fun with that $700 charge

Phone Calls- Hank x Reader

 Request: Hank mccoy during apocalypse where he’s married to a human doctor and lots of cute couple stuff and like him just watching her talk medical stuff on the phone and being all cute and loving.

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“Alright just send me the labs when you get them.” You spoke into the phone, scribbling untidy notes on your slip of paper. Your eyes shifted to Hank who was sitting at a table a few feet away. His chin was resting in his hand and he was staring at you with a small smile on his face. “What Hank?” you whispered to him, covering the phone’s receiver with your hand. 

“Nothing,” he grinned, “I just love watching you work.” You smiled, your gaze dropping to the floor, and your face growing warm. 

“What? sorry, yes I’m listening.” You suddenly spoke to your medical colleague again. Stop distracting Me, you mouthed at Hank, tossing a crumpled piece of paper at him. He laughed and instead of returning to his own work he had to finish, he got out of his chair and walked over to you. You gave him a serious stare as if to say, I’m not kidding, this conversation is important. Hank however, ignored warning glare and wrapped his long arms around you waist, hugging you gently from behind. He rested his chin on your shoulder. “Hank.” you said quietly, “I need to finish this call for my job.” You slowly unhooked his hands from around your waist and turned to face him. As much as you just wanted to sit with him, or even be close to him, you did have to get stuff done for your work. 

“Alright.” He sighed, giving you puppy dog eyes and kissed you on your forehead, returning to his desk. You bit your lip to hold back a smile, trying to return your full attention to your phone call, but you kept catching Hank’s eye, making you both laugh each time.

Uncle and Aunt (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Just a quick little snippet that I thought of as I was just beginning to fall asleep. You, Sam and Sully were staying with Nate and Elena for a few weeks. It’s been a couple of years since Avery’s treasure was sunk into the sea along with his ship, and the couple are still living in New Orleans - although they’ve mentioned moving once or twice. You lay in bed with Sam, tangled up in each other. Sam gently plays with your hair, as he always does, whilst you lay your head on his chest. You’re just drifting off to sleep when a muffled cry comes from the room next to you. “I’ll go check on her.” You say, lifting your head from Sam’s chest and getting out of bed. “Hey, hey, hey.” You whisper. “What’s wrong?” “I had a bad dream.” Cassie sniffles, sitting upright in her pink, fluffy pyjamas. “Oh, sweet pea. I have those, too.” You sit next to her on the bed. “You know what you gotta do?” She shakes her head. “You gotta hug teddy really tight and he’ll protect you from everything.” “But what about when I’m asleep?” She asks. “Well, teddies don’t sleep - they watch over you all night and keep you safe.” She looks down at the soft brown bear that she holds in her arms. You wipe the tears away from the cheeks and give her a smile. “You wanna come sleep with me and Uncle Sam?” You ask. She nods her head and lifts her arms up, ready for you to lift her out of the bed. You place Cassie into the bed next to Sam and tuck her in. “Hey, cutie.” Sam smiles, smoothing down her hair as she snuggles up to him. “She had a nightmare.” You inform him, laying down next to her. It only takes a few minutes for Cassie to fall asleep again. “She’s out like a light.” Sam says. “She sleeps like her Uncle.” You smile. “Thankfully she doesn’t snore like you, though.” “I do not snore.” “Oh, please. You know that’s a lie.” “I have a cold.” “Permanently?” “Yeah!” You chuckle, looking down at Cassie and stroking her hand as it clutches her teddy. “If you’d have told me, back in Madagascar, that Nate’d have a little girl, I’d’ve laughed in your face.” “Ha. Yeah, me too.” “It’s incredible how anyone could go from that life to this one; to go from fighting your way through various jungles and ancient ruins to taking your little girl to school and ballet classes; I don’t know how he did it.” “You don’t think you could?” “I don’t think so, no.” “Me neither.” He says. You can feel him gazing at you. You look up from Cassie to find him staring at you, lovingly. “Besides, I prefer us just the way we are.” You smile. “Me too.” He replies, tucking your hair behind your ear. You lean your head on his should and he plants a kiss of the top of you head. “Night, Y/N.” “G'night, Tiger.”

What did you do today?  

  • Did you take a bath or shower?  If not, go relax for a few minutes.  You’ll feel better afterward.  
  • Did you remember to take any meds or vitamins?  If you didn’t, go get them and take them.  Your health is important.
  • Did you eat something and drink a glass of water?  If you’re hungry, please eat and make sure you stay hydrated.  
  • What about your phone, tablet, or computer- are they charged?  Hook them up to charge overnight if you haven’t.  

Set your alarm for tomorrow, practice deep breathing, set out your clothes so you have less to stress about in the morning, and find something that relaxes you- reading a book, sketching or journaling, or turning on some Netflix.  Or simply just go to bed so you are well rested in the morning.  If you need something to help you wind down like a guided mediation, YouTube has some great ones.  Find some way to take care of yourself tonight.